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Boston Marathon Runner: ‘Police Warned of Training Exercise’

Boston marathon runner Alastair Stevenson says that before the explosions erupted at the Boston Marathon this morning, he was told by police over the loud speaker that bomb squads and bomb sniffing dogs were part of a ‘training exercise’. 

boston marathon drillStevenson, speaking with various news sources at the event, told one Alabama publication about what he witnessed during the race. While managing to finish the race before the explosions were in range of him or his bystander wife, Stevenson revealed some interesting information that makes sense of some discussion from earlier regarding bomb drills — which had been going on around the time of the actual explosions themselves and therefore may have confused police and emergency response.

In the article, Stevenson is recorded as saying:

They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise.”

In fact, the eyewitness runner says that there were already a major presence of bomb sniffing dogs and even a bomb squad.

Runner Says ‘Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Bomb Squad Already On Scene Before Explosions’

Likely due to the perceived drill that was set to go on right  before the actual explosion in the same area, the runner detailed how there was already a large presence of bomb sniffing dogs and even a bomb squad right nearby before the explosions hit. In fact, they had told the competitors and the fans that the buildup of bomb sniffing dogs and bomb squad personnel was simply a drill — until the explosions hit and real people were being injured and killed.

The numbers are not yet fully clear, but at least 20 were injured and at least 2 have died from the bombings.

These direct quotes by Stevenson, which have been captured via screenshot here in the event that the page is changed in any way or taken down, prove that the police were under the impression that the entire thing was a drill — at least initially. This may coincide with a tweet made by the Boston Globe, which was made during the explosions but does not specify what exactly it is discussing. Regardless, it appears that police were engaged in a ‘training exercise’ that requires the presence of a full bomb squad and bomb sniffing dogs. Were the police tipped off to the possibility of a bombing at the marathon?

One tweet from the Boston Globe which was put out after the explosions may has yet to be clarified, though it may be related. The tweet reads:

“BREAKING NEWS: Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street”

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  1. Maybe its possible that they got tipped and were trying to reduce the risk of inciting chaos.

    • I think this is possible, though it's very strange how many news sites mention drills (and the Globe tweet) but the drill is still very unknown. The police, it seems, thought the real thing was the related drill. Otherwise why would they have the bomb squad and dogs, etc.

      • Good point why would the dogs be there.

        • Doing their job!! Duh!

          • If they were doing there job they would have found the "bombs" this is a text book False Flag operation. This is nothing more than political theater meant to distract and give the President who's numbers were dropping fast support. Now the nation will rally around him.. And have you folks noticed that before any facts are at hand CNN already has reported it could be "right wing Extremist" just as the gun debate is about to rage.. Come on,, think about it..

    • More inclined to believe that, than this Police Drill BS…think about it, if it were a drill why were real explosives used, real people injured, and they "found" another "bomb" in the library, really? I know most of America can tend to look ignorant at times, but seriously…HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK WE ARE? YOU GOT A TIP AND DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON JUST LIKE THE REST OF US…sad part is, I remember another time that the dogs and security was increased right before an attack…only as a precautionary measure…and we still don't know what the hell really happened or why, that day was 9/11 and the security and dogs were put in place at the WTC the day before and the day that the attack happened.

      • Correcting myself, it wasn't in the library…but there was another bomb. It is being "examined".

      • There goes another conspiracy theory lover. People like you are hilarious. 12 years after 911 with every conspiracy theory related being debunked you still mention it and claim bullshit.


          What about building 7? Explain that.

        • If they got a credible tip and didn't stop the race that would be the equivalent to being told by a trusted family member that your babysitter for your kids looks really similar to a Convicted Child Molester I saw on the news, yet you keep leaving your kids with him because you don't want to "cause a panic" in the neighborhood……

    • i hope it will not happened again in the future
      we all should be happy

  2. This confirms there was likely a drill everyone is talking about 30 minutes before.

  3. Why on earth would the police have a 'drill' in the middle of one of the biggest event in Boston's calendar? Do police do drills int he middle of the Superbowl? No. It just doesn't make sense.

    • You are so right.. No department would drill during the biggest Boston event of the year.

    • Umm you do realize there were tweets from runners and the news about these drills before the race began…like it was already said this literally was a text book ralley effect…. Take a class or two maybe some of you guys will learn something

    • Hi. I was researching the status of the bombing and came upon this site and article. I have been very curious about the ammo/gun shortage. I live in Florida and we had what my husband and I felt was an attempted "home invasion". Of course the police said probably just kids ringing doorbells. Anyway it just heightened my interest in obtaining a carrier's permit. I started looking for guns hmmm all sites say "out of stock" or "not available". A few gun shops here in Florida said they can't get guns. They said if I find a gun good luck getting ammo. I know it sounds paranoid BUT it is all very strange. Anyway my prayers go out to the poor families of those who lost their lives or were injured.

    • i think we should look at alastar maybe he did it

    • Because it would be profoundly stupid of them to NOT sweep the area periodically with bomb sniffing dogs.

      All the article demonstrates is that the police were doing their jobs and trying to protect the people.

      • Then why were they not able to sniff anything out? The bomb was in a trashcan. Dogs can smell cannabis though a mason jar in a car filled inside and out with cayenne pepper but they can't smell a bomb that's about to go off? Get real. If they were ACTUALLY doing their jobs, nobody would have been injured. This was a blatant false flag event and if you think it wasn't, you probably think Sandy Hook, 9/11, Batman movie shooting, and JFK were all done exactly how the news said. I

      • If they knew about a possible threat they would've cancelled the event. If they were doing their jobs, THEY FAILED,

    • They ran drills during the London 7/7 bombing
      On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, which bills itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, better known to you and I as a PR firm.
      Peter Power was a former Scotland Yard official, working at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch.
      Power told the host that at the exact same time that the London bombings were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise which drilled the London Underground being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.
      Research the Hegelian Dialectic, False Flag Terrorism, Operation Northwoods, and Operation Gladio.

    • Carrying out training exercises in realistic situations ie where a large crowd is gathered, is entirely logical. It's highly likely such practices HAVE been carried out at the Superbowl and many other large gatherings. Also, the alleged exercise involving dogs (we only have the testimony of ONE individual on this) took place before, not "in the middle2 of the event.

  4. because they were tipped off, and did not want to create panic, some one calls in a bomb threat, they cant just shut down the boston marathon in the middle of it

  5. They had dogs their searching as a precaution. Someone must have "placed" it just before tey went off!

  6. Its perfectly plausible that the "drill" was a cover for the police presence acting on a tip. The police had to have worked under the assumption that the bomb could be a remote detonated device, and that the triggerman was likely to be at the marathon awaiting the opportune time in which to maximize the most fatalities. And given that the police more than likely had no idea the location of the bombs (thus the bomb sniffing dogs) there would be no way that they would have been able to evacuate that many people without someone catching wise and thus detonating the devices. Best bet in that situation is to locate the bombs quietly and disarm them without sparking a panic and flood of people towards potential bomb areas. And given the fact that the list of deaths was down to 2 I am guessing that the plan worked. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear within a few days that officers were in fact acting on the knowledge that an attack was underway and that they were able to at the very least keep the casualty rate low.

    • John, that's exactly what I'm leaning toward yet, I don't trust this potus and his "followers". He's up to no good, I'm convinced, so it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out this admin. was involved somehow.

    • Yes, that occurred to me while reading this link! Its like the tornado drill that happens on the day a of a close passing comet.. Every one is alert and ready for action if need be without causing mass hysteria.

    • I understand what your trying to say however every major terrorist event in the US has this type of fingerprint on it. run a drill and then that drill comes to life. Too many coincidences have happened for this to just be a coincidence.
      The FBI in particular have a good history of making sure there are lots of terror events. Helps keep FBI and Homeland security budgets fat.

    • IF they knew about the attack, and let that marathon go on anyways, that's just as bad as them planting the bombs themselves….panic or not, inside job or not, they killed people.

    • False conclusion, John – reasonable, but totally wrong. Remember the London bombing? A security expert went on English TV to state his shock that his organization had coordinated several simultaneous drills, and then it all went live. Remember 9-11? There were several DOD drills scheduled that morning, simultaneously. No, this was not the police 'suddenly' all over the place en masse, checking out a tip. Sorry, but you have to get up to speed on what America is really going through… an ongoing coup d'etat. Gradual, and merciless.

      • Here goes another conspiracy theory. You people are mentally ill.

        • So if anyone challenges what they’re told by the government or mainstream media you label them a conspiracy theorist?

        • Par for the course wouldn't you say? It's the "I'm smarter than you crowd because I believe everything my infotube tells me, the puppet heads, the pundits and the bureaucracy talking heads who need these events to have a purpose. Good for you SonOfA, governments are always looking out for the best interest of their people……….

    • Give me a pickle

      Nonsense. If you have a bomb warning you evacuate the area. Since the police were active in the morning then presumably they had all day to evacuate the crowds, or simply move the finish line.

      So no John. I don't buy it.

  7. Enough with the damn conspiracy theories already. People died, have some respect for the police and first responders. You have no idea what it’s like to respond to an emergency like this and render aid to people who are dead and dying. It’s a bit stressful.

    • Even more reason to question…it disturbs me that there are questions around this stuff…it's disgusting that innocent people died and were injured…even more to ask… for what??! Let's keep our eyes wipe open to not be lead down paths we are blind to.

    • conspiracy ??? Wake up and smell the coffee 911 pearl harbor now boston… In honor of the victims the truth shall be revealed…

  8. Hope they learned a lesson to teach ourselves next occur to blackout the communication next time. I was middle of bomb threat couple of time but so for stupid reasons but cop won't know if tip is real or not… more than often, it wasn't. So how could they know if real? High bosses don't want to get fired for cause panic for nothing. We got reasons from lessons in past but I think time to accept to ask at any events if any near by bags/backpacks/alike aren't your and if they aren't their nor near by standbys do our duty to report police… as today lesson, I will remind everyone as if I am a Mayor to tell all people to asked around if see any backpack and alike not belong them to police and get clear of that spot right a way and go about event till bomb squad take on. Time for us to get a hand of bomb squad do often drill to handle it if it real or not. we should go back to era of nuclear bomb as caution to how to deal with it next time… we are getting smarter to learn so let learn lessons for next occur for more safety for everyone…

  9. It's not disrespectful to question, especially when you can't trust your government.

    I deplore this terrible event, but also this one:

  10. My comment got deleted"by the administrator" a minute after it was posted. hmmmm.

    • Hmmm yes must be a giant conspiracy theory! You people are crazy! You think anybody gives a shit about your stupid post?

      • Wow, you’re all over this board attacking people for stating what’s on their minds. I can see your position on the matter but its rather redundant to attack, over and over again, the people who have a different view. No?

  11. False flag. There were bomb sniffing dogs! And two bombs, so the dogs would have detected the bombs if they were actually doing their job. Lol

    • Me thinking the same thing. Dogs can smell a flea fart a mile away, and how they did not pick up the gunpowder scent here bewilders me. I have hunted with dogs, so I know my doggys! Unless, they had the p.pot explosives covered in coffee, laundry detergent, or something else to camaflouge the gunpowder smell! Im baffled!

  12. CNN = Aiders and abettors of Moztec Militants.

    4.3.1 Aiders and abettors – may be present during the commission of the relevant offence and take some part in it Ferguson v Weaving 18-10 but accessories before the fact, the suppliers of equipment for a criminal offence are aiders and abettors rather than counsellors or procurers. Inability to act as principal by virtue of age or gender is no bar to conviction as aider and abettor. For example a woman can be convicted of rape as aider and abettor despite being incapable of committing the offence as principal. Non-accidental presence is evidence for the consideration of the jury but no more. Accidental presence alone is not capable of being evidence of aiding and abetting. Some degree of participation is required. Not acting to stop the offence and/or apprehend the offender is not sufficient. The jury decides whether what has been done is in furtherance of the common design (on the basis that the common design still exists at the material time) or steps outside what has been contemplated and thus is not part of the joint enterprise. That the relevant act is outside the common design does not absolve accessories of all responsibility. For example, if one of a group of attackers stabs the victim, an act outside the contemplation of associates who intend, and are involved in, a fistfight then the associates are not guilty of (say) section 18 wounding on the stab victim but may be guilty of affray or assault occasioning actual bodily harm with reference to lesser injuries inflicted on the victim in the fistfight.

  13. All recent attacks in America of late have been during or preceded by a (so called) DRILL….WHAT'S GOING ON? The current "drills" have apparently been pretty much "Real Time Terror ATTACKS"… Sandy Hook, World Trade Center now Boston Marathon.

  14. The Boston PD need to come up with an explanation, and quickly, and it better be truthful and credible. The longer they wait, the less likely anyone will believe them. This is unfortunate, but true. If the explanation is bunk, then people will catch it.

    Look at Sandy Hook. There are a lot of people who do not believe the official story. Why? Because there is little or no credible physical evidence presented to the public. Were Beyonce' to slip and bruise her tusch, there would be hundreds of reporters covering it, digging for details, etc. At Sandy Hook, 26 people purportedly killed, and no one saw the evacuation (or filmed a credible evacualtion of a few hundred kids), no credible activity in the parking lot, no bodies (not that I want to see them). No one saw the bodies removed from the school.

    • Would you wanna see all those children being removed in body bags. Sometimes those things happen out of respect.

    • Are you going to say my child did not pass away at Sandy Hook???? You know how to read the internet and you now think you have some "knowledge" huh? Ever heard of People magazine? Check out the cover after the shooting and stare into those little eyes – Now what?

  15. There seems to be a pattern with government training exercises and disasters: 911/Newtown/Boston

  16. Christiana Powell

    Something is funky no doubt! It needs to turned inside out.

  17. You fail at basic journalism. No one ever said the explosions were a drill. They only said that about the bomb sniffing dogs before the race started.

  18. This is ridiculous. ONE person is quoted as saying these things. No one else is reporting having had seen the bomb dogs before the explosions happened. The tweet from the Boston Globe about the controlled explosion on Boylston Street? That was AFTER the two explosions at the finish line. It was never said that the controlled explosion was a part of a drill. It was said that they were part of "bomb squad activities." It's likely they found another device and were taking care of it.

  19. I read all of your comments and my head almost exploded. All of you need meds because you are all mentally unstable creating conspiracy theories in your small brains.

  20. Of course you dont want to hear the "conspiracies"….. Thats how they pull them off. No disrespect to the victims! I pray for them! And also the people who were affected in any way with this event! But, how many times can we have this same coincidence before people start to open thier eyes?? Keep drinking the kool-aid people…. Im sure your ignorance is your bliss.

    • They need to keep passing out them student exchange visas, and allow all the muslim extremists into the country that they can I guess! The probem is simple Sherlock! These people want to do nothing but kill, maim and destroy american and any other lives that don't worship Muhammed , Study the Koran, and pray to the floor 20 time a day. That is the bottom line. You keep sticking your hand in the fire, your hand is just gonna keep burning, until it burns up all the nerves. Arggggh, Ignorance is Bliss!

      • "I have seen these extremists, and these boys are not it. You can see it in their eyes, they were just boys." Says one of my friend from Chechnya. She lived in the middle of terror on a daily basis. You my friend must be soaking in your bliss. The U.S. government did this. Plain and simple. They were testing how it's citizens responded to Martial Law. Apparently most of America is ready in the "take it in the rear" position. Guess you're one of those.

      • So if all Muslims are extremists (which is what you are implying) then all white people are rich, black people all eat fried chicken, and christians all rape little boys…Just sayin

  21. The tweet is referring to one of the bombs that was said to be found after the two explosions. Thats the part I'm wondering and not finding answers. Now the Police and FBI are saying that there were no other bombs found on Monday, but during the event monday there were a total of seven bombs to have been reportedly found. WHAT HAPPENED WITH THOSE?!?!?!?1

  22. Conspiracy theories aside, it would be incredibly stupid and irresponsible to do a training exercise when there are this many people around and potential for this much harm. Telling people, "don't worry it's just a training exercise" when something could really happen? Geez I hope no group in charge of our safety is that stupid.

  23. "Enough with the damn conspiracy theories already. People died, have some respect for the police and first responders."

    You would have made Joseph Goebbels proud.

  24. Tad,
    There is no lack of respect for police or other first responders when seeking truth. In my opinion it is our responsibility to exhaust all avenues and possibilities to any type of emergency/crisis in order to first honor the dead and injured, second the police and other first responders, and then for all Americans who expect truth. Truth is often stressful. It is impossible to fight hidden foes. Truth must be discovered and disclosed; even though it may be unsettling and stressful. Only then can these dangers and attacks be diminished.

  25. Obviously, we'll need more complete information, but this DOES sound suspicious. Like the extensive military games going on in Canada on 9-11..with an effective AF "stand-down' on that day (very little scrambling of intercept aircraft).. Then, Bush-Cheney used the apparent terrorist attack as a pretext for very inappropriate and illegal wars of aggression in Iraqand Afghanistan…which continue even today (with even more extensive drone attacks and "extraordinary rendition"). Something is rotten in Denmark.

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  31. they had told the competitors and the fans that the buildup of bomb sniffing dogs and bomb squad personnel was simply a drill — until the explosions hit and real people were being injured and killed.

  32. One tweet from the Boston Globe which was put out after the explosions may has yet to be clarified, though it may be related.

  33. In fact, they had told the competitors and the fans that the buildup of bomb sniffing dogs and bomb squad personnel was simply a drill — until the explosions hit and real people were being injured and killed.

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  37. Boston Runner: Police Said Boston Explosions Were Training Exercise

  38. I love it so much, thanks a lot for sharing . keep going

  39. Boston Runner: 'Police Said Boston Explosions Were Training Exercise'

  40. Boston Runner: 'Police Said Boston Explosions Were Training Exercise'

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  42. because they were tipped off, and did not want to create panic, some one calls in a bomb threat, they cant just shut down the boston marathon in the middle of it

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  45. Correcting myself, it wasn’t in the library…but there was another bomb. It is being “examined”

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