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Cleveland Police Confiscate Children’s Basketball Hoop

A Cleveland woman is speaking out after police officers confiscated a basketball hoop she purchased for children in her neighborhood.

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Cheri Fiorilli, who purchased the hoop for several neighbor boys that regularly help her with yard work, attempted to stop police this week as they dragged the hoop away behind their vehicle.

According to Cleveland police, the young boys have been repeatedly warned that they are breaking the law by playing basketball in the street. Cell phone video captured by Fiorilli revealed one officer’s refusal to give any leeway regarding the hoop.

“There’s no warning,” the officer said. “There’s nothing I can do. There’s no leeway.”

Not only did officers confiscate the hoop, but Fiorilli was threatened with arrest before finally receiving a ticket.

“I need to see your driver’s license again,” one officer asks. “If not, I have to arrest you for refusing to comply.”

Visibly upset, Fiorilli blasted the officer’s actions as well as the ticket and $182 in court fees she now faces.

“I’m not living like that,” Fiorilli told reporters. “I pay my taxes… I am ashamed. I am ashamed of what that man did, the example he set for these kids.”

Despite a post on the department’s Facebook page that admitted the officer “clearly handled it wrong,” the hoop still remains in police custody. The department showed no intention of backing off from the ticket as well.

While police argue that the law is about protecting children, many feel that everyday children’s activities are being targeted at an increasing pace as similar cases appear across the country.

In 2011, Delaware police and DOT officials used a dump truck to tear a family’s basketball hoop out of their front yard. Despite assurances by police that the hoop would be left in the family’s custody once removed, officers instead handed the hoop over to DOT employees.

Last year in Philadelphia, cell phone video captured one officer knocking over and breaking a basketball hoop as two young men attempted to play.

Unfortunately, simply playing outside is now considered dangerous and abusive by some. A Texas mother was arrested for allowing her children to ride scooters outside her home in 2012 after a neighbor reported the mundane activity to police. The mother was charged with child endangerment and spent a night in jail before charges were eventually dropped.

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  1. HoopThievingCops

    The jokes for this one just write themselves……….

    Where to start?
    Decent, taxpaying woman buys hoop for kids………..
    Three fat white cops come and steal hoop and ticket woman………
    Kids now going to end up in juvy………

    Ill betcha those fat cops wouldnt have done that in da hood.

  2. “I need to see your driver’s license again,” one officer asks. “If not, I have to arrest you for refusing to comply.”

    I have a question.
    Why would that fat doughnut muncher need to see her drivers license? She wasn't operating a motor vehicle. She should have told that fat prick to go screw himself.

    • Might be the same reason that if you fail to sign a ticket they arrest you.

      Of course with these clowns it could be any number of things.

  3. PutDownThatDoughnut

    Good Lord!
    That one old, white haired cop was so fat, his vest doesn't fit.

    Now there is a whole new line of ballistic clothing.

    Vest extenders……………..

  4. Was this in the street? And since when do cops not have any discretion?

  5. More power hungry cops shoving their weight around. Pretty pathetic they have to bully kids

  6. Unbelievable. What are kids to do? Yeah, they can trouble their parents AT WORK and demand they be taken to a sports center or park as suggested OR the sane, compassionate thing to do- allow these kids SOMETHING to do! Aren’t we as a country always bitching and complaining kids are terrors? And how hard is it to slow down, maybe go around kids? The COMPLAINERS are just as much of the problem as the “ordinance” to have these things illegal to put in the street.

    • I wonder where the basket was at, in the street or in a driveway.

      If it's in a driveway it's private property. Why didn't they just pull it into one?
      And if the kids are playing in the street, pedestrians have the right of way.

      I wonder who called the cops on this, was it someone with friends in city hall perhaps?

  7. Plain and simple cops are too scared to do real police work so they bully kids and women.

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  11. According to Cleveland cops, the young children have been continuously cautioned that they are splitting the law by enjoying golf ball in the road. Mobile phone video clip taken by Fiorilli exposed one officer’s rejection to give any flexibility regarding the ring.

  12. That's sounds aweful. I never knew that play basketball or riding a scooter outside is considered breaking the law. I hate people who too nosy and believe that it is their obligation to report every little thing no matter what might be the consequences. I just don't understand why they care so much whether I'm riding a scooter or ordering a paper at essay trust. I just have the feeling that htey have nothing else to do

  13. Such an important share.

  14. It’s a really shameful act if police do that to children that would really show a bad impact of the police. Student should also be thought about the law like we do in our school as children need to learn what they should they do and should not do.

  15. Basketball is a very simple and interesting game. It becomes popular in young generation and we play daily at 5::00PM

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