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City Refuses to Pay For Obama Fundraising Visit

The city of Medina, Wash. says it won’t be paying for President Obama’s Tuesday evening fundraising visit.

According to Medina City Manager Mike Sauerwein, prior presidential visits have cost local residents as much as $35,000 due to security related issues, but not anymore.

“We love welcoming people to what we think is one of the most attractive communities in Puget Sound,” Sauerwein told Komo 4 News. “We just don’t feel that we should be passing the costs of the events to our citizens.”

Sauerwein says the bill will instead be sent to former Costco CEO Jim Sinegal, the host of the President’s $25,000 per plate Democratic fundraiser.

“We are going to be billing the host of the event for that cost,” Sauerwein said.

The decision to bill Sinegal was made by City Council members last Monday after police overtime costs were taken into account.

“Other police departments have absorbed the costs of these visits,” Sauerwein said. “But we don’t think that’s right.”

The city, which brought in officers from the King County Sheriff’s Office as well as the State Patrol, says it is still calculating how much was spent on the visit.

Sinegal, who has long praised the President for his immigration and economic policies, has yet to comment on the city’s decision.

While Wash. state Democrats call Medina’s decision to charge Sinegal politically motivated, the idea is likely to catch on with cities across the country.

As the President continues his West Coast fundraising tour, an increasing number of media outlets are beginning to question why the administration has refused to focus on the unprecedented issues at home and abroad.

A recent New York Times piece blasted President Obama for his absurd response to several recent geopolitical events.

“As smoke billowed from the downed Malaysian jetliner in the fields of eastern Ukraine on Thursday, President Obama pressed ahead with his schedule: a cheeseburger with fries at the Charcoal Pit in Delaware, a speech about infrastructure and two splashy fund-raisers in New York City,” the article noted.

Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy made similar statements in response to the President’s fundraising schedule.

“Instead of responding to multiple international crises, the president apparently thought it was a better use of his time to attend a set of fund-raisers in New York,” McCarthy said. “While the president is out on the loose and having a good time, he should remember that his responsibilities as commander in chief don’t stop when he’s out of the office.”

Earlier this month as the border implosion made international news, President Obama traveled to Texas to raise funds with La Raza affiliated donors, causing a major lockdown across the city of Austin.

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  1. Obama is simply doing what every tin-pot, turd-werld, dickt-ater does. He is stuffing those steamer trunks with cold, hard cash, before it is time to abscond.

    Then he is going to Take da loot, and scoot……………!

  2. I applaud the city for paying his bill. I also agree that right now with so much going on he should not be worried about lining his pockets with money

    • Wee, why did they delete your, and Liberty's comments at the other thread?

      • Because SL made a mistake and got called out on it

        • They posted a video for discussion.

          And if you don't like their stories and sources you don't have to come here.

          • No thanks.

            And if you don't like that they posted a video for discussion why don't you use your lunch for something more productive than whining here like a 2nd grader?

          • They did make a mistake Roger. They wrongfully claimed the video was a video of MH17 being shot down, when it wasn't. That needs to be discussed. They corrected their mistake. But it still can be and should be discussed.

            We can't just take a blind eye to it.

          • Yes they did and the removed the comments that showed that, an explanation would be nice

          • Hey, it ain't like this is the Financial Times, or The Wall Street Journal. This is two guys and a website………….

          • Good point

          • Then why are you and the posse targeting it?

            If the site is so horrible why are you all here?

            Because you want to do to it what you've done on other sites that have great stories and people that can actually discuss them.

          • I never once said it was horrible, I like this site. They made a mistake though and when they were called out on it they deleted the comments and fixed the mistake.

            Tell you what roger I will leave as long as you agree not to stalk me to another web site

          • It is quite telling though.
            If someone makes a mistake, and it is an honest mistake, then so be it. Man up and admit it.

            But for them to delete your comments, and Mr. Liberty's comments, and several others, is simply juvenile. That is something that Rogelio would do.

            For them to delete those comments, and leave the thousands and thousands of comments of shlt that Rog posts, tells me all I need to know.

            They are a bunch of clowns.

          • I see your point. AND (lol) I can see why they deleted the comments to avoid confusion since they took the video down. I just think they could of written an explanation.

          • That is all I want

          • It almost sounds like you're reasonable, almost.

          • Agreed!

          • Do you want them to shut the entire site down too?

          • Why would I want that?

          • Because they have serious stories and provide a place for discussion and debate on those topics.

          • That is why I am here and serious discussion takes place when you are not here spamming

          • You are? Fine, let's pretend. When does it start?

            I'm just glad your'e going to turn over a new leaf.

          • Serious discussion was taking place until you showed up. So prove I made comments attacking the site.

          • About how bad the site was for pulling comments that didn't deserve space here.

            That isn't exactly serious discussion.

          • can you provide objective evidence on why they pulled mine, Sara's and Liberty's comments?

          • Why should I have to prove that?

            You made comments, they're gone.

            That's proof in itself, prima fascia proof.

            Why get cranky with me if you have problems, if you don't like this site then take the posse and go someplace else.

          • What the heck is "prima fascia"? Is that similar to "prima facie" only dumber?

          • I don't know you have the fancy work terminal.

            Why should I educate you, you didn't even think Societal was a real word.

          • So you use made up words and don't know the meaning? I assumed as much. Why did you capitalize the word "societal"? Just to look dumber?

          • So you don't know words beyond a 10th grade reading comprehension?

          • I know "prima fascia" is gibberish yet you used the term. Spotted that very quickly.

          • Cool, you found another moron that can't spell "prima facie" correctly. You aren't alone.

          • You know, you really do expose your limited education at times like this.

          • I know "prima fascia" isn't spelled properly in English nor Latin. Are you using the Iranian spelling or is that Polish?

          • Then you know wrong, I have a link.

            Your failed education didn't work this time.

          • You mean your link to Pinterest, the free website that users can submit any topic to? Brilliant.

          • So, you're wrong and your limited education failed you, but instead of learning from that you'll try to turn it around.

          • I will admir,, your vocabulary is much more creative.

          • You admit? Wow, so big of you. AR ethose words small enough?

          • No it's not proof of anything. They posted a video of something falling out of the sky on June 9th and said it was the passenger plane and we asked about it. Then our comments were pulled. Nothing bad was said about the site.

          • Still can't man up.

            It's expected, I mean it's not your first time to behave that way.

          • So if I go someplace you will leave me alone?

          • This may be a shock to you, but this is a forum for intense debate. When someone attacks my values and religious beliefs part of debate is defending them.

          • I've been in contact with your religious beliefs and values. They tell me you're not helping and have asked you to knock it of.

          • And I've been in contact with a hack troll.

            If I leave bread crumbs will you follow them out of here?

          • No, but if anyone makes a comment anywhere, you'll follow them just like always. Or did you forget about stalking Wee to a story that hadn't been commented on in almost 3 years?

          • Poof, I'm so upset that you aren't happy. (not).

          • You're joking again, right? Why would I NOT be happy? Bored with you, yes, unhappy, far from it.

          • Sarcasm, the bitterness keeps you from spotting it.

          • So basically you will stalk and harass me no matter where I go.

            So why should I leave this site then and let you wreck other sites?

          • So basically I will defend my values and beliefs on this forum in a manner consistent with debate.

          • You want me gone from Story Leak but want to continue to stalk and harass me wherever I go an d then claim in your suit it is I who harasses you?

          • This may come as a shock to you, but debate means when you post a comment other people may disagree with you. And they might even explain why.

            It is called debate.
            Back again? Couldn't the other trolls handle things well enough without you?

          • Only back for a few minutes. I see you stopped short of answering my question.Anyways leaving Iowa for the new job and new home.See you around

          • A real man would react differently IMO.

            If a real man made comments beyond what are acceptable legally, a real man would have sucked it up and accepted responsibility for those comments. Even if it meant admitting you were wrong.

            But that would be the reaction of a real man.

            Some are little children that run and hide from reality instead.

            Don't blame me for you being what you are, your choices are on your shoulders not mine.

          • That was a lot of "real man" talk.

          • You must have been totally confused.

          • You have been ripping on this site so much they deleted some of your comments. Hello, do you think you phase into and out of another reality at will or something?

          • AND……..
            Rog, honey.
            Your last sentence did not make much sense.

          • And your comment added nothing.

            So, who's the troll! You don't remember much do you.

          • You are.

          • The posse does stick together.

          • You are.

          • Why am I shocked you would parrot the other troll in the posse?

            I have to give you credit, you didn't use any man hating insults.

          • Quote me

          • Your comments didn't stay up, now did they?

          • My comments did not trash site and since you either did not see them or can't show them you are just talking out your a$$ as usual

          • You think so? I have different conclusions based on your comments.

          • Well prove it then

          • "Yes they did and the removed the comments that showed that, an explanation would be nice"

            That would be you saying this about this site.
            And the earlier comments were pulled so why don't you prove that they didn't say anything worth pulling?

            Fair is fair.

          • Playing to the mods, as usual. Good luck with that, nitwit.

          • Perhaps I don't see the people who own and accomplish as enemies, I see them as the hope of the future.

            I'm not a marxist and don't think like that.

          • Assumes facts not in evidence.

          • Only a marxist would think that.
            History is full of facts in evidence.

          • Argumentative

          • Troll.

            The subject is unable to formulate complete ideas and does not seem aware of his limitations….

          • That was Storyleaks version of Krystal Ball getting pawned by Howard Stern last week on MSNBC……..

          • I totally don't understand any of your comment….therefore, thumbs up. =)

          • Just like a liberal troll, as long as the right person says it, you back it.

          • Iremember is "the right person"? Yeah, like I know him/her. I'll use a word I just saw smith use: nitwit. Despite what YOU think (which is skewed at best), I actually have the ability to establish and maintain a decent commenting rapport with conservatives, though I disagree with just about all of their political beliefs. See how this works? Interact with commenters, don't attack them, be civil, respect their opinions. Ta da — rocket surgery in your world, civil interaction in mine. Mine seems to be the best approach….JSYK.

          • From the way you didn't understand his comment but thumbed it up, it looks that way.

            Still the ill mannered troll? Always a loud angry rant when someone shows where you slipped up and let the agenda shine through.

          • You have a severe lack of understanding ForumCommenting101. I'm a woman in a men's world of commenting. I actually haven't seen a woman's comments on StoryLeak or that Cephus site or that radio station site you destroyed. I know what my boundaries are in a male-dominated forum setting. There are obvious reasons why I built a rapport with other commenters — the last thing I want is to have my opinion trashed by some misogynistic chauvinist who'd cut off commenting at the knees by referring to the smell of a woman's chlamydia-infected vagina, monthly fluid retention due to natural bodily functions, menopause….you know, the stuff you throw out there at me to try to run me off so you can be surrounded by men who give you the attention you crave. Oh, Roger — there's nothing ill-mannered about ME — you own that, you've won the prize there. You're truly shameful.

          • You have a severe lack of understanding.

            I don't care about gender, you seem to.
            I only care about ideas.

          • You don't care about gender? So you go both ways?

          • I realize that it was shift change under the bridge and the day shift for the posse has now started.

            But even if you, with your limited education and vocabulary should realize that if you don't at least pretend to follow along you're going to look foolish.

          • Could you spell "prima facie" as only you can one more time for me? I'd love to start the day out with a chuckle.

          • I spelled it correctly the first time.

            Don't blame me if you're uneducated and can't bother to use google.

        • Off-topic in this thread, but those others are too long for me to bother with. Ever notice it's always the same time of day when all the typos start? The casual observer would see it as either a medical issue, a mental issue or a medicating issue. But it's like clockwork.

          • I have noticed, wonder what causes it?

          • Seems to start before major meltdowns. I'd attribute it to the excitement/angst felt when confronted with his lying untruthiness, resulting in one-handed typing.

          • It's the other guy that fills in for him. There's more than one person on that profile. Different personalities and quirks means different people.

          • Are you telling me there's more than one of him? I think I'm going to be ill.

          • I think it's a Siamese twin. One sleeps while the other types.

          • You're just trying to scare me, aren't you? Shame on you. =)

          • He just trying to fit into the posse.

            Never issues, always agenda.

          • Which one of you typed that?

          • Which one of the posse trolls…

            Never mind. Alinsky what new guest profile is this?

          • I always thought your meltdowns were about the time the bloating and cramps started.

            When you make claims you can't back up, when you keep insisting even after being owned and put into your place that everyone is wrong but you, that you are just a low brow common ill mannered troll here to spam the place.

          • So what happened? Got kicked out from 912comm? Did you take Luis along too?
            Looks like both of you are goners over there.

          • So what happened, you can't go there to discuss them? Oh, you're a troll and they won't let you in…..

          • I'm still a monitor over there, that really pisses you off.

          • It pisses me off that you monitor things there at a site where Suzie has much more class than to you let you post there?

            Why would it bother me you pretend to be a monitor instead of saying as the posse troll you are assigned to watch her site and monitor any comments made there?

          • So what happened to Luis and You? Any explanations that tell the truth?

          • So much for your pretense of being on the inside over there.

            You don't know anything, can't keep track of things and are locked out with the other trolls.

          • So when are you going to register again? Hurry up, the site is running out of hiding places.

          • So, when are you going to realize you can't stalk me at sites that don't allow trolls?

          • I can follow you anywhere I want too little boy.

          • Of course not Alinsky. Is it healthy to have all these people inside your head?

          • How about becoming a member at FundamentalRefounding. lots of previous 912comm members. Like to try?

          • You're about to be a troll growling under the bridge.

            You know why? Nobody else wants you.

          • Oh no — he said he wasn't kicked off, he started a new identity. And we know Roger would never lie. *wink, wink*

          • Oh no, you act like you're three pills short of the midol you need…!

          • I feel so sorry for you guys, You and Luis gone at Suzie's place, it is going to be so boring over there in that echo chamber.

          • Why worry about it? You can't go in and spam the place, after that consideration it's all sour grapes for you and the posse.

          • I'm not banned you moron, I don't post either, I just having fun monitoring, I told you once before who I am. Short memory?

          • You just stalk the place, and that's a good enough reason for me to not post under my expected name now.

          • You can't comment over there, your page has been deleted. Luis page is delet6ed too. You need to register again. I will see any new members.

          • Still can't get into their system and stalk everyone?

          • You are surprised what I can do

          • I am disgusted at the things you talk about.
            I am repelled by the political positions you spout when Alinsky wants you to, at least on this guest profile.

            And of course, disappointed that you don't realize when you push for failed ideologies you are just plan stupid.

          • "….you are just plan stupid."

            Well said.

          • That couldn't have been much planer.

            It's as plan as the nose over his 'stache…….

          • He seems very angry to me…I'm glad I don't comment to him anymore, he's scary.

          • You seem to be bloated and cranky to me.

            I'm wishing you just found a place that you were in line with everyone else and could fit in.

            Is there a site for angry bitter women that hate men the way you do?

          • I'm sure he meant 'plane', not 'plan'. That would be more righter, write?. This whole super-moon thing is reeking havoc on him.

          • I'm sure he'll say he wrote exactly what he meant.

          • You're probably right. I'll watch for a "If you like your plane, you can …."

            I recall something from PeeWee Herman in a stupid movie years ago where in order to save face when he'd do something stupid at the Roger level, he'd say, "I meant to do that". Looks like Roger and PeeWee are two peas in a pod.

          • Wasn't that the same movie where PeeWee said "I know you are but what am I…..infinity."?

            You might be onto something.

          • De plane Boss, de plane!

            Super moon, meets Super Loon.

          • You posse trolls sure do have nothing to talk about. All that spam, all that anger.

            Liberal trolls have nothing else.

          • Still can't get out of this system and stop stalking everyone? I guess we shouldn't blame you … the bananas are good here.

            Dance, monkey.

          • Still can't pretend you're sane?

          • Lame dancing. Do better for banana.

          • Alinsky, isn't it time you slipped into jamal? You usually do that when you have nothing else to spam.

          • You may daydream about slipping into Jamal but this isn't that kind of site.

          • Alinsky, you are sounding like the deviant sexual stalker again.

            I'm not interested.

          • He did not start anything new, I should know, I'm the monitor over there.

          • You just can't figure out how to follow and stalk my comments, that's what bothers you. And you're not a monitor there, you monitor it as in stalking those who use it.

            You're just cranky because you can't spam the site.

          • Grow up ROGER, you lack intelligence.
            So happened to Luis? How do I know? Because I' m there.

          • What's wrong, you have the pretense of being on the inside, you should know yourself.

            And no, I don't think you're capable of growing up.

          • I wonder how he'll try to spin this latest lie? I noticed earlier he's been deleting his own comments to cover his trail over something…not sure how he'll try to weasel his way out of this one, but I expect to see an all-out effort. It's one thing to lie if you're just an anonymous forum persona, but to do it when "everybody knows your name". What a dingbat. What a misogynistic, hypocritical, lying, phony christian puke.

          • I wonder how you'll try to spin the latest insults.

            You'll try to squirm and push some sort of ill mannered foul language or something into it. You just don't know how to socialize and seem to have the need to push the responsibility for that off on anyone else.

          • Here's the sad truth about that site. Roger and Luis exceeded the maximum IQ limit.

          • I saw the moniker Luis on the Conservative Victory (haha!) site. Sounds like he and Roger had a good run while it lasted…throwing out troll bait 24/7. No loss to any site when he leaves (involuntarily).

          • I don't know that Luis. I think he was someone from IdahoeAnnies failed website. Maybe from the Birther site also.

          • Could be…his comments weren't worthy of remembering.

          • Could be he couldn't focus after all your vitriolic barbs.

            Rude people are so distracting, and then toss in the post menopausal outbursts and you're just like Hillary Clinton when her hubby has another bimbo.

          • I saw the video and it looks like you had a good run while it lasted.

          • Save your time posting video links to me.
            I never click your virus infested links.

            Reply, Monkey:

          • Porn sites.

          • Probably.
            Ron Jeremy look alike videos.

          • Come on….that's so unfair. I was hoping to have some smile-inducing dreams tonight — now look what you've made me think about. Ick.

          • You only smile when you can act badly and put everyone else down.

            It's just what bitter angry people do.

          • If that's true, you must be a smiling fool.

          • Why, because you think I'm shackled to your short comings?

            Still here spamming Alinsky, is that because you couldn't get in on the posse agenda earlier today?

          • Yes.
            But only after they jointly pooled their knowledge. They were only over, by one point. Between them, they had an IQ of 81.

          • And you of course were jealous because you don't seem to have an IQ, trolls aren't required to think but only to repeat the talking points.

          • Luis must be relatively smart.

          • You and the posse trolls must be really dumb.

          • Louis was the smart one. He had one IQ point more than Roger.
            He was the one that skewed their test results and got them disqualified.

          • You posse trolls sure to have an eye on a site you can't destroy.

          • Good observation!

          • Typical, and the posse just rallies around as if it makes sense.

          • Not a posse, just a bunch of people who have observed your horrible behavior and have pointed it out

          • When a group of people work together for a common goal, posse is a term that fits.

          • What common goal is that? Get rid of the troll who wrecks the site?

          • Will you take the entire posse with you?

          • You claim posse, so lets see what about your posse on CV and RF? That is your posse. You are not wanted here. You have done nothing but wreck this site and kill the great debate that use to happen here before you stalked me here

          • I claim the obvious.

            And are you sitting at your work terminal as the day shift comes on for the posse?

          • Well of course you claim is wrong as usual. Maybe you should go join your posse of misfits elsewhere and leave the Patriots here alone.

          • Well of course you will deny it.
            Maybe you should have an off forum discussion with your bitter and angry trolls and ask yourself if you should want to destroy the system before you have something to replace it with.

          • Of course I am denying it because you are wrong. YOU always are. Why do sound so angry this morning. Is the pending cost of discovery have you angry?

          • Is it wrong? Not based on the comments you post, that other trolls post.

            Do you always pretend that your'e not angry?
            Are you going to reveal all the other things you've been checking on, like how everyone in this county votes perhaps?

          • I was just revealing what my attorney and I discussed. Yes you are wrong

          • How nice, and how many more days do you have now? And you may think I'm wrong, I don't.

          • Several more days. Plenty of time. I know you are wrong.

          • You know you have to pretend I'm wrong.

            Ego, it can grow so fast, even when it's wrong evidently. But I'm sure you're attorney can struggle to find a way to explain your flawed positions without my help.

          • I know for a fact you are. Have you contacted your attorney about how much discovery of all your comments will cost you yet? I will be  litigating all of them to paint your character and show the jury and liberal judge how you stalk/harass and cause emotional distress. 30K give or take  is a lot of money

          • I asked how many more days you have and I'm wrong?

            Have you contacted your attorney to find out how much your discovery will cost you?

            And when you describe my home, say you want to punch me in the nose, and gave me a time limit to pull my profile, that's not exactly me harassing you, in case your lawyer hasn't heard about all that you may want to point it out.

          • He has and those comments I made were because of your stalking and harassing me causing me emotional distress. Discovery of all your comments will cost you moron. I know who you and have an attorney. You did not know who I was which is why you paid for the discovery of my comments. You will have to pay to have your attorney get all of your comments for me.

          • You do know this is a site for intense debate?

            There is a case you may want to discuss with him.

            The opinion explains that on these forums vigorous debate is expected. You of course allegedly crossed that line and went too far.

            But if you want to pretend that my vigorous debate is offensive, good luck but I don't expect you would prevail.

          • I would say your threats to attack me and admitting to stalking me crossed the legal line and are subject to civil and criminal charges

          • And in saying it you would be wrong.

          • No I am not. Already had this discussion with my attorney and he discussed it with the Reno authorities

          • Now i know you're wrong.

            You may want to ask someone with a lot of patience about civil/vs/criminal.

            There is a substantial difference and you don't get it.

          • I did ask. So now do I file assault and stalking charges against you is the question?

          • If I did any of that outside of this debate forum, then you might have a case.

            I haven't. But you have.

            Oh boy, I can see where this might not work out well for you….

          • You crossed the line and caused emotional distress for me and my family. After your threats and obtaining my personal information I had to move them because my wife was scared you would show up. You  bear the responsibility for that and are responsible for your actions and mistakes. Their are consequences to YOUR actions

          • So, ySo, you stalk me and describe my home, say you want to punch my nose and it's fine. But I debate you and it's all scary and time to call the calvary? How does that work again?

          • The personal information you put online is al public record moron. Your house on Google Earth public information. I never once threatened to “attack you for just about anything” or never once admitted to stalking you, like you did me.

          • Is it? You may have to prove that. And it's not public record that I grab children, because that isn't true. Unless you can prove that, you defamed me.

          • Your facebook profile has a picture of you grabbing children. So it is public knowledge and what is wrong with you grabbing and picking up your family. Not sure why you are making a deal about it

          • You keep pretending that. I tdoesn'ts show me grabbing anyone, and that wasn't what you said that made me fle the complaint.

          • Yeah it does

          • I have a question how is trust spamming the site with this comment?Did I miss the story? Sounds like a cop acted irresponsibly and got arrested for it. The end. Reply 56 replies · active 6 minutes ago -5 <p style=”margin:0px 0px 0px 8px;padding:0px;height:28px;line-height:28px;letter-spacing:0px!important;clear:none”>Roger174p· 2 hours agoYet here you are spamming the site

          • Still have nothing to add to the thread? Too bad that doesn't keep you from posting comments.

          • Just trying to figure out what you added. Trust made a comment that was topic related and all you go do was throw a pathetic weak insult at him that had nothing to do with his comment

          • So, it was like you normally do? How horrible!

          • So what have you added? Oh that's right nothing

          • Go back and read before the posse targeted the story, I was discussing the story, is that why the posse hates this site so much?

          • You discussed it by yourself because no one want to reply to your insane posts. Then when someone else comments on a thread you insult them.

          • The posse has been effective at shutting down debate on several sites. But why is it so determined to target this site?

          • You may want to also ask about what part of debate on this forum while it offends you is criminally illegal exactly.

          • When you threaten me and admit to stalking me. Both illegal activities

          • You might want to ask yourself something. Why is my paying attention to you r comments and explaining why they are flawed a threat to you?

          • IDK maybe because you threatened to “attack me for just about anything”

          • In the realm of this forum I do, it's called 'following' and the site has a feature to encourage it.

            Want to try again?

          • You admitted to stalking me.  Want to try again?

          • My suit isn't for that, but for the comments you defamed me with. Good luck the smoke screens aren't going to work this time .

          • Well my suit is. I can establish it as fact

          • You can try, but facts are stubborn things. They don't like people making them up. And juries will hear both sides of this.

          • So we are going to have multiple juries now? Anyways we all know how you feel about facts:   Roger  173p  · 18 hours ago     I'm the last person you go to for facts.      <p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”> <p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”>Roger 169p • 57 minutes ago<p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”>Facts are an inconvenient stumbling block until you learn to ignore them.<p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”> <p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”>Roger 169p ·  6 days ago<p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”>Ignore the facts, they aren't important.    

          • You really don't know much about civil trials, do you? Ask your attorney how it works.

          • You and I are only having one trial. Not “trials”

          • One trial for each complaint, if you file one, that makes two trials.

      • Thanks for asking that. I asked hours ago but then 'you know who' hijacked the story and the rest is history. It gets so old.

    • Edit. I applaud the city for NOT paying his bill

    • Why would a city ever pay the bill for any politician? If the city supports it by vote then fine. But why should we pay for any politicians vacations? Or golf trips? Because when you boil it all down, the taxpayer pays for these excursions. Total BS. I will gladly support my tax dollars going towards official business, but going towards waste ticks me off.

    • So why are you all trashing this site? Are you all sick?

    • Absolutely, public funds should not be used for infrastructure support of political fundraisers. In comparison to the selling of public policy, the electoral process and politicians to the highest bidders it is a small issue. Furthermore, a sitting term-limited president should not be focused on such activities.

      • If this president was half as concerned about actually running the country as he is about sucking more contributions from it, the economy wouldn't be shrinking the way it is.

  3. The former CEO of costco? That explains why they wouldn't' sell the conservative book a couple of week ago.

    Now if every single locality would do this same thing.

    • And………….STFU!

      • Still whining like a little girl on the 2nd grade playground?

        Can't the posse do better than you?

        • AND………'re still an idiot!

          • The posse probably couldn't do better than you.
            But then they're not here for anything serious anyhow.

          • AND…………at least I am smart enough to know that one never starts any sentence with the word AND.

            AND in the future, always remember that every time you see the word AND, it is me, ridiculing you.

          • And I know that it's not smart to start any sentence that doesn't say anything.

            And in the future always remember that you're just a faceless, guest troll that has no credibility.

    • You should shop at Sam's Club anyway. That's the white trash Costco.

      • So the posse is not migrating to attack this story, like a herd of locusts.

        • A herd of locusts? That would be a swarm. Keep them coming, Roger.

          • And you both proved my point by acting as a coordinated group in responding to it.

          • So a "herd" is two people?

          • So, spam is 6 words now?

          • I've read parts of both of your books. You are the expert in using six words in place of one.

          • Then you haven't read both my books.

            Why lie about something so trivial?
            Liberals, they lie when telling the truth works even better.

            Want a bucket of sand to play in?

          • I never claimed to have read them in their entirety. The writing is so bad that would be intolerable.

          • And then you never actually read them.
            You of course lied, but then you're a troll so it's to be expected.

          • I never claimed it, your statement is libelous.

            Further, your expectation that anyone should wade through hundreds of pages of your nonsense proves that you are a troll of the highest order. You went to a lot of trouble to create such an elaborate and silly prank … twice.

          • Then you haven't read parts of the book, not really.

            You might as well just admit you may have gone to the free site and scanned just enough to make the claim, at best.

            You can't be bothered to make comments that reflect the actual facts, can you?

          • I've read more than enough to know that you are not a good writer. There's a comment that reflect "the actual facts".

            BTW, the adjective "actual" doesn't enhance the word "facts". Your books are full of such prolixity … one of the primary reasons you do not write well.

            I accept your feeble apology for calling me a liar.

          • The you haven't read the books. I read your comments here and based on the last three words of the last sentence I know you aren't reliable, you aren't truthful and that your opinions aren't based on facts.

            The agenda, with the posse it always comes down to that.

          • You must be the same moron who drinks the whole gallon of milk before he decides if it's gone bad.

          • Great comment….I may have to borrow it for use elsewhere, where there are other morons.

          • It makes almost as much sense as the comments you make now.

            Toss in an insult and it's just like you wrote it.

          • Sand bucket?

            Like your spunk bucket?

          • Still pretending that your fantasy is the reality?

            I'm not interested.
            And why do you think posting under so many fake profiles makes your agenda any more credible?

          • That is known in literary circles as <b<High Plains Gobelty-gook</b> He learned that skill from HPDuuuuh and has honed his skill to a fine art.

          • Still can't make any sense?

          • Spam is one word. Your math is as poor as your spelling.

          • And your spam comment was 6 words long.
            Your math skills are as bad as your spelling and thinking abilities.

          • "So, spam is 6 words now?"

            No, it's one word.

          • You had a 6 word comment, it was spam.
            So, you had spam in 6 words.

            Still trolling? It's all you and the posse can manage.

          • "So, spam is 6 words now?"

            No, it's one word. Learn to count.

          • The spam I was referring to was this comment you posted above.

            "So a "herd" is two people?"

            It's six words long. But we both know you knew that and didn't care. You just needed an excuse to spam.

          • It's not my fault you asked a stupid question. Spam is only one word.

          • With you, spam is any length you post a comment.

          • Spam is always one word, not six. Learn to count.

          • And your version of spam is what ever length the comment is that you post.

          • You spam poor with, consist English of.

          • Hez duh Al Sharpton of Intense Duuuubate.

            Resist we much, and with dis, we much resist……

          • Still sounding like your other pretend person jamal?

          • Speaking of ol' Jamal, I haven't seen your butt buddy around lately.

            I did notice him quoting Cowboi Logic at the Yeller Submarine yesterday.

            You are both intellectual thieves. Neither one of you ever had an original thought, and if you pooled your assets, you couldn't come up with an IQ equal to room temperature.

          • Alinsky is around, he's the author of jamal IMO and he's here in the guise of people such as yourself.

          • AND….run Forrest, run!

            You have such an extraordinarily difficult time structuring coherent sentences, I'd really like to see you run.

            Your Momma sure care an awful lot about your schoolin', boy.

          • All that and not a bit of content.

            Are you pretending that you say something?

          • He "herd" [sic] it were……..

          • Still trying to be smart enough to spam like the rest of the trolls?

        • Yo, Knumbknutz!

          Locust swarm.
          A colony of beavers.
          A pace of asses.
          A troop of baboons.
          A shrewdness of apes. (Unless it is in the White House)
          Clams are a bed.
          A clutter of cats.

          Goats are in a herd.

          Unless it is the one you cut out for yourself………..

      • I'm a liberal and don't shop at either…and definitely won't/don't set foot in a WalMart.

  4. AND………

    Roger has high standards and a fashion sense. He wears fuchsia with his "handy 'stache", and insists on wearing white after Labor Day………

    • And you're still just a lonely troll lashing out.

      Your imagination doesn't match reality and you don't care. When you are just aiming at spamming reality has nothing to do with it.

  5. Roger and associates, why are you trashing this site?

    • Why do you think I'm the one trashing this site.

      If you want huff post where liberal hacks go unchallenged then go there.

      Some realize that the only way to deal with the posse of trolls is to challenge them at every turn, even set of talking points. Every liberal lie.

      It isn't pretty but to not do that means they infest the site unchallenged.

    • Roger is just trolling.

      • Now you've done it, JIM. You'll now be accused of being part of the "posse".

        • When Roger's commenting, I expect to hear Hop-Along Cassidy ride up to save the day…with his "posse". Goofy stuff, IMO.

          • I dunno about ol' Hoppy, but his BFF Warren has been known to ride in to the rescue a time or two. I haven't seen Ol' Warren around much anymore. Maybe his drinking got the best of him, and he put himself into Dry-dock……

          • Even found an old video of him.

            Shhot low boy's, they's a ridin' Shetland ponies………..

          • I love that clip!

          • AND…………..

            On ward through the fog……………

          • How do you make words in bold?

          • Stand up straight.
            Clear your throat.
            Hock a lugie, and speak authoritatively……………

          • Now you're just being a goofball. I'm a chick — I don't hock up lugies, I don't pass gas, I don't sweat. Thanks anyway. Frowny face.

          • I'm sorry. I didn't know you were a girl. I seem to recall seeing Rogelio spew something to that effect, but I just passed it off as so much more of his hot air.

            You're the one he constantly attacks and assails with all of those misogynistic comments, eh?

            Goodness gracious, sakes alive. Bless his little ol' yel;ler heart. He'll get throwed out of the First Church of What's A-Happenin' Now………..

          • Yeah, I'm the one he LOVES trashing in his 'Christian' way. Ridiculous, isn't it? The utter hypocrisy is stunning.

          • You're the one that insults, attacks and behaves like a troll.

            You complaining that you get some of that back? That's utter hypocrisy and for you, it's just another day spamming the site.

          • I'll tell you what, Roger — let's have this whole thing arbitrated. Not by a court like you're threatening Wee. How about you pick out 10 of what you consider my 'worst' comments to or about you, and I'll pick out 10 of your 'worst' comments to or about me, and we'll email them to….oh, let's say your former pastor, the one from Colorado. We'll let him decide who wins the prize for most inappropriate, k?

            Now bear in mind, I could do that of my own free will without involving you, I've saved every single one of yours, but I'd like to offer you the opportunity to give up your misogynistic, chauvinistic personal attacks first.

            EDIT: Not sure whether I should say "checkmate" or "game, set, match".

          • I tell you what.
            If you want to insert your gender and then complain when it's part of the discussion? I'd have to say you're a very foolish troll that didn't realize what kind of forum this was.
            If you want to insult me and then pretend it's not going to be tossed back at you? You didn't realize what kind of forum this was.

            Now bear in mind that if the posse wants to bare their knuckles and be intrusive in my private life? You don't realize what kind of forum this is.

            EDIT: I'm not sure if I should say you're an ill mannered shrew or just try another lifestyle hint.

          • Oh, goodness, what a morning. I read your whine to 'Ralph' on the whackado site…sad to see your lying about me and others hasn't ebbed when it comes to you playing the martyr/victim role.

            Here's the deal, Roger. If you'd prefer not having your friend…who may or may not be your former pastor, I don't care….arbitrate things, then keep your mouth shut about my gender. I know if it were me, I'd sure prefer not having such comments broadcast to my so-called "Christian" buddies, but then you don't think like real people. Anyway, pretty simple stuff even for a simpleton — shut your pie hole when it comes to gender-based insults. I don't give a rat's ass about your other insults to me, but the gender-based shlt you throw out is unacceptable — I guess you just haven't realized what kind of forum this or any other forum is.

          • Don't blame me if your conduct makes you appear like MacBeth act 1 Scene 3.

          • What is MacBeth? Is that similar to "Mcbeth" only dumbed down?

          • Why do you think everyone else should have your limited vocabulary?

          • My vocabulary is limited to real words like "prima facie" and "social skills". We aren't all quite as creative with our English skills as you.

          • And I use those but also the more complicated words like "Societal", if you only had a chance to do that with crayons in your common core kind of school.

          • You may know gutter english, but not everyone has that limitation.

            And Prima Fascia is a real word, closer to the latin root and current Italian version. More educated people would recognize it, so of course you were left sucking air like a cat fish.

          • I know to capitalize the word "English". What language is the site you linked?

          • The correct way would have been "What language was the site you linked to written in?"

            You're welcome.

          • Really? Is the site gone? I notice you used "was" (past tense) not is (present tense). No thanks, I'll stick to learning from people that know how to use English.

          • This story has over 400 comments and the only ones about the story were the ones before the posse pounced on it.

            It happens with every story.

            You're just a troll, why not be proud of it? But you might as well admit that you offer nothing and even if you succeed there is nothing there to replace it or lead to any sort of utopia.

          • I admit it. You butcher the English language. Happy now?

          • You worked so hard to get that one right.

            You can't butcher what you don't know how to use.

            Societal evolution passed up your basement.

          • You mean "social evolution"? You're right, my basement hasn't socially evolved. Brilliant.

          • Nope, unlike you I understand enough big words that I can say things like 'Societal' evolution.

            Your basement was overlooked, so everything in it was overlooked. Do you drag your knuckles still?

          • Please stop envisioning my physical appearance. This isn't the site for that type of behavior.

          • Unless you look like a lumpy bag of pretend money…….

          • You need to get out while the gettin's good. The correct spelling is "catfish". Good gawd, Roger — did you want a bigger shovel or are you switching up to a backhoe? Chop, chop — that hole ain't gonna get deeper without your help.

          • The correct phrasing is "Get out while the getting is good."

            You're welcome.

            And another lifestyle tip.

          • Do ever get tired reading your crap?

          • Nope, but I do get tired of the stuff you all in the posse post.

            It doesn't discuss the topics. It doesn't discuss anything and frankly none of it stand up to any serious thinking.

          • Take the easy road, go somewhere else if you find a place, nobody cares for u here anyway, good bye.

          • Why doesn't the posse?

            This site deserves people that actually discuss the stories, you as a group can't seem to allow that.

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

          • The posse doesn't even pretend to make sense.

          • I'd love to tell you, but then Rogelio would know, and we'd have to put up with him running around with his shorts around his ankles, screaming in all bold caps AND>>>>>>>>AND>>>>>>>>>>AND…………………..!

          • And just a head's up….I've been known to start a sentence with "And". But I do it way better than Roger.

          • Frankly, anyone can do anything better than Rogelio.

          • Except think, walk, reason and breath.

            Why you in the posse think so highly of yourselves, it's curious at best.

          • Mr. Author, the word is "breathe". You're welcome.

          • Miss ill mannered shrew, how do you know what I meant to use?

          • Ummm….because saying in essence "Anyone can do anything better than Rogelio except breath" makes no sense. But then…..

          • Ms 'rides on brooms' the word is Hmmm…….. You're welcome.

          • That makes even less sense. Shrug.

          • Hmmm… the word is "It". You're welcome.

            And a life style tip.

          • How is your lost ship doing?

          • How is the posse doing?

            Can't they pretend to be here for the story? You guys just can't seem to even spam with any sort of style.

          • Poof,

            I think Rog honey has a boy crush on you.

            I think you leave him "breaffless"………

          • Poof, I think this troll is so desperate to do anything that he'll make up anything.

            I think you're just a breathless troll that can't find the courage to get out of the basement and lashes out due your frustration with life in general.

          • Somehow, I envision you as the villain in Silence of the Lambs, all dressed up in make-up, with Garth Brooks singing Breaff-less as background music.

          • AND Roge honey,

            Save your valuable time and energy. I never click on your links. The last time I did, you had a virus in it, and tried hacking my computer.

          • Yes, spam doesn't have to worry about things like 'debate'.

          • That's why he didn't add "spell' to his list of attributes.

          • Still just around looking for ways to keep the discussion lowered to your own standards of trolling?

          • AND………,

            One must admit Roge honey, that you spelz about as guud as Al Sharpton axes questchins……..

          • Wow, that post while you were pretending to be Iremember is just like when you pretend to be jamal.

            Why is it that you can't quite leave racism behind?

          • I think I take his breathe away and he looses phocus.

          • I think you're an ill mannered troll that would disgust Tanya Harding. A lifestyle tip.

          • That cuts both ways, Mr. Vinegar and Water. Here are some much needed tips for you…

            If you'd read this years ago, your life could be good today.

          • Why thank you, did that site help you with your manners?

          • Funny.

            Smith posts that "Be a Gentleman" link to Rogeilo an hour ago, and Reply Monkey that he is, Rog goes and finds a "Be a Lady" link and posts it to Poof.

            Rog honey, you really lack in originality.

          • Still the reply monkey in any guest profile guise?

  6. Gotta love it — Roger defending his CONSTANT stalking and trolling:

    "Some realize that the only way to deal with the posse of trolls is to challenge them at every turn, even set of talking points. Every liberal lie.

    It isn't pretty but to not do that means they infest the site unchallenged."

    On this and another story, it was very clear people were trying to ask questions, discuss the story, debate. And then Roger comes to the **rescue** of the site. This is such an effing joke.

    • Yet here you are still spamming the place, proving my point.

      Oh, just a lifestyle hint.

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        Roger, what embarrassing information should I post on rebuilding freedom when I attack their racist propaganda site?

        I was thinking of your Stardust love. Or maybe another gay passage from your gay book.

        How about the story of your failed lawsuit?

        • How about I warn them that you're about to launch another attack from your communist chinese ISP and that if they want to rid themselves to block all ISP addresses from the area?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Please do.

            But make sure they know I am using a Reno ISP to attack them with, so block all Reno ISP.s as well.

            I think I will do something about your failed lawsuit, how much money you've spent, how long ago, your attempts to find me, and Stardust.

          • I was wondering when you would try to be clever, it just hasn't happened in so long….

            Are you running out of sites to spam?

  7. ROGER and associates, why are you spamming this site?

  8. Roger has a wealth of information on purses if anyone is interested.

    • Those kinda purple drawstring handbags? Visualizing a billy goat….puke.

    • Pray tell how do you know?

    • He reminds me of 309583497597438 but with half a brain instead of only a quarter.

      • And you of course remind me of a very bitter man hating, ill mannered shrew.

        You brought up my insults? How about this one?

        "You know what Roger? I'm sick of your misogynistic, disgusting, foul, putrid, degrading, sexist, chauvinistic, women-hating insults. I'd tell you to go f**k yourself, but I wouldn't want you to lose that goat scent your flaccid dick sports in lieu of aftershave. So I'll just tell you to go f**k your goat."

        Poof, I realize that you are just a posse troll and that you think with the entire group behind each other you can say just anything. But the truth of the matter is that you really do invite any mud thrown back at you.

        You really do need a lifestyle tip.

        • AND……..You really are a Keyboard Commando, aren't you? Lord Ruler of the Gigabytes, Cyber Tough Guy of the Interwebz…….(que Bud-light music……..Mr. Real 'Murican hero…………).

          I notice you love picking on women, and insulting them, when you aren't Trolling for Wee. You Predators normally have a sixth sense honed in to focus on someone you can prey on, where you feel a modicum of safety.

          You know why you don't do it to me.
          Because you know I'd hunt you down, rip your head off and shlt down your neck.

          Goodness gracious sakes alive!

          Somebody call the Lawyer……………..

          • And you really aren't a keyboard commando. Lord coward of the gigabytes?

            You can't discuss anything. You don't pretend to be here for discussing anything.
            I notice you pretend I pick on women. I pick on ill mannered trolls, one of whom says she is a woman. Predators? She has shared enough private information with the rest of the posse to think I have a pastor in Colorado. First I've heard that I attend any churches or even visit in Colorado, but hey, when it comes to making sense you trolls aren't the brightest bulbs in the recycling bin.

            And if you are so brave, why are you hiding behind a guest troll profile?

          • You ding-dong. I assumed the man was your pastor in Nebraska before relocating to Colorado, maybe he's just a pal (I don't really care!). I didn't share squat that you haven't given to the world via Facebook. You DO realize that when you have your personal information unprotected on Facebook, it's public knowledge? Not too bright there, especially for one who's spent the past umpteen years trolling the interwebz. But to go on another site and whine that I mailed stuff to him? You knew that was a lie when you said it, you knew that would show up in your profile…sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder about you.

          • Still wanting to back track on the comment last night?

            Colorado? You trolls should realize by now that any background information someone like alinsky coughs up is flawed on some level.

            Colorado? That was a new one.

          • Poof.
            You do know that children like Rogelio, are the reason that retards wear those dorky little bike helmets when they go out to play, don't you?

            But seriously though, when they hit fifty, they ought to outgrow them.

          • You sure sound so familiar with everything on the list. I suppose you would have first hand experience in order to sound so familiar with it.

            Did you lick the window on the short bus?

          • AND…………


            Although in my past career I was the official cleaner at the local Strip Club, and having licked a few Brass Poles, I never licked the window on the short bus.

            That was your job.

          • Did you think that was almost cute the way you posted a comment that added nothing?

            The city probably refused to pay for Obama's security in hopes liberals such as yourself would stay away.

          • AND……….,

            Rogelio, I've been thinking. Since you have turned this website into the All Roger, All the Time, Good-time Comedy Hour, and since you like being the center of attention, accomplished self-published celebratory author that you are, I am thinking of starting a brand new website, devoted entirely to YOU.

            I see you have 100 and some odd followers. This will be for you, and your closest friends. You all can be charter members, for a one time annual membership fee of one thousand dollars each.

            Enrollment will end on August 1st, so send those checks in soon.

          • The posse has been trying. Anything but allowing adults to actually discuss the story.

          • Poof.

            I'd hazard a guess, that after Pastoring Rogelio, the Pastor decided to hang it up, and move to Colora-duuuh to get some of the Medical Gonjo. Get him a real Rocky Mountain High. After tooting Rogers root, anyone would be ready for a change.

          • Who the hell leaves the privacy settings on FB where anyone/everyone can see them? I'm being quite kind to Roger by not posting a link to either his FB page or that of his buddy, but why he thinks this 'alinsky' guy outed him….delusional at best, paranoid schizophrenic at worst. Anyone who comments anywhere knows his real name…it doesn't take a brain surgeon to enter it into FB's search. The thing that bothers me about people who are so careless with their privacy settings is that it doesn't just expose them, it exposes the personal information of their friends. The guy I'm talking about who now lives in Colorado has over 400 friends…I wonder if he'd appreciate Roger divulging the personal information of him and all his friends?

          • Anyone who posts their name, and full frontal photo, and blathers on, and on about who, and what they are, and what books they have written, have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

            That just moved Rogers case into another realm, that his attorney probably does not want. Roger is no longer a private person.

            Being a "published" author, makes him a public figure.

            There goes the case………

          • Public figures use the justice system for the kind of issues in my complaint regularly.

            And is that why you hide behind a fake guest troll profile, you want to hide like a coward and know you can't face the same kind of scrutiny you put me under?

          • Did you really just start another sentence with "and"?

          • And did you just post another comment with nothing in it?

          • and…………and……………and…………….and………

          • And I see why you are a typical troll.

            You can't add anything but don't realize how that makes you look.

          • Who uses Facebook? It's been a couple of years since I've done anything there.

            And what kind of ill mannered shrew goes to Facebook not to use it but to look for dirt like a 4th grader.

          • Frankly Rogelio, any reporter worth their salt does cursory due diligence.

            I have done it on you, and your but buddy Jamal aka HPDuuuh aka Warren Carnell.

            Remember him?
            The guy in the guinea wife-beater tee?

          • A reporter? You're claiming to be a reporter?

            You're a crock. No journalist would write the kinds of things you write and expect to have any credibility. You want to talk about due diligence? Why do you think I haven't done mine too?

            Just because I don't splash everything I know around doesn't mean I don't know. I just have more class than that. Something this posse is sadly lacking.

            And I do that without hiding and lurking like a spineless coward. Why is it liberal trolls are so brave when they are ducking and covering?

          • You lying sack of crap. You posted something about Hobby Lobby on your page on July 18. Is 8 days the same as "a couple of years"? OMG — you can't even lie well.

          • Still the ill mannered shrew using her "I'm on my broom going to work" voice.

            I posted to a story with a link to Facebook, I didn't post to Facebook.

            And you still need another lifestyle tip.

          • You travel in strange social circles if that's the kind of folks you deal with.

          • Don't you mean strange "societal" circles?

          • Societal evolution seems to have skipped your basement.

          • Once again, when I Google "societal evolution", Google comes back with "WTF, have you been talking to Roger again?" It then suggests "social evolution". Stop butchering my language.

          • Once again you try and fail.

            How does it feel to be the dumbest kid on the short bus that the posse rides around in? (that was rhetorical of course, since I don't want to insult any actual kids on short busses).

          • What happened to your friends Suzie, Idahopotatoe, topshit, L4s, Navy brothers…………looks like they all ignore you? Why, because you are an idiot

          • What happened to people posting comments with actual content about the story?

            Looks like the posse gave up pretending they were here for that.

            And we chat as the mood strikes us. With real people that have a life it's hard sometimes. It's not like we're in the same boat as you and trust that get paid to sit and spam all day.

          • "….it's hard sometimes."

            This isn't the site for that.

          • Good, so then don't take what I say and change it into something it's not.

          • Go and cry to Suzie

          • Why? Do you miss being able to spam her site?

          • No you don't, that is your goal preventing others to communicate in polite way.

          • Thank you so much.

            Bless your heart. To think you made that entire comment all by yourself! Why your momma must be so very proud of you.

          • Oh, Rogie — don't leave me out of that — I get paid while I sit here too. I'm the boss, I can do whatever I want. Is that what this is all about? You're jealous of those who've succeeded in life and reach a point where they can do whatever the hell they want? Tsk, tsk — isn't jealousy a sin? You "Christians" (wink, wink) sure don't follow The Word very well.

          • Do you supervise while flying in holding patterns on your broom?

            Isn't being an ill mannered shrew just stupid?

          • Ephesians 4:32 – And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

          • Yes, that was written to believers on how to treat other believers. But there is a text for you.

            Proverbs 26:4-5New International Version (NIV)

            4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
            or you yourself will be just like him.
            5 Answer a fool according to his folly,
            or he will be wise in his own eyes.

          • I'm an atheist, remember? The only fiction I read is your comments, so don't ever bother sending return biblical quotes to me…I won't read them.

          • Fine, be an atheist. You're also an ill mannered shrew too. But I didn't blame that on your personal beliefs, just a lack of manners.

            And if you don't believe in the Bible who are you to use it lecturing people?

            Just some old worn out troll with more mouth than brains. It's all you have.

            And of course, one more lifestyle tip.

          • Rog honey, I wonder just how many people you drove away from Jesus, spouting your brand of Christianity? Probably the same percentage that you drove into the Liberal fold, with your fake Conservatism.

            You are nothing but a counterfeit.

          • I wonder how many people you drove away from 'stupid' spouting your brand of it?

          • Rog, honey.

            I remember James the Just.

            You are just Roger the Wrong.

          • And you are just another second string troll growling under the bridge.

            I remember Hillary after Benghazi. Boy, talk about a train wreck!

          • the bridge, hahahahahahahahahahah

          • Trolls, you are so amused by the strangest of things.

          • This is why you don't get the kind of debate you claim to want – your foolishness precludes that sort of discussion.

          • Of course, you are all here to make sure of that.

            And that's why I call you all trolls.

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

          • Are you looking for munchies too?

          • Ah, the broom again, funny words from an underage guy.

          • Is that why you repeated them?
            I'm not underage.

          • Well you sure aren't acting like a grown up.

          • And neither are you.

            So, what was your point? Was that supposed to be a compliment of sorts?

          • Do you understand basc English?

          • Do you understand 'basic' English?

          • "And neither are you."

            So you admit you aren't acting like an adult. Good for you, Roger. Doesn't it feel good when you are being honest?

          • So, are you admitting you're aren't an adult?

          • "So, are you admitting you're aren't an adult?"

            Stop embarrassing yourself.

          • Are you still pretending that your brand of embarrassing yourself is the best one?

          • Are you still pretending to know English? You aren't fooling anyone.

            "So, are you admitting you're aren't an adult?"

          • I know enough to spell 'Societal' exactly as it was intended.

            Smart enough to know the term I used like "Prima Fascia" when I wanted to.

            You? Not so much.

            You know, being ignorant doesn't have to be a permanent situation. You can learn (even if slowly) if you make up your mind to do so.

          • Good job spelling "societal" correctly, now if you could just use it properly in a sentence.

          • Good job! You are one comment closer to making you quota of spam.

            Do you get a gold star when you make your goal for the day?

          • Oh Roger, don't be such a "clinical cheeseburger".

            You see, in the English language, you don't just use words, but they have to make sense when used together. You're welcome.

          • Yes, something you're still working on.

          • Yes, I am still working on interpreting your gibberish.

          • I had to quit trying. He deleted his goof-up where he misspelled "catfish", he keeps making typos trying to correct others, blundering along like a bear that just came out of hibernation, I saw he misspelled "busses" where HE'S talking about people who are so dumb they ride the short bus, and apparently we're supposed to all begin speaking the Queen's English — 'cept him. The irony was too much for me, it's just become pathetic.

          • I love this Rogerism, not because I think it's egregious, but just because it's funny.

            "Still a coward guest roll?"

          • Hahaha! Wonder if he's talking about a dinner roll or a Hot Cross Bun? =)

          • Why don't you look into your cauldron and see if you can watch in the reflection?

          • When is the last time you looked in your mirror?

          • When I brushed my teeth.

            You do know what that is, don't you?

          • When you brushed your teeth?

            What month was that?

            With all the time you spend here, personal hygiene cannot be very high on your priority list. I'd bet there are weeks that you never see the light of day, let alone bathe.

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahah

          • See, I didn't think you'd understand how often it can happen. Hygiene may be a foreign concept, but you ought to realize some people actually use it.

          • Good luck with that.

          • Jesus H. Christ!

            Are you drunk again Roger? Did you know that 99% of most hardcore drug addictions begin with booze?

            You are really embarrassing yourself all over the phucking Interwebz today.

          • It's really bizarre…I think he might have wandered off for now. No complaints from me if that's the case.

          • He just pulled a thirty-six hour marathon shift with only a two hour absence. I think he will be gone until tomorrow.

            Probably curled up on the rug, in front of Warren's couch.

          • Why, so the posse can do dozens of spam comments in a row to clog the story threads like you all just did?

          • Go somewhere else, nobody wants you here.

          • I was just thinking the same thing.

            But then with you as a cowardly guest troll I don't even know who I'm saying it to.

          • That's good, that way you stay in the dark.

          • Always the cowardly guest profiles.

            Left Right and Center banned them and within days the debate was back to normal.

            This site needs to do the same.

          • Rog honey, in your last one thousand comments, how many have pertained to the story? Any story?


            No more.

          • The ones from the early hours before the posse started spamming the story.

            Why? Do you care if the story is actually discussed?

          • If by "normal" you mean liberal echo chamber then yes, it is.

          • If my "normal" I meant back to it's normal, than yes.

          • "If my "normal" I meant back to it's normal, than yes."

            Keep them coming, Roger.

          • Why, do you need comments to play off of for your spam today?

          • Your normal … isn't.

          • You don't seem to grasp a lot of normalcy in issues.

          • Roger, you aren't normal. You never were.

            Your momma always said that you were special…

          • And you're entitled to the opinion of the troll that spams on your guest name.

  9. Rand Paul: Republicans Can Only Win if "They Become More Live and Let Live" ReasonTV Jul 23, 2014

    "I think Republicans could only win in general if they become more live and let live," Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tells Reason TV at Lincoln Labs' Reboot Conference, which was held July 18-20 in San Francisco.

    • I stand with RAND!!!

      • I do as well for now, but know this if you do not already.Political Fables: President Barack Obama boldly proclaims, "The buck stops here!" But, whenever his policies are criticized, he acts as if the buck stopped with George W. Bush. The party line that we are likely to be hearing from now until the November elections is that Obama "inherited" the big federal budget deficits and that he has to "clean up the mess" left in the economy by the Republicans. This may convince those who want to be convinced, but it will not stand up under scrutiny. No President of the United States can create either a budget deficit or a budget surplus. All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives and all taxes are voted into law by Congress.

        No President of the United States can create either a budget deficit or a budget surplus. All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives and all taxes are voted into law by Congress.

        Democrats controlled both houses of Congress before Barack Obama became president. The deficit he inherited was created by the Congressional Democrats, including Senator Barack Obama, who did absolutely nothing to oppose the runaway spending. He was one of the biggest of the big spenders.

        The last time the federal government had a budget surplus, Bill Clinton was president, so it was called "the Clinton surplus." But Republicans controlled the House of Representatives, where all spending bills originate, for the first time in 40 years. It was also the first budget surplus in more than a quarter of a century.

        The only direct power that any president has that can affect deficits and surpluses is the power to veto spending bills. President Bush did not veto enough spending bills but Senator Obama and his fellow Democrats in control of Congress were the ones who passed the spending bills.

        Today, with Barack Obama in the White House, allied with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in charge in Congress, the national debt is a bigger share of the national output than it has been in more than half a century. And its share is projected to continue going up for years to come, becoming larger than national output in 2012.

        • RINOs and DINOs, there are a lot of Globalists in charge in DC. We must weed them out regardless of party. There really is no such thing as a two party system anymore IMO.
          I like Rand because he appears to not be a Globalist. I know for sure Ron wasn’t a globalist, so I have faith his son is not. Rand doesn’t stand a chance though. He will be out funded and out politicized I’m afraid.

          A lady you need to keep you eye on here in Colorado is Tisha Casida.

          This is the type of people we need to elect if we stand a chance of turning this country around.

          • Truth in Media "End Partisanship"

            Ben Swann explains how the new coalition of EndPartisanship org is working to break the 2 party hold on primary elections, which currently lock around 50% of voters out of the process. Plus, Ben details a lawsuit that has now been filed in the state of New Jersey to break that hold.

            "End Partisanship" Live Free!

            How Many Constitutional Rights Have Americans Lost? January 6th, 2014,

          • Ben Swann is a stud. Thanks for the links.

          • Jul 16, 2014 Experts Agree – The Fed Must End!

            While attending Freedom Fest 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada Dan Dicks of Press For Truth spoke with Jeffrey Tucker, Peter Schiff, Steve Forbes, Doug Casey, Axel Merk and Tad Lumpkin about both the need to end the fed and also possible outcomes for the future of money.

          • As the only liberal (more centrist, but for sake of argument…) around these parts right now, until Rand Paul or anyone else from the right completely changes the party platform on social issues, you *might* get a one-term president, but that will only be based on Obama fatigue and won't last. It isn't a matter of embracing things like climate change or gay marriage or immigration reform or a woman's right to choose — it's a matter of accepting these things. In the case of climate change — not accepting everything at face value, but acknowledging that the possibility exists and that proactive measures *might* be a prudent decision. Sorry to interrupt, just giving a different opinion.
            EDIT: I purposely left out any and all things related to firearms, because I don't consider them to be left/right issues.

          • I am more liberty minded than most of the sheeple out in the world and on these post's! Know this on climate!

            June 24, 2014 The Scandal Of Fiddled Global Warming Data

            When future generations try to understand how the world got carried away around the end of the 20th century by the panic over global warming, few things will amaze them more than the part played in stoking up the scare by the fiddling of official temperature data. There was already much evidence of this seven years ago, when I was writing my history of the scare, The Real Global Warming Disaster. But now another damning example has been uncovered by Steven Goddard’s US blog Real Science, showing how shamelessly manipulated has been one of the world’s most influential climate records, the graph of US surface temperature records published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

          • A commenter on another site I frequent asked a question a few months back — this is a man with an advanced scientific degree…though not in climate, he studies these things. Anyway, he asked the question: When in any other time in history have so many scientists trained in a particular field agreed on something, only to learn 25 years later they were dead wrong? This link indicates 97% of climate scientists agree…but if we even change that to 75%, the vast, overwhelming majority believe there is change taking place, most also believe it's being impacted by what we're doing to our environment. If they're all wrong, then so be it. But I'm going with the stats, and despite the financial impact of cleaning up emissions from coal-burning energy plants, etc., I'm supportive of at least trying to make a difference.

          • In any fascist environment politics decides what is accepted science.

            And with today's political climate they know what they have to say if they ever want to be considered for funding.

          • Video: Marc Morano debunks “the climate change con” at CFACT’s Warsaw conference December 5, 2013

            Can these same folks list every creature and living thing on the Ocean floor? I think not! Do not 'P' on my leg and tell me it is raining!!

          • I think the problem is that both sides can debunk the other and spend the next 10 years (or longer) arguing it, but in the mean time I'd like to see proactive steps taken to at least try to make things better. We don't need things like this to continue:

          • Congrats, you are a puppet of the state and they heart you! Without Carbon we would have no life because we are Carbon based life forms, and as far as science goes you need to be independent and be very curious and always seek knowledge instead of feeding from government bureaucrats!

          • I don't feed from anyone. I'd like to see improvement whether climate change is impacted by man or not…to me it's not about climate change, it's about horrid pollution. Seems to be OK to you as long as you can get your political point across, it's not OK to me. Pollution stinks, it causes health problems, it can be reduced.

          • Polution woes hover over China (Reuters) Updated: 2006-09-20

            Dead fish and rubbish are seen in a polluted river in Haikou, southern China's Hainan province, September 19, 2006. China has been hit by more than 130 water pollution spills nationwide since a toxic slick turned taps off for millions along the Songhua River late last year, a rate of one every two or three days. [Reuters]

          • Know you will have real world updates of the 'WORLD', and be sure and browse the world!

            Air Pollution in China: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map

          • At this point you lost me. I don't have a clue what you're trying to imply, other than you think I'm a puppet.

          • Use this map to know the truth versus the propaganda in MSM. This link will let explore the world with real time information without speculation. Understand this concept?

          • Oh, I not only understand this concept, I understand your desire to be condescending. Guess you don't understand the concept that some of us don't care about the "oh, horrible main stream media" part, some of us would like to see a cleaner, safer world. Thank you for sharing the map.

          • Nice thoughtful comments, he's good at them.
            At least one person in the two way discussion was.

          • Since, I have never exchanged in a conversation with you ever it helps me find out what type of person I am exchanging with like a blind man who uses his cane for sight. Please use and share the map at will!

          • If you would have even bothered with curiosity you would have seen and read this right away. The scandal of fiddled global warming data. The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record. Since you said nothing, I have no confidence in your abilities as a free minded person, and you have 'NO' curiosity! FYI, I read and view everything before I will post it!

          • Check this organization out Poof!

            I agree with your comments. IMO it should be Liberty vs. Tyranny instead of Dem vs. Repub. I am a Conservative at heart but I am willing to embrace individual rights even if I do not morally agree with the persons choice or decisions. That is what our country is all about. As far as climate change, I agree we can take measures to help the environment, God commands us to do so IMO. But the Al Gore types and UN are using it as a way for control along with monetary gain.

          • I consider Al Gore about as relevant as Tom DeLay or Three Dog Night — hope they made their money while they could, because those days are behind them.

          • HA well said! Maybe a date wouldn't be a good idea, you might be a little older than me if you were around when Three Dog Night was booming 🙂 Just giving ya crap!

          • I **might** be a little older than any number of people! Pehh….Three Dog Night was the most has-been group I could think of off-hand. Englebright Humperdog? Wait — have you ever seen Eddie Izzard's routine about him? Funny stuff.

          • Until their last fan has died off there are people who will not just like their music for it's style. But because it brings back memories.

          • AND…….STFU!

            Up early today?
            More like you are still up, on an all night bender and marathon.

            Going right down the thread, posting to every person here. You sure must be lonely. Whats wrong, did the latex goat spring a leak, and go wizzzzzzzzzzing into the ceiling fan?

          • Still pretending that bold type makes the comment less of a spam kind of thing?

            Going right down the thread and replying to any comment of mine you can, isn't that the kind of thing you always try to say is wrong?

            What's wrong, is the posse trying to take complete control of the site now?

          • AND………Rog, honey,

            I sure hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but don't look now. It appears you have a dingle-berry hanging in your "handy 'stache".

          • Are you still here?

            First, you're not my honey and this sounds a lot like Alinsky, don't you pretend when you're posting under numerous guest troll profiles to make them sound different?

          • AND.Rog, honey,
            of course I am still here. So are you. The difference is, I had a wonderful nights rest, and am ready to go. You, on the other hand are sitting there all bleary-eyed, having been up all night.

            Hell, if you are still in Nevaduuuh it is only 4:20 am.

            Take a nap Scooter………

          • Still the little agitator.
            The difference is you lie and claim you have a life, but here you are spewing spam at this hour.

            Take a hint. Why not have something to add before you post?

          • AND……..Rog honey. Sit up straight and pay attention. This next post is real important. Have you ever noticed in life, that it is the way one says things, the subtle nuances and tonal inflections that make conversation interesting, and life worth living?

            A little different than the printed word, where it is easy to pick out and spot a lie. Sometimes, those lies just stick out, shining like a diamond in a goats ass.

            (pay close attention to the bold print )

            You just said this at another Echo Chamber:

            8 minutes ago @ Conservative Victory News – The Hillary Show · 0 replies · +1 points
            Thanks Ralph!

            You have no idea, I don't think I'd go over very well..
            In the late hours I had one of the troll say she was able to write my pastor in Colorado a letter with my comments.

            So, they have done enough private research to think they know who my pastor is and want to drag this forum into my personal life instead of just explaining why I'm wrong. And then they think that kind of pressure will make me back off?

            Fascist regimes always have their brown shirts, in many guises. I won't go quietly into the night.
            And my pastor, if he was my pastor would know me well enough to understand that.

            (End of comment)

            When in reality, here is the real truth:

            6 hours ago @ Storyleak – City Refuses to Pay Fo… · 1 reply · +2 points
            I'll tell you what, Roger — let's have this whole thing arbitrated. Not by a court like you're threatening Wee. How about you pick out 10 of what you consider my 'worst' comments to or about you, and I'll pick out 10 of your 'worst' comments to or about me, and we'll email them to….oh, let's say your former pastor, the one from Colorado. We'll let him decide who wins the prize for most inappropriate, k?

            Now bear in mind, I could do that of my own free will without involving you, I've saved every single one of yours, but I'd like to offer you the opportunity to give up your misogynistic, chauvinistic personal attacks first.

            EDIT: Not sure whether I should say "checkmate" or "game, set, match".

            (End of comment)

            Rog, honey, you really are a liar, aren't you?

            Nuance. You wrote your post, leading that person to believe that once again, you were the poor victim, when in reality, your passive-aggressive disorder is kicked into high gear.

            Just like when your feud started at LRC, where you were riding around in your Roger-mobile listening to your radio. You are the only one who heard what you heard.

            You really ought check into the Nervous Hospital.

          • All those words, all that bragging and over inflated claims.

            And you know what? It all adds up to one thing. The posse is upset and lashing out. And your'e still just a hack troll that hides and lurks in the shadows with nothing to offer.

          • AND….Rog honey,

            The fact remains. You are a liar and you lie. I just laid it all out, for everyone to see.

            You tap-danced right around that little fact, eh Scooter?

          • The fact is that you laid out enough to prove my comment wasn't a lie.

            The alinsky tactics. Don't actually debate your opponent,just mock them.

            Well, you're mockable too. Cowards usually are and you're not an exception.

            What else are you going to make up?

          • AND I'll quote Congressman Joe Wilson: You LIE!

          • And I'll quote you.

            You lie!

          • AND…. somehow, without the bold emphasis it isn't quite the same thing.

          • Looks like you did lie. Sounds like she didn't contact your pastor as you accused her of. That would be lying.

          • Looks like the posse is here today, and still making things up.

            Sounds like I never claimed she did, can't you make up things that are a little bit more credible?

          • Roger will be gone within an hour. Curled up in a fetal position, at the foot of Warrens bed.

          • You wish.

            Did the day shift come on for the posse yet?

          • "In the late hours I had one of the troll say she was able to write my pastor in Colorado a letter with my comments."

            Liar. Just as Iremember pointed out, just as TrustFunded pointed out. You know it, they both know it, and you KNOW I know it. Just admit you lied to garner sympathy…no harm, no foul.

            Don't respond on this thread, LB, it's too skinny.

          • Still the ill mannered shrew?

            Heres' a life style tip.

          • AND,,,,,,,,
            (I know the bold type irritates you no end, that is why I do it.)

            When is the Trial of the Century? We haven't heard much about your Dream Team lately. (I tend to like the bold, and italics and underline capabilities, it makes for much more interesting dialogue, donchaknow?)

            The reason I ask, I was thinking of invesating in a Food Wagon.

            I'd like to come and sell Kettle-Corn and Funnel Cakes.

          • Still pretending that presentation matters more than content?

            I know why you do it you have nothing to add and without content you look like the troll you are.

          • AND presentation is equally as important as content.

            As a failed author, you should be cognizant of that.

          • It may be for trolls that have nothing to say.

            As a failed troll you should be cognizant of that.

          • Funny.
            I mention the time above, and you respond, talking about the time. It is not late for me, nor is it in the "wee" hours.

            For all you know, I might be a full day ahead of you.

          • Funny? Funny that a thread with discussion about Rand was just too serious and you had to derail it?

            That the posse is so worried about this site that people such as yourself spend how much time working to keep it from getting it's message out?

            And for all you know I'm a day ahead too. But don't let that stop you from rambling like the coward that you are.

          • AND…Rog honey,?

            I can do this and I can even do this. That is way beyond your literary capabilities.

            Lets see you tap-dance…….

          • Why?

            Alinsky, you don't get it, A good comment isn't about how you present it. It's about content.

            Something that you trolls don't even pretend to care about.

  10. He is stuffing those steamer trunks with cold, hard cash, before it is time to abscond.

    • Weird that you posted verbatim part of a comment that was made 15 hours ago by Iremember. "He is stuffing those steamer trunks with cold, hard cash, before it is time to abscond." Just an observation…strange to me.

      • Did the first have a link?

        • AND…………..STFU!

          I do not need you helping defend my comments.
          Any comment that you make, is a distraction and a detraction.

          • You need all the help you can get.
            And any spam you post is the distraction, it's what the posse is here for.

          • AND…………STFU!

            Rog, honey, there is no posse.
            There is nobody "Growling under the bridge".

            Those voices you hear are in your head.

            I'm sorry you lost your pet goat.

          • Sure there is, unless each and every troll comment is you, bounced off a different ISP.

          • AND…………..
            That really wasn't a good choice of a word to start your book.

            I see you "runned oft" [sic] to that other idiot website. Speak Out, or Up Chuck, or whatever it is called. You know, the one with Izahoe and Bucksnot. making the rounds this morning, eh? I'm sure you'll stop in at ConsVic and tell Rogers Rangers buenos dias.

          • What's wrong, are you just lashing out because you don't have enough communist chinese ISP's to hide all your many fake guest troll profiles?

  11. Wonder what Obama will do next?

    • It doesn't matter. If he were to find a cure for cancer, stop the poles from melting, put out all the forest fires, end the droughts plaguing the nation, remove every "illegal" from within the confines of the US, bring peace to the Middle East and have Hillary Clinton imprisoned for life, conservatives would still find a way to bash him.

      • You do realize he hasn’t lived up to hardly ANY of his promises?

        • Yes, and I also realize that Congress has played a major role in that. As far as I'm concerned, he can sign executive order after executive order until the end of his term since Congress does NOTHING to help the average Joe.

        • Yes, he has.
          He has fundamentally transformed the United States to the point that I no longer recognize it. It now resembles whatever terd-werld shlthole that he crawled out of.

          To that end, Swahili Slim kept his promise.

        • Sorry, Mr. Liberty. Tried to have an actual discussion with you but just like always, Roger can't stand to be left out so he inserts himself 24/7 into any and every conversation for no other reason than to see his words in 'print'. He's no different than any other media wh*re (Ann Coulter, the Karkrashdians, Roger) — any attention is better than no attention. Outta here.

          • Wow, you sound like someone else for a moment pretending you can have private conversations.

            He laid out a great case with sources and links. It didn't appear you were willing to rise to occasion.

            Global warming is a hoax and anyone here to actually debate with him might try starting with that realization.

          • AND………..

            See ya later Rog honey. Me and the rest of the kool kids are going over to our Special Secret Site and have fun this afternoon.

            You and Alinsky feel free to give each other a mutual Reach-Around during your daily tug-of-war………

          • Playing clean up for the poor poof?

          • Are you drinking to much TEA this morning?

          • He is a regular Tea guzzling, banana peeling, reply monkey. Probably does Harry Bellafonte impressions. Come Mr. Tallyman, tally me banana, daylight come an' I wan' go home………..Day-o! Dayyyy Ohh……….!

          • I want those freedoms and liberties back, yes.

            And it's not something you drink, it's something our creator gave us and we instinctively reach for, at least those not die hard marxists.

          • I hate to keep correcting you, but you're confusing a conversation I was having with Mr. Liberty with one I was having with Mr. Lincoln. I realize your only goal is to look for my avatar and jump in, but try to focus just this once, k?

          • That is exactly what he does, he jumps in in any conversation that is not of his business, he is impolite and has no character, he thinks he owns a reply to everybody, that is how he accumulates 152,000 comments.

          • Like you and poof do??

            Isn't that following in the steps of the masters?

          • The man has no shame whatsoever. Totally oblivious. He whines about me, the "ill-mannered shrew" crap all day every day and yet he's like a little child who hasn't been taught that interrupting is rude. But he's dead-set on making sure no real debate happens, all the while precluding any debate from happening. And he can't even see it.

          • That witch has no shame whatsoever. Totally obnoxious. She whines about me and keeps attacking and insulting me all day long and then can't understand why I return the favor. She's like an angry 3rd grader that just got dumped by her first boyfriend.

            And she's dead set on making sure that nobody can actually debate for real. And the posse of course since they work together encourage it. And she's too bitter to even see it.

            Another life style tip.

            Since you like to lurk on Facebook so much, why not see if you can dig up dirt on her?

          • He just mirrored your comment……only in a dumber fashion. Brilliant.

          • I mocked her comment, and it was brilliant.
            If it wasn't effective you wouldn't have lashed out.

          • I agree, her comment was brilliant. Yours…..not so much. You just dumbed down what she had to say. No originals thoughts from Roger.

          • My comment was brilliant, yours? You know you never intended it to be even competent let alone more than that.

          • The correct way of saying it would be "I hate to keep correcting you. But you are confusing a conversation I was having with Mr. Liiberty with one I was having with Mr. Lincoln."

            You're welcome.

            And you seem to still need more life style tips.

          • ROGER STOP!! You're absolutely humiliating yourself. You just made a typo trying to correct MY writing. You need to go sleep it off, sober up.

          • The correct way of saying it would be "You need to go sleep it off. Sober up." But even that wouldn't be the descriptive way, with the implied subject of the second sentence you may want to end it like this, "Sober up!" If you mean it that is.

            You're welcome.

            And another life style tip.

            I tried to find on that you could understand.

          • and……..and………..and…………..get out of his basement and breathe some fresh air.

          • And you may post from your basement, I don't.

          • He is just growling out of his basement

          • Like you do from under the bridge? Nope.

            But of course you have nothing to add and that was just the best improv insult you could toss out.

          • Ah the famous bridge surfaced again, what a thrill

          • You probably see the flip side, the bottom surface.

          • Ah, the navy engineer……………..

          • Ah, the troll growling from under the bridge…………….

          • Wow, he really embarrassed himself yesterday, assuming he has any shame.

          • Wow, you really keep thinking enough ego changes the facts.

            Are you going to pretend that your limited vocabulary will be enough today to keep up?

          • To keep up with you? Yes, it should be easy.

          • You can't even figure out 'societal' is a word.

            Yes, it should be easy. But then again you don't do a lot of things that should be possible.

          • I just glanced quickly when I got up — he made at least 10 comments in under 7 minutes….guess he got his Adderall prescription filled after he burned himself out yesterday? Oddest thing I've observed on a forum…I'd be too embarrassed to comment again if I ever did something like that. Guess I was right when I said he has no shame?

          • He isn't doing any better this morning.

            "So, are you admitting you're aren't an adult?"

          • So, are you admitting you want other immature adolescents to talk to?

            Try google, and good luck in finding a place more suited to your limited skills.

          • I don't want other immature adolescents. You are enough.

          • Plural of one, singular with me.

            You realize you just admitted I have the impact of several of you adolescents?

          • I am not interested in how you "impact" children. This isn't the site for that type of filth.

          • You're the one pretending I said that.

            Why do you always look for filth? Hoping to find some? There are sites for that, this isn't one of them.

          • Are there sites for that? I've never thought to check.

          • I've thought many things about you, but being bright enough to actually think isn't one of them.

          • I'm sure you think about me a lot. That's probably why you spend your evenings bombing my inbox. I'm still not interested.

          • Dont' blame me you can't figure out how to use your email settings.

            And if you'e not interested don't request to be notified.

          • I do blame you for spending your evenings bombing my email with poor English. That is nobody's fault but yours.

          • Then change the notification settings.

            Liberals always seem to blame everyone else for their choices.

          • There is no setting to block just you. I've tried. I'm sure you'd like me to not receive any replies from commenters that aren't trolls like you, but that isn't going to happen.

          • Wow, sounds like you're lame and can't figure a lot of things out.

          • That's because you refuse to use English.

          • You make bad choices, complain about the results and of course in typical liberal fashion blame everyone around you.

            Trolls, you're so predictable.

          • Yes, and you just made a comment too.
            And I notice you pay attention and seem to think it's accomplishment to thumb down comments. That's your choice.

            But a thinking person instead of just thumbing comments down might try explaining why those comments are wrong. That is, if they were here to discuss and debate.

            Trolls? You can't so you just spam and insult.
            And here is another lifestyle tip.

          • I gave you a thumb down because you are still butchering my language.

            "….and seem to think it's accomplishment…."

          • Still the troll with a limited vocabulary?

          • How is this for limited?


            Its time to move on. There is a new thread, where serious minded people can go to discuss ideas and the story of the day with other people.

            You can stay here and practice your self-flagellation and mental masturbation.

          • You just trundle off to a site geared for your mentality.

            Google words like 'troll, non-thinking, spammers…."

          • Google returned a link to your Intense Debate page. Weird, right?

          • I don't think you gave yourself enough time to put in the search correctly.

            You probably just hit a bookmark. How often do you hit refresh on my profile page? Maybe your browser is stuck there.

          • That could be. I do have your page bookmarked in a folder titled "Butchers English".

          • Your comments show it.

          • You mean when I quote you like this?

            "That's proof in itself, prima fascia proof."

          • When you quote me and can't understand it, then yes.

          • Hadn't thought of that title. I went with "Word Salad".

          • There is a lot of things you don't think about.

            The bitter mean spirited approach to life inhibits thinking.

            How about another lifestyle hint?

          • Yeah. He got a new Slap Chop for chopping his nuts. He is making Salad Buffets all over the Interwebz.

          • And the trolls continue the spamming…..

      • I have not heard anything about the Polish melting.
        Was that on MSNBC?

      • Like the left did to Bush 43?

    • He will no doubt act to consolidate his power while punishing the US into his version of our roll in the world, a 'realignment' as his administration labels. it.

  12. ATTENTION monitors of storyleak,
    ROGER and HIS associates are disrupting your site to the point folks are leaving.
    They need to be banned ASAP.

    • Jim, I can call you Jim, can't I?
      That has been complained about before.

      It seems that they are content with Rogelio's nonsense,
      yet insist on deleting other peoples honest comments.

      Rog has his schnauz shoved so far up their collective tucchus' that he can tell you flavor chiles they had on last nights enchiladas.

      • Wow, it's like he speaks for, that you both speak for the same person!

        • Roger, I was just about to comment that you must be napping. You hadn't been here for two hours. You really need to get some rest. You are not making one iota of sense. You sound like Al Sharpton. You were still going strong, pulling your all night marathon when I was getting up this morning.

          Leave poor James out of this.

          • He was writing his 3rd book

          • I bet the troll who went by bedtimeforbonzo can hardly wait to lie about three books in a row.

          • Poor little spammers.
            You don't make any sense at any time, but you seem to think you should point out that you don't think I make sense?

            When the posse quits spamming then you might have the moral authority to make that call.
            But right now, you don't even pretend to meet the standards you are pointing to.

        • ROGER, you even cannot figure out who these write-in guests are.
          You are a complete moron talking to yourself most of the time.
          You are the king of all spammers, stalkers and ID addicters. You are the laughing stock of this and all other sites.

          • Jose, pretending for a moment that you as a brave guest troll with a new and remarkably similar name to every other guest troll might be serious….

            You sound way too much like all the others to be taken seriously, who am I kidding?

          • AND………..who am I kidding?

            You are only kidding yourself Rog honey.
            Nobody cares.

            I think Jose is Jaime's brother.
            They got separated swimming the river.

          • Alinsky, anyone that used to come here for discussion and debate cares.

          • Nope, and the posse doesn't even pretend to be serious either if you as the new guest troll with a slightly different name is any indication.

  13. Jul 24, 2014 Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City?

    In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Berlin Germany to cover the expanding and growing resistance moment. This event took place on July 19th and brought together over 5,000 people from all over Germany. This is a video of the people there and the message they have to you.

    He needs to be banned.

  15. Why does ROGER keep trashing this site?

    • Why do you trolls with ISP's all around the world keep pretending to be new people?

      • Nothing wrong with it, it was designed that way.

        • Nothing wrong with slinking in the shadows since you're a vermin that can't stand the light in his face?

          • Can't find your own words again?

          • Can't pretend to make sense again?

            You trolls are so predictable.

          • Hey Roger, Sweaty, Pumpkin, Sugar, Honey,( Punk B!tch) , It seems like you are struggling these days in your trolling. In the words of your Bible it looks like you Reap what you sow. The one thing in that book that is true. Welcome to the Harvest. Your score in your last 100 troll comments – 162 well done TROLL Roger. Your weekly total should be well south of -700 points. Sugar, Sweaty, honey pie, Pumpkin butt. By the way old Roger(Mustache) Avatar just as creepy as young Gay Roger. Still both with those black soulless eyes.

          • You sound almost as bitter as poof!
            You do sound as stupid as poof.

            Why do you think you can add up points when Ireland can't figure out how to run their economy without having the Germans bail you out over and over?

            You're just so creepy, so 'Troll' it's amazing that you can use some big words like this. Did you ask a thinking conservative to help you put it together?

          • So you think he sounds bitter and stupid, then ask if a thinking conservative helped.

          • What is your quota for today?

            How much stupid are you required to spam the place with?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            My quota for today is as follows.

            Expose you for being a flaming homosexual again.

            Make you call your lawyers with tears falling down your cheeks, again.

            Learn a new teen girl gets hot teen guy movie or book you just love.

            Attack rebuilding freedom with proof that Roger is gay, again

            Expose Roger as a plagiarizer, again

            Remind Roger he can never find me, and all the money he threw away on a lawsuit and lawyers to find me is the gift that keeps on giving.

          • While you still have your hopes up, I'm not interested.

            Your sexually deviant fantasies don't match reality.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            So I am wrong? You have a girlfriend or wife and don't live alone writing creepy gay books for children?

          • So is it any of your business?

            I don't discuss romance, or any topic related to it with deviant stalkers.

          • Rog honey, I am curious.
            Way back in the day, several hundred weeks ago, all your posts looked funny. Who were you copying from? You always were a plagiarist.

            275 weeks ago @ – US sea captain freed i… · 0 replies · 0 points
            you know you're right. �And I didn't hold the rifle for 5 days either. �But by day three when the white house claims to have sent the order, their arms were probably tired by then anyhow~~~

          • Troll, I'm curious.

            Way back like 3 minutes ago you had comments with no ideas or content. Who are you copying from? You always were a plagiarist.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            That's what I thought. You live alone, no girlfriend or wife, you write gay books for children and everything I said is your reality.

          • That's what I thought. You have fantasies of all those things.

            It's not something that is any of your concern and not something I'd discuss with a deviant sexual stalker.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You don't need to discuss it. I have already outed you as a gay fifty year old man that lives alone, watched Stardust, and writes the gayest sounding books I have ever seen.

          • You have only outed that you have fantasies about your wanting me to be that.

            I'm still not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Do you disgust Stardust with the folks on your Tea Party group in Reno?

            Or are you afraid they will beat the s h it out of you?

          • Still pretending I might want to discuss things with you of a personal nature?

            I don't. People that can't take no for an answer, there is a name for that.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I just learned that the main teen hunk in Stardust is named Charlie C O C KS.

            It make perfect sense, you just love that movie.

          • I had no idea you would be sexually aroused by that movie.

            It wasn't a goal to get you stimulated sexually, I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Are you saying that anyone disgusted by learning a fifty year old man is watching Stardust is gay?

          • I'm saying what I said.

            Even if it doesn't fit into your fantasies.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Nothing you say can distract from the fact that you are a fifty year old man with desires to watch Stardust.

            That is creepy as f u ck.

          • Nothing you can say distract from the fact that you are a deviant sexual stalker that won't take no for an answer.

            That is creepy.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Hey kids. Do you want to play baseball with your father or watch Stardust with creepy uncle Roger?

          • Still hoping?

            You really need to deal with the reality instead of the fantasies.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Hey kids. Creepy uncle Roger is here. Do you want him to teach you how he stalks for cock all day?

          • It's the deviant sexual stalker, living in his fantasy world.

            I'm not interested.

          • Roger has a womb broom

          • And you seem to have parts of a lego set that you play with while you wait your turn at the fischer price laptop to spam.

          • lego meets laptop

          • And both try to avoid the trolls who slobber on them.

          • Oh cool — I found this little verse that apparently was written just for you. I'm LOVING my daily Women's Aglow lessons, but I had no idea you were mentioned in The Book so many times.

            Proverbs 29:11 – A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.

          • Oh cool, I found a nice text for you too!
            Of course it's your call. Your choice. John 3:17

            "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."

          • Rog honey, I found one for you:

            Iremember 1:1 <b<STFU!

          • It's all you have. (nothing)

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Any man found layeth alone watching Stardust is gay as f u ck. – Proverbs 58;12

          • if you're gay I don't care, unless you can't take no for an answer.

            Deviant sexual stalkers don't belong lose in society, the justice department takes action if you refuse to take no for an answer and act on it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The justice department?

            Did you tell Holder that I exposed your gay desires to watch Stardust?

          • The sexually deviant stalker caught an error, I meant the justice system.

            And I'm still not interested.

          • Yes you are, otherwise you would not reply

          • Well, that explains who you are.

            Alinsky, why so many lame guest profiles? It just means that you're not very bright and pretend to be smarter than you are.

            It's not working.
            And I'm still not interested.

          • guest meets troll

          • So, there are two of you out tonight?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            P u ssy meets posse

          • If you want to discuss that with the posse, why not go off forum and not spam this site with it?

          • Women's Aglow, huh?


          • Manners, they make a difference even when flying on a broom.

          • OK, *maybe* I don't belong to any kind of bible study group (cough, cough, choke, choke), but Roger has been such a bright, shining beacon of Christianity, I thought it time to follow his lead. No? Just a head's up — there's TONS of crap in the Bible about him.

          • Why thank you. It's nice to know a nice 'reasonable' atheist noticed.

          • Roger meets atheist

          • Roger mocks troll hovering in the shadows.

          • You are not the real Roger.
            You are the Night Shift Roger.

            Different writing styles.
            A blind monkey could see that.

            Reply monkey…….

          • Still here spamming the place?

            Alinsky really needs to try and get better shifts. Will he get the day shift from TNM?

            And your blind reply monkey still has horrible aim.

          • spammer meets place

          • Spammer uses guest profiles.

      • Tracking folks through their ISP numbers now Rog, honey?

        You're a real Internet stalker.

        • Am I? Or is the fake guest troll that hides a creepy stalker?

          • Yes, you are.

          • Did the one of you say that under 5-10 guest troll names yet?

          • Huh? Try again, this time in English.

          • Huh? Try again with thinking.

          • brain meets thinker

          • Nope, it's just me and you. You don't seem to qualify for either of those.

          • me meets you

          • Nope, and I'm not interested.

          • More word salad, this time with Ranch dressing. I think he's utilizing one of those sentence scrambling sites, surprised it didn't generate this:
            "Guest names one say of that under you did troll 5-10 the yet?"

          • Troll guest pretend posse bridge growl broom.

          • LOL! Good thing (??) I don't have my latte yet. I would have gotten testy if I'd screen-sprayed it.

          • Yes, the lowest common denominator.

            You trolls do race for the bottom.

          • race bottoms out in Rogers cave

          • Still just a failing troll that just stuck with this shift?

          • stuck meets shift

          • Random words from spammer.

          • Looks like I forgot to include the word "pathetic".

          • Yeah, and "obsessed" and "ridiculous". I went to a brand-new story this morning hoping he'd lose my scent. Nope, he was there within 3 minutes of me posting a comment. He's like a buzzard, he circles around just waiting to pounce. I swear I can't make a single comment without him stalking — he absolutely cannot control himself. Oh, guess you left out "creepy" too.

          • Why should I avoid a great story just because you are there?
            If your comments are actually contributing to the discussion then good for you! If not, you're just another troll trying to spam the site.

            The correct way of saying it would be "Oh, I guess you left out "creepy" too."

            Your'e welcome.

            Another lifestyle tip.

          • He is like those dog-peckers gnats or no-see-ums. They are hard to swat, but once they pick up the scent, they are perpetually buzzing around.

            I have heard that fishermen up North swear by using Avon "Skin-So-Soft". They say it repels even the most repulsive bugs.

          • And you seem to be a bunch of circle flies.

          • flies meet circles

          • Sounds rather lame, like all your other comments.

          • lame meets Roger

          • Nope, and I"m not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger meets interested

          • Roger explains he isn't interested, and that a deviant sexual stalker is wasting his time.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Talking in the third person, a sign you are crazy, and gay as f u c k.

          • You posted one in third person pretending I meet 'interested'.

            Still the deviant sexual stalker that won't take no for an answer?

            I'm not interested

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I have to talk about you in the third person!.

            How f u ck ing stupid are you?

          • I don't know, you said this:
            "Roger meets interested" in the third person revealing a glimpse into your sick deviant fantasies.

            I guess I need to ask you the same.

            "How f u ck ing stupid are you?"
            And remind you of the comment just before that.

            "Talking in the third person, a sign you are crazy, and gay as f u c k."

            I may not agree with the comment nor state questions the way you do, but since you set the bar, how do you measure up?

            You don't.

            You seem to act like a deviant sexual stalker.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Do you even know what third person means?

            Is your s h it book written in third person, second person, or gay person?

          • Do you know what polite society is? Is your garbage comments written in third person, second person or just your deviant sexual stalker pose?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You just plagiarized me in first person.

            Think up or own questions. And learn what third person means.

          • Still can't rise to your own standards?

            "Roger meets interested" in the third person revealing a glimpse into your sick deviant fantasies.

            I guess I need to ask you the same.

            "How f u ck ing stupid are you?"
            And remind you of the comment just before that.

            "Talking in the third person, a sign you are crazy, and gay as f u c k."

            I may not agree with the comment nor state questions the way you do, but since you set the bar, how do you measure up?

            You don't.

            You seem to act like a deviant sexual stalker.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You are the one referring to yourself in third person, not me.

            Roger likes Stardust.

          • Still can't live up to your own standards?

            Of course not.
            Trolls never do.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger meets Wee's children, alone.

          • Not even, but the way you fixate on his children concerns me, I hope he is around and notices it to so he can takes steps to safeguard them.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger meets "I know you are, but what am I?"

          • You are what you are. It's sad, even pathetic. But it is what it is.

          • It's all you can manage. How pathetic.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Said you grandfather while watching you swish around.

          • You say that, of course if I did it shouldn't be hard for you to quote me with the permalink to the story attached.

            You're just a deviant sexual stalker with fantasies that don't match reality.

            I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            "Tell your swishy kid to stop watching the Wizard of Oz over and over again in that Dorthy dress! He is no grandkid of mine!:

            Grandpa Russell

          • The correct way of saying it would be:
            "I think he's utilizing one of those sentence scrambling sites. I'm surprised it didn't generate this:"

            You're welcome.

            Need another lifestyle tip?

          • "I am the light…" — and you are the moth that absolutely cannot resist me. It's beginning to get a bit embarrassing for you, the way you respond to every single comment I make.

          • Still out insulting and name calling?

            And you as a moth fluttering around a light had to reply with childish immaturity.

            Another lifestyle tip.

          • Heres is a tip for you.

            If a person is born gay, they are gay if they grow a mustache or not.

            If they somehow decided to like that lifestyle, then they're stupid in my opinion.

          • "…. they are gay if they grow a mustache…."

            Interesting point, Roger.

          • Still can't read then respond to what a comment actually says?

            Interesting spam… not.

          • cattle meets horse

          • And both hate the donkeys.

            Liberals, they have the right symbol for their party.

          • mustache meets broom

          • Mustache tells broom he's not interested and no, they haven' t met.

            Trolls, are you playing with your dolls again and pretending things that aren't quite in the 'big people' world?

          • mustache meets Roger

          • You really need to find better random words.

            You'll give all trolls a bad name.

          • A horse walked into a bar. The bartender said "Hey!" And the horse answered "Yes!!"

          • and that makes you an idiot

          • That's not what you said when you posted that joke under another guest troll name.

          • guest meets joke

          • When you post as a guest, you give him a really lame reputation.

          • child meets immature Roger

          • Child complains about the stupid trolls that won't go away.

          • child meets Roger

          • You can't rise to the level of normal trolls, that's pathetic.

          • Heza stalker, donchaknow. *wink*.

            (That was my Sarah Pray-lin imitation)

          • Isn't poof the assigned troll to impersonate Palin?

          • Hey Roger, I see that Wee popped in to bid you adieu. It is a shame that you cost him his job, and his career, and made him have to move from his home, and his state, and his friends to protect his family and keep them safe from your online harassment.

            AND………… play that you are the victim………

            1 hour ago @ Storyleak – City Refuses to Pay Fo… · 3 replies · +2 points
            Only back for a few minutes. I see you stopped short of answering my question.
            Anyways leaving Iowa for the new job and new home.
            See you around

            1 hour ago @ Storyleak – City Refuses to Pay Fo… · 5 replies · +2 points
            You want me gone from Story Leak but want to continue to stalk and harass me wherever I go an d then claim in your suit it is I who harasses you?

          • It's a shame. Why don't you ask him what I actually wanted?

            He made his choices, and he bears the responsibility for them.

          • Sorry Roger.
            We are out of here.
            The "fun table" is two tables over, and you aren't invited………

          • Then why are you here still spamming this story?

          • chimp meets goat

          • Jim, have you ever seen the Reply Monkey riding his goat, Abdul?

          • Troll spamming the site, have you ever seen the yapping dog?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            We know exactly what you wanted. His cock in your mouth.

          • We know in your fantasies you hope for that.

            We also know from your comments you're a deviant sexual stalker that won't take no for an answer.

            I'm not interested.

          • You want written apologies on three sites approved by your attorney, me to leave you alone (hard to do when you harass me) and a bunch of money for emotional damages

          • Still can't be honest?

            Want to try again?

          • That is what you want according to the paper work I have from your attorney in an email

            Poor little baby roger has to sue people because he is a creep

          • Wee, set you up a Pay-Pal Account.

            Call it the Weely, Weely Important Legal Defense Fund.

            This lawsuit affects anyone using a computer. Maybe Mandy and Ezra at Breitbart will donate.

          • Do you really think they would fund a defense fund in a pending litigation involving the troll patrol that drove them to change to discis? You forget Alinsky has bragged he took them down.

            The posse may rally around TNM, but I'm curious if that funding could be backtracked and the sources revealed so that the posse and it's minions could be uncovered once and for all.

          • BOOOOOOOH!

            Maybe it is the boogeyman George Soros or the infamous incorrigible Trista Parsi Twins.

            AND………you're an idiot.

          • What's wrong? Did I hit a nerve?

            And you're a troll.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger wants Wee's cock in his mouth ONCE AND FOR ALL!

          • Your fantasies may include that, for some reason that I have no clue about.

            But I'm not interested and you're behaving like a deviant sexual stalker.

          • Thank you

          • It will be such a shame to suck all your friends dry, all because you refused to apologize for a comment that you can't defend and clearly crossed the line.

          • You have crossed the line when you started to harass and stalk me

          • The legal definition has not been met, not really. When you used the word once I humored you, but no more.

            When you pretend I have stalked you but then do worse, that is not acceptable. Of course should you want to litigate and face me a second time in court, that's your call.

          • It has been met and you admitted to stalking me

          • Still pretending? Nope, you can lie about it all you want.

            If it was met it was not my doing but yours.

            3 hours ago @ Godfather Politics – NY and Boston Mayors P… · 0 replies · 0 points
            "I never said that and I do like him. What he said 77 weeks ago is not relevant to what is going on now in this discussion. I am sure he could care less what I said 12 weeks ago. That is how normal people work.

            So do you like the ice cream over at the TCBY Ice Cream Shop?"

            I have several others along the same line, where you were intrusive with unwanted attention into my private life away from this forum.

            You can't say the same about my comments. The facts are what they are. And my following your comments carefully and rebutting them is merely the way debate works.

            You have heard of debate, haven't you?

          • Why would I want to litigate a second time. Ever hear of a counter-suit?

          • Why would you want to sit at the local grounds posting off their wifi?

            And a counter suit would be the 2nd case, a reply to the first.

          • I can sit wherever I want. Counter-suit will happen the same time as your suit

          • My suit is already happened, your repeated claims of a counter suit hasn't.

            Why don't you have you attorney call mine? If you have one! Hahahahahaha…..

            I'm sorry it's just hard to take you seriously when you lie constantly.

            Still pretending I have done ANYTHING outside of this forum for debate in the way of 'attacking' your flawed positions and untruths?

          • My attorney and I have  gone over your complaint. We have prepared what needs to be prepared and just because my attorney has not contacted yours back means we have a game plan. Not pretending. You made threats: <p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”>Roger 168p •  49 minutes ago <p style=”margin:0in 0in 3pt;line-height:15.6pt”>Attacking you for just about anything is the only decent thing to do.

          • Yes, on a debate forum in the scope of that debate platform.

            Are the words just too long, is debate just too confusing?

            A debate comment versus the threats you have posted against me about punching me in the nose and spitting on me? See the subtle difference?

            52 minutes ago @ Pakistan Today | Lates… – S. Korean woman commit… · 1 reply · 0 points
            Never said I was big and bad. I tell you what though if I ever see you I woudl spit in your face and laugh because I knwo you would not have the balls to do anything about it

          • You made physical threats and you are trying to wiggle out of it. Won't work sorry.

          • Nope, I never make physical threats, I don't advocate for violence outside of self defense.

            Your lack of ability to understand 'debate' only reflects on you, nothing more.

          • at·tack /əˈtæk/ Show Spelled [uh-tak] Show IPA verb (used with object) 1. to set upon in a forceful, violent, hostile, or aggressive way, with or without a weapon; begin fighting with: He attacked him with his bare hands. 2. to begin hostilities against; start an offensive against: to attack the enemy.

          • And in a debate setting on a forum for 'intense debate' what would that be? Definition #4, or #5?

            You didn't include those, what are they?

          • "My suit is already happened…"

            Who won?

          • Did I saw it was complete or already a fact in process?

            You really are lame, you know that.

          • I don't know what you "saw", but you did say it already happened.

          • When you don't pay attention, is it always someone else's fault?

          • I couldn't know what you "saw", I don't have your eyes. That isn't my fault. Neither is your constant butchering of my language.

          • Still can't figure out how to pretend you're paying attention when that's not what you do?

          • I'll give him credit for one thing (and one thing only): He has Word Salad101 down to a fine art. Done with this skinny thread.

          • And I'll give you credit for nothing.

            You have one goal, and concern for the issues isn't one of them.

            So, you're just an ill mannered troll here clogging the threads.

            Another lifestyle tip:

          • Rog honey, speak for yourself and fantasize all you want, but you aren't going to suck me dry.

            I don't roll that way.

          • Good, because you'd be waiting until hell froze over if you had your hopes up.

            You roll with the trolls under the bridge, and I have a good idea where they've been. You might want to check with a doctor.

          • That was a rather revealing comment by Roger. I don't want him sucking me dry or otherwise.

          • That was another pointless comment by a troll who ignores the comment content to mock two or three words, in typical troll fashion.

          • Still lying?
            Still can't face the reality?

            Why not post the demand letter?

          • Why don't you?

            Read a little more of your book today. The milk is still sour. Seek professional help.

          • I've made my position clear to him.

            He blames me for everything, and this one if he releases it will be on him.

            Still the happy dog? You keep howling and never actually say thing. Spam, you just can't rise above it.

            And if you've read the book have you figured out why I'd like to find you a nice big bucket of sand?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger sounds just like a rejected girlfriend.

            Same tone.

            Same terminology.

            Same girlishness.

          • You keep dreaming it.
            But that doesn't make it so.

            I'm not interested and your continued fantasies and inability to understand no means no is a sign you're behaving like a deviant sexual stalker.

            And all the whining only lays out the depth of your issues.

          • Maybe you should. Anyone that wants to see it can email me, all they have to do is ask

          • And in the meantime you keep lying about it and misrepresenting it. Why? All to keep up this coordinated effort to smear me and my very reasonable demands.

            Emotional distress, that's your goal.

          • Reasonable demands?

            Why should I have to pay you because you harass me?

          • 52 minutes ago @ Pakistan Today | Lates… – S. Korean woman commit… · 1 reply · 0 points
            "Never said I was big and bad. I tell you what though if I ever see you I woudl spit in your face and laugh because I knwo you would not have the balls to do anything about it"

            Speaking of people advocating for violence, (harassment) it wasn't me.

            Why pretend now?

          • You threatened to attack me and said it is the decent thing to do