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You Can’t Keep Your Doctor: Seattle Hospital Sues After Obamacare Cuts Children’s Access

Seattle Children’s Hospital filed suit against Washington State’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner this week, after Obamacare implementation caused the hospital to be cut from four of the six insurance plans offered by the new Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

As millions lose their insurance nation wide and are forced into plans with significantly higher premiums, the reality of rationed care, initially denied by adamant supporters of the bill, has now hit the country’s most vulnerable, with doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital speaking out.

“There becomes a point when if you start denying access to care, that you can hurt children and children’s health and that’s what we believe is at risk here,” said Dr. Sandy Melzer, the hospital’s chief strategy officer and senior vice president.

Although the hospital was originally included in many of the state’s commercial market health plans, Group Health Cooperative and Community Health Plan of Washington will now be the only providers including Seattle Children’s Hospital. According to the lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court, the legal obligation to provide access to “essential community providers” has been breached.

Struggling Washington families, especially those among the 49.7 million American’s in poverty, whose children currently receive care from the hospital, fear they will no longer be able to see their doctor once they are forced into one of the five insurance plans that excludes Seattle Children’s.

“The notion that a major insurance plan is going to exclude us from their network is truly precedent-setting and represents a new level of degradation in children’s access to care,” Melzer told the Seattle Times.

Local resident Anne Guadagno is afraid her two young granddaughters will lose their favorite doctor like many others already have, despite President Obama’s promise that everyone would be able to keep their doctors.

“I would want my grandchildren to have the doctor they’ve become accustomed to and are comfortable with. A child that’s been with a certain doctor and nurse and an office needs to stay there,” Guadagno told King 5 News.

The lawsuit also points to Molina Healthcare, one of the state’s new insurers. Although the group was originally denied by Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, pointing to the “inadequacy of their provider networks,” the decision was later overturned. Insurance Commissioner spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said the suit would be examined and resolved through the proper legal channels if necessary.

“We are reviewing Children’s petition to see what lies at the heart of their concerns and will see how it gets resolved through the legal process,” Marquis said.

With millions more set to lose their current insurance, “inevitable” healthcare rationing and an impending shortage of doctors, the future of the nation’s healthcare appears to be anything but affordable for millions of children and adults alike.


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  1. Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda

    1 – O B A – A M A – C A R E

  2. Obamacare was never about actual care. It was about government control.

    Dr. Ezekial Emanuel was a ground level designer and he's more into population control than disease control.

  3. Don’t confuse government with privatization.

    Privatization Should Only

    Exist At The Sufferance Of Public Regulation.

    Where The Public Exists At

    The Sufferance Of The Privatizer, That’s Feudal.






    Maximum trust, universal access, minimal

    tiering, the structure mimicing the hospital

    (physicians/nurses/(but also patients)) calling

    the shots, across the board accountable care

    (skin in the game,) but still allowing for more

    freedom than doctors (or patients) know what to

    do with, co-occur with risk equalization (the bitcoin

    of health care) and universal access assured.

    In ObamaCare advancing risk


    drives eligibility for

    subsidy, the definition of privatizing the profits,

    socializing the cost.

    Medicare was at its outset national health

    insurance for unwanted customers.

    Though I go by “market progressive,” or

    essentially progressive, and though the

    author here typically is found in more

    conservative locations, privatization is

    not a left-right thing, and this applies:


    Government/Keynes take false blame for

    programs that are pre-texted privatizations

    and pre-texted with Simpson Bowles type

    cost braking.

    For instance, where monetary policy

    reflects the fact of TBTF being

    privatizing the profits and

    socializing the cost, this


    So, For Instance, The Beveridge


    (Job Openings Vs.

    Unemployment Rate, A Measure

    Of Market Efficiency And Sensitivity,)

    May Reflect Uncertainty, But The

    Basis For That May Be Read Wrongly.

    I Think It’s Reflecting Not Uncertainty

    Caused By People At The Receiving

    End Of The Blame Game, But The

    Expectation Rates Will Rise.

    That The Liquidity Preference

    Reflected Only Makes Sense In The

    Presence Of Uncertainty Is

    Confirmed By That Very Expectation,

    In Turn Confirming John R. Hicks’

    Commentary As To Uncertainty.

    The Banks Themselves Took

    A Pass On The Liquidity Trap

    Created For Themselves.


    Reverse engineering from a physician/patient

    centric priority means the kids retain

    access to this Seattle hospital, obviously,

    if they had it yesterday.

    And, Long Island College Hospital remains

    open for the very reasons stated by its

    doctors and nurses.

  4. is that in Washington?? wait wait a minute…you idiots where the ones who elected the officials that wanted to "hurry up and pass it NOw so we can see whats in it"…

    So let me get this straight…Utopia doesn't work? you voted for it!! lay in the bed you made!
    next time, you will stop regurgitating you civic professor's communistic brainwashing, and take the initiative to actually learn something before you vote. YOU VOTED FOR THIS. WHY ARE YOU BITCHING????

  5. you voted for it!! lay in the bed you made!
    next time, you will stop regurgitating you civic professor's communistic brainwashing.. thanks

  6. It was about government control.

  7. My eyes pop back open. Does she mean that figuratively or has she actually seen something? No. Focus, Anna.”

  8. This is in Washington STATE according to the article, not WASHINGTON DC.

  9. All of this is about goverment control

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  21. So let me get this straight…Utopia doesn't work? you voted for it!! lay in the bed you made!
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