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Boston Runner Details Latest: Police ‘Must Have Known’ About Bomb Threat

Boston Marathon runner Alastair Stevenson spoke yesterday about the presence of bomb squads and bomb sniffing dogs patrolling before the race in what police said was a ‘training exercise’, but the latest from Alastair is that the police ‘must have known’ of the threat despite denying any prior knowledge.

In the latest video, seen below, Alastair also  further documents the mass security around the event beyond the bomb squad team — including rooftop snipers that may explain the mysterious roofed man visible in explosion photographs. Here is the latest video report featuring Alastair Stevenson:

I wrote about Stevenson’s firsthand account yesterday in an article that has been shared around 10,000 times on Facebook alone, a testament to the fact that more and more individuals are demanding answers as to whether or not police were aware of a bomb threat before the event. And based on the information that Stevenson shared with one local NBC news channel, it’s in direct conflict with what the Boston Police Commissioner stated quite clearly in yesterday’s press conference.

In fact, Boston Police Commissioner Edward P. Davis said that there was “no specific intelligence” in regards to any bomb threat or other dangerous scenario.

alastair stevenson boston marathonSo why was a bomb squad equipped with several bomb sniffing dogs present before the race announcing a ‘training exercise’ over the loudspeaker? Well, it depends on whose story you want to believe. It would make sense for the Police Commissioner to deny any knowledge of prior threats to avoid responsibility and backlash from suffering families and political repercussions, but why would the eyewitness runner lie about what he saw?

In the words of Stevenson on the situation, based on what he witnessed firsthand as a veteran marathon runner:

Evidently, I don’t believe they were just having a training exercise, they must have known… They must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in.”

The simple fact is that more runners need to come forward who were present around the same time as Stevenson and describe what they witnessed in regards to the bomb squads, bomb sniffing dogs, and rooftop snipers. Or most importantly, the ‘training exercise’ that police reportedly announced over the loudspeakers to runners before the event.

I have contacted Stevenson directly for an interview following the major story yesterday to clarify his statements and will post the report when available.

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  1. Is there any video footage found prior the explosions with "this is a drill" documented?

  2. Yes…..videos all over you tube.

  3. Pause the video @ 00:27

  4. The notion that this level of security is new or unprecedented is simply inaccurate. The Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. and the LA Marathon both had very visible security that included helicopters and highly sophisticated bomb detection equipment. I'm hired as an official photographer for nearly all of the largest marathons and I get to see first-hand exactly what goes on behind the scenes. Suffice to say, this is NOT out of the ordinary.

  5. Anthony, come on man! Haven't you been in this game for a while? You should know that there's another possible implication of coinciding drills. Every historic tragedy of this century that I'm aware of had coinciding drills going on close to the time and place of the tragedy – 9/11, the 2005 London bombings, the 2011 Oslo, Norway shooting/bombing, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and the Taft Union High shooting (although this last one wasn't historic). Drills provide a cover for the preparation and execution of false flag operations along with plausible deniability for those responsible. Why aren't you talking about this possible (probable?) reason for the drills instead of implying that the drills weren't really drills?

  6. If they did know, where did they get the tip from?

  7. Who will take responsibility for this? If this is true than it's a very big problem.

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