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Church Group Kicked Out Of Public Park For Handing Out Thanksgiving Dinners To Homeless

A church group in Lake Worth, FL was kicked out of a public park Thursday afternoon after a park ranger spotted them feeding homeless residents.

Members from the Acts 2 Worship Center, who headed to Palm Beach County’s John Prince Park to feed the homeless, intended to teach their children a valuable lesson about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

“We brought our kids out here so they could see what it’s really like for people that are struggling,” Acts 2 member Brian Oakes told CBS 12.

The park’s growing homeless population, many who have been hit hard by the weakening economy, were more than thankful for the warm meal.

“We’re grateful you know. They hand out, we meet the guys and stuff. They give us a prayer and everything,” homeless resident Kevin Rudd said.

Unfortunately, a Palm Beach County park ranger “just following orders” soon approached the group and demanded they leave for violating an alleged city ordinance.

“It’s very disappointing. We didn’t intend for this today,” said Brian. “ We just wanted to give the food and be able to bless people.”

Despite being told to leave, the church group sided with humanity, defying the orders as they finished handing out the rest of their meals.

After being confronted by CBS 12 reporter Israel Balderas, the park ranger declined to comment, admitting he was given “strict orders” not to discuss the matter with anyone.

“I can’t talk to you. my bosses don’t want me to talk,” the park ranger said.

According to the park ranger, who had to radio supervisors to learn the ordinance he was enforcing, feeding the homeless was not permitted by a “large group.”

Sadly, the situation in Florida is an eye-opening representation of the country’s current state, where hordes of shoppers violently fighting over fake deals are praised, and those actually engaging in thanksgiving are defied.

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    • The Dog and the Wolf

      A gaunt Wolf was almost dead with hunger when he happened to
      meet a House-dog who was passing by.  “Ah, Cousin,” said the Dog.”I knew how it would be; your irregular life will soon be the ruin
      of you.  Why do you not work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly given to you?”

      “I would have no objection,” said the Wolf, “if I could only get a place.”

      “I will easily arrange that for you,” said the Dog; “come with me to my master and you shall share my work.”

      So the Wolf and the Dog went towards the town together.  On the way there the Wolf noticed that the hair on a certain part of the Dog’s neck was very much worn away, so he asked him how that
      had come about.

      “Oh, it is nothing,” said the Dog.  “That is only the place where the collar is put on at night to keep me chained up; it chafes a bit, but one soon gets used to it.”

      “Is that all?” said the Wolf.  “Then good-bye to you, Master Dog.”

      Better starve free than be a fat slave

  1. The freedoms to speak and serve God as you see fit just doesn't seem to matter any more, unless you do so as the state decides.

    Our founding fathers would be loading the muskets long before things got this bad.

    • Are you saying they should not follow the law and get a permit?
      What about food sanitation? How can we know the food was cooked properly in a safe manner?

      This is why we have city ordinances in place. To keep people safe. Why should the church be above the law. What they did was good but they need to through the proper channels like everyone else

      • Wee, my comment stands on it's own.

        And if it was a bunch of illegals would they be hassled and driven away from the park?
        I don't think so based on the events in the DC mall.

        • Not really. Can you explain why this church shoudl be above the law?

          • Can you explain why any church should have limits placed on it? If they were harming no one, on public property and not even causing a public disturbance then why should the state repress the church?

            The first amendment is pretty clear.

          • We have certain laws and ordinances that need followed. All they had to do was go through the proper channels.

            Now please expalin why churches shoudl not have to follow the law

  2. send him a message Max Steward Park Ranger Supervisor

  3. first:

    “only following orders”, what a freaking copout (pun intented)

    that ranger had a decision point, he *chose* to enforce a clearly anti-social order, that makes him just as guilty as whoever gave the order.

    second ‘not a permitted activity’ ?! WTF, I thought America was the ‘land of the free’. There is no moral justification for outlawing victimless actions, outlawing helping people, that’s just beyond the pale.

    third, apparently no-one (at the news-station or at dispatch) can even find the supposed rule prohibiting it, and that ranger is _still_ insisting he’s just following orders?! The lack of moral fiber and blind obedience he showed should disqualify him from any kind of peace-officer job. That’s exactly the kind of attitude that every dictator in history has abused when suppressing dissent, and that makes this officer a danger to society in the position he’s in.

    • yet on his facebook, he’s trying to look like a hipster. He’s a fake little submissive poseur trying to impress his boss.

    • This is all by design, and these people will allow for precedence to be set for round-ups and camps. As we speak different counties and cities all over the nation have built and are building “facilities” with nice names like Volusia *county* “Safe Harbor” Transitional Shelter as is being pushed in Volusia County FL. On sunday November 24 and another as I recall weeks ago, touting the “benefits” of building “facilities ” for the homeless away from the population. Calling THEM the blight that has chased off businesses, and negatively impacted the economy. And over hyping the “cost”. Saying shit like it costs millions over the years for things like arrests (for offenses such as “sleeping in public”, trespass, panhandling, etc….They say that it costs (conservatively) $2000 to put someone in the back of a cruiser and transport them to jail. Then $65 a day to “house” them. (Of course there’s the issue of bail, cost of a Public Defender/Pretender adding up to thousands to get them to their first appearance. Orlando, and other places have openly passed a “public feeding law/ordinance” making it illegal to feed the homeless. Just locally, an older gentleman who owns many acres of land was charged with illegally housing the homeless. The police from Maine, to Florida, to MANY other places actively hunt down the homeless. And for WHAT?!One could say “follow the money”, but I think there’s a more sinister plot going on. One that has to do with plans that were made for this nation DECADES and decades ago. Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex in his parting speech. Kennedy outright TOLD us that there was a plan within the CIA to take over the U.S. gov’t. Then was it a surprise when Daddy Bush (head of the CIA) became president? (or the fact that Prescott Bush (grampa Bush) was a Nazi financier? Or project Paper Clip where we brought over not only Warner Von Braun, but many other Nazi scientists. Joseph Goebbels’ people, etc…? These people have long planned, and are implementing those plans as we speak, a (in the words of Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, Baby Bush, a New World Order. We’ve been a tool for these fools. And the hammer is about to fall on our collective heads. Starting with the weakest. Set precedence for making it illegal for a group to exist in public, blame our woes on them, round them up. Who will see what happens to these poor people? And WHO’S NEXT? Deride naysayers as “Conspiracy ThEORISTS/kooks”, then guess who’s next? THEM. Then who’s next? Then who after them? Until they reach their goals? Maniacal genius is what it is. We will cheer our demise, till it’s OUR turn. Bet. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. ON that note. I commend that church group who chose to defy their “ORDERS” to cease feeding people. Funny too, I find it, that we lay financial blame at the feet of the poor. Yet we have no trouble with the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS STOLEN FROM US BY THE “TOO BIG TO FAILS” (and resulting “BAIL OUTS” and corporate WELFARE. A non federal bank (The Federal Reserve) robbing us friggin BLIND in ways most would not CARE, or be able to understand, wars against people WHO DID NOT ATTACK US (again, planned IN advance by these same megalomaniacal criminals), etc…George Carlin seemed to sum it all up pretty well. People, we must rise to the challenge of our times. Lest there BE no tomorrow.

    • Okay, there is a difference between a homeless person and a bum. I was homeless for a brief time 18 years ago in John Prince Park. It was horrible. 99% of these people will cut your throat for a quarter. I was robbed and almost raped twice. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good people that are homeless through no fault of their own This lot at John Prince Park aren't them. Who wants to take their family to the park to picnic when you've got , drunk bums creepily slinking around. Most of them are drunks and too lazy to work. I KNOW. I WAS THERE>

    • The church should have bussed them back to the church, fed them, and then bussed them back. Churches can not perform these acts on government property. Something about separation of church and state.

  4. Why don't people just ignore these dumb-ass park rangers? Blind obedience is the problem here.

  5. Should have left two loaves of bread and told them to feed their self …..

  6. Hordes not hoards. And county rangers cant enforce a city ordinance, so what Is it?

  7. unless you do so as the state decides.thanks

  8. Wow, feeding the homeless is OUTLAWED, but tearing each other apart over flatscreen TV's is OK? What a twisted world we live in.

  9. NEXT TIME CALL IT A FAMILY REUNION PICNIC. Then what can they do?

    As these circumstances increase around the country, how long will those in government keep trying to stop those who help others?

    (1) when those who make such ordinances become part of those who need.

    (2) when those who want to help just keep on helping.

    There's is so much fear about liabilities and lawsuits, that our government does not want us "putting them in jeopardy".



    • You are so right…it is about CONTROL. My former husband got a dog once, and our young children were thrilled…However, Hubby decided it was HIS dog and it would be trained to respond only to him. He put the dog in a large cage, and Hubby was the only allowed to go near the cage or feed the dog. No way were the kids allowed to play with or love this dog. Some folks only know control!!!!. Well, needless to say, I broke the chain, soon got a divorce and attempted to raise the children in a different atomosphere. Wish we could just divorce this current administration, and get our Nation on a different path!!!

    • Really? You talk about control when you have been brainwashed by religion

  11. So, what did the rangers bosses say whan you confronted them with this?
    You did call them too, right?

  12. seriously!! so it's ok to bring your own family to the park with a picnic, but to bring extra food to share with those already there is supposedly ILLEGAL???? And we wonder why this country is so screwed up?

  13. The American Founding Fathers: Greatest Social Experiment in History

  14. I seen this story about a park in Palm Beach where they stop church people from feeding homeless on Thanksgiving. It is a shame that our society would have a ordinance that would prevent someone from giving food to a person who may not have had a meal in days. As a show of human kindness and caring for others,individual or a group you should be allow to show love for the human race and help people survive and give a personal touch of hope. God has bless us so much with just simple things like food, a roof, and means to make a living. It is a shame that a city would stop someone from giving back and creating a moment of hope for someone. God Bless everyone! Jesus fed the multitudes may be allow to follow by helping each other.

    • That is exactly correct!! We won't need welfare and other gov social programs if people had a heart. Which I am confident most Americans do. Think of the money saved if those programs are cut and people simply cared for their fellow man. We can take care of each other, we don't need big brother to show us they way!

  15. the problem wasn't them feeding the homeless, it was doing said act on public property. same ordinances where I live and churches do fine with handing out meals on the side walk near the parks the homeless usually congregate. Of course with most church groups that do this, they were prob also preaching their fairy tales as a price for the food.

  16. I tried selling Tamales at a yard sale I had, but it was not allowed (USDA thing): (I didn’t have day-license or have on-site running water to wash my hands) Although I had them kept warm on an electric portable element and they were already cooked.) So this guy came and told me I couldn’t sell to the public like that, because WHAT IF I had been spreading food borne illness or something. (It’s okay if it’s lemonade and baked goods though.) I can see why the officer was made to do this because of a food safety perspective, but I do agree with the article totally! Next time, the church group needs to save up for next year and get approval with the USDA, get a day license and then they probably can do it just fine? I would hope. But yes, today isn’t what it used to be–now you need a fricken license to do ANYTHING, and it would cost too much. How discouraging.

  17. Typical "Government of satan response !

  18. Maybe they should of followed the law they would not have been kicked out. What they did was good, but the law is the law

    • Selective law enforcement is called fascism and tyranny.

      Just like in DC during the shut down when veterans were shut out of the memorials but illegal aliens had the entire mall at their disposal.

      Equality means just that, unless a protest of illegal aliens would be treated like this, then Christians don't deserve it either.

      • illegal aliens did not have the entire mall at their disposal. The veterans broke the law after the conservatives banned them from the memorials.

          • No they didn't
            . See how easily you fall for conservative propaganda. then spread the lies.

            the National Park Service made it clear a week before the protest that First Amendment activities on the Mall and at Memorial Parks would be exempt from closures.

            It had nothing to do with Obama. And those kind of protests were never subject to being shut down.

          • Yes, actually they did.

          • No they didn't. Only the parts of the mall that weren't closed for 1st amendment rallies.

          • Yes, they did. At the directive of the 'dear one' Obama.

            It's in the story I linked to.

          • No they didn't. Obama had nothing to do with it either. Your link is full of lies and propgandas and you are spreading it as truth.

          • Yes, Obama ordered the mall be opened for them.

            It's in the story I linked to. Do you have anything to indicate otherwise outside of your own opinion?

          • No, Obama did not. you are lying. Yes. I googled it. You could try googling facts all by yourself if you really wanted to spread the truth.

            NPS: Closure Of Parks "Does Not Apply To First Amendment Activities In The National Mall And Memorial Parks." In a memo dated on October 1, the first day of the government shutdown, National Park Service director Jonathan Jarvis outlined how the government shutdown would affect national parks nationwide, writing that First Amendment activities would be exempt from closure:

            Pursuant to 36 C.F.R. 1.5, effective at 12:01 a.m. on October 1, 2013, all units of the National Park System nationwide are closed to public visitation and use, subject to the conditions and exceptions described below.


            This closure determination and notice does not apply to First Amendment activities in the National Mall and Memorial Parks and areas administered by the NPS Liaison to the White House in Washington, D.C., and Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Persons may continue to conduct First Amendment activities in these units in accordance with existing regulations. [National Park Service, 10/1/13]

          • I agree with the vets, don't obey unjust and unconstitutional laws. Just because a bunch of limp dicks and bull dykes think they are gods over the constitution doesn't mean they have any say over us. We are trying to turn things around peacefully, for your sake and people that think like you Alinsky. You know what would happen if things got ruff 😉

          • The vets were wrong to break the law after the conservatives banned them from the memorials.

            Things will only get rough if we let the military Industral complex have their way.

            You sound like a homosexual Mr. Liberty.

          • You are entitled to that opinion.

            Just expect everyone with any sense to disagree with you on it.

          • I expect liars and cheats to disagree with the facts I gave.

          • Alinsky,

            Please explain how conservatives banned vets from the memorials. That is confusing me.

            Also, we the people paid for the parks. We are entitled to enjoy them even if the gov is shut down. The parks can remain open even if there are no park rangers or services (although the park rangers in DC DID get paid) The park shutdowns were not about funding but about control and to say "Big Brother is in charge, you people (serfs) have no say".

            Love how you can talk shit over the internet calling people homosexuals, like to see if you have the nuts to do that to my face.

          • You do seem like a confused guy.

            Conservatives shut down the governemnt. Thus the parks closed. And Vets were banned.

            Now stop being a queer. I wouldn't go near your face, with all that sticky spew all over it.

          • Haha my point exactly, you are obviously the one confused to how our government works. Congress did not pass a budget so the Obama admin has to decide where to make the cuts and where to spend. They chose to cut parks, why on earth would they cut parks instead of other bs spending? Would it because it was a political move? To make Americans feel the pinch of the gov not operating? I would certainly agree with that, since all Barry does is campaign 24/7 365.

            Don’t worry Alinsky, I won’t take personal your insults. I know it is hard to admit when you are wrong. I will pray for you.

          • Your lies are boring. you are talking to an educated liberal, and can't get away with your typical conservative lies.

            Obama admin did not decide to close down the governemnt the conservative did in order to bully away a law they didn't like. they banned the vets from the memorial.
            wipe the spew from your face and try to make up better lies you queer.

          • HAHHAAH!!

            Michael Cannon?? From the Cato Institute???


            Better luck next time, queer.

          • Haha why do you keep calling me queer? How am I supposed to take that as an insult when I am not gay. It is like calling a white guy a "nig**. I put that in quotes so you can't use your favorite defense tactic and call me racist.

          • You sound queer. And you sound like a racist.

      • I am sorry, but this happened in FL not in DC.

        Please stay on topic

  19. Going to play devils advocate here for a minute. What if it was a bunch of musliums handing out food?

    Would you still be upset? What if it was Westbro Bapatist church handing out food? Would you still be upset?

    • What about all people visiting a public park get to use it peacefully?

      • What about them? They are not handing out food to people without proper permits

        • I find it curious that you think permits should be necessary for a group of people who pay taxes and own the park. Just how many limits should government be allowed to place of a free people using the land they pay for?

          Peaceful assembly is protected by the bill of rights.

        • If it was a Muslim handing out food the park ranger probably wouldn't bother since it is not politically correct to be intolerable to Muslims, if it was the westboro baptist church, yes I still would be upset.

  20. Girl banned from selling mistletoe in park to raise money for her braces – but told she can BEG Madison Root, 11, picked and wrapped mistletoe to sell at a Portland market to contribute to the cost of her braces A security guard told her she had to move outside the market's boundaries if she wanted to sell her wares He told her she needed a permit to see in the city's downtown area He said she could beg for money, or she could give away her mistletoe, but not sell it By ALEX GREIG, 3 December 2013

    • Well, on that subject, I think it should be mandatory that the schools purchase selling permits for all of the kids who peddle those stupid school fundraising items!

  21. Got to love double standards!!

    Atheists get to ban Christians from displaying their faith, vandalize Christian property and basically have free reign to do and say as they please. Always preaching tolerance and understanding yet they cannot and will not let Christians feed homeless people. That makes the Atheists look bad, type of people that only care about messing with someone else, have no care for the sick or needy.

    Lets take a survey. Compare Christians to Atheists in money sent to charity, volunteer hours, and overall contributions to society. Who do you bet wins???

  22. Sadly, the situation in Florida is an eye-opening representation of the country’s current state, where hordes of shoppers violently fighting over fake deals are praised, and those actually engaging in thanksgiving are defied.

  23. It's the people's park…not the city's park….an ordinance is just FICTION, just something
    made up by elected idiots….sociopaths in govt…. Mass protest, with a thousand
    people would solve this one…

  24. I'm sure you are aware of Tampa kicking out all groups that feed the homeless under the Brorein Bridge downtown. They said it is bad for the city's image. They said they could only do it at a vacant lot miles from downtown where no homeless lives. There's a youtube video up of Tampa cops shutting down a free picnic near downtown. I had been involved with feeding homeless for years in Tampa. We did it on the church property close to where many homeless lived. And also at a restaurant in Ybor City.

    Almost as bad as arresting the lemonade stand kids.

  25. Also thanks to whomever is behind keeping these creeps at bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  28. Is that what happens in prisons, they "get help?" Really?

    Churches help the homeless, not prisons genius.

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  30. They spoken they could only do it at a deserted lot miles from central where no displaced lives. Always teaching patience and compassionate yet they cannot and will not let christens feed displaced people.

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  32. This is just wrong. Not much else to say.

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  37. How can we treat our citizens like this. Cant they help someone less fortunate without being persecuted. Come on people.

  38. Looking at this video really makes me think about how we act towards our community.

  39. How many of us agree and how many disagree is truly the question our law makers are in control of this type of thing and we can control our votes.

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