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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Boston Marathon Eyewitness Confirms Bomb Squad Drill

In an exclusive interview, I just finished speaking with key Boston Marathon eyewitness and running participant Alastair Stevenson, who has confirmed to me that drills were taking place the morning of the Boston Marathon complete with bomb squads and rooftop snipers. 

Alastair’s initial statements towards the Alabama news publication regarding the Boston Marathon training exercises ignited a firestorm within the alternative media, despite being only around two sentences in length. Now, Alastair has been given a forum to voice the entirety of what he saw as a participant and coach during the Boston Marathon — something that Alastair says he has never seen before despite participating in much larger races around the world.

As you can watch in the video above, Alastair detailed what went on before the race began:

“At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start. There were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives, and we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned and that it was just a drill. And maybe it was just a drill, but I’ve never seen anything like that — not at any marathon that I’ve ever been to. You know, that just concerned me that that’s the only race that I’ve seen in my life where they had dogs sniffing for explosions, and that’s the only place where there had been explosions.”

And Alastair is speaking from serious experience. As a veteran of marathons and a coach at the University of Mobile in Alabama, Alastair knows about how marathons traditionally go down.

The interview with Alastair clarifies his former statements regarding the presence of bomb squads and bomb sniffing dogs that went mega viral on the web, and also serves to better understand what the reality is behind this situation. As Alastair details, there was definitely a drill taking place the morning of the marathon, and it appears police were likely aware of a dangerous threat that required a large degree of action to counteract.

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  1. finally some answers on this

  2. While watching the marathon on TV before the explosions, I noticed there were many more LEOs than I've ever seen at a marathon, and I remember thinking how reminiscent it was of the bomb attacks in London and on 911 where there were "drill exercises" being performed parallel to the actual event. Ah hah.

    • The Gangsters of 8 just came up with a new fix on Immigration (as if we needed it)
      and this bombing is a diversion to focus on something else.
      The bill is disastrous to American citizens.

  3. Based on everything I know I would bet my LIFE it's yet another false flag operation.
    How come every 'terrorist' attack just happens to have a drill happening, for the same event, at the same time.
    When will people wake up?!?!?
    Research FALSE FLAGS people… it's the oldest trick in the book…. and works a charm!!!

    • If you just had your legs blown off would you be able to sit in a wheelchair?

      I believe this incident is a false flag. Even the blood on the ground looks planted.

      • How many IED blasts or explosions have you experienced? I have been involved in 7 and every one resulted in double or multiple amputations, some below the knee and some above, way above, where the balls are gone. I can tell you from experience that it is entirely possible to sit in a wheelchair following a double amputation, and as a first responder you would be hauling the casualty to the medical point asap, comfort is not an issue. You can even tell from the improvised tourniquets used and the pressure bearing on the flesh from them, that the injuries were genuine. Wrap a belt around your leg above the knee and twist it so tight that the skin begins to bruise, see if you can manage it.

        Why does the blood look planted? Please explain your exposure to similar events which justify your suspicions. It's easy to pick out random points and cry wolf.

        Regards, JC, Royal Highland Fusiliers, UK (2 operational tours).

    • I was in the military during 9/11, & there was definetly an exercise going on

  4. So, I am not for or against this theory, but how do we know that the information you're providing isn't a False Flag regarding a False Flag? Are there others that heard the same "this is a drill" announcement? Haven't heard this anywhere else.

  5. You failed to ask Alastair Stevenson about his wife telling him that there was a bomb sweep at the finish line, just before the end of the marathon.

  6. I would like to know if ANY of the police or medical personnel were hurt, as they were a numerous presence in the general area where the detonations happened. This would, to me, show that they didn't know the location of bomb. BUT if none are hurt, that poses questions.

  7. Irrational to have a drill during an event. It would disrupt the flow of information, place the responders in a theoretical footing that would reduce response time and hamper communications as the actual events and drill exercises. That is why the announcement "this is a dril,l this is a drill"… as is the custom with every organization.

    In fact the London Underground bombing was done during a drill, the 911 attack was during a drill and so on. This is a troubling record of events that consistantly to either someone knowing of drills before they happen or the drills are planned to occur during these events. Either way the number of people involved in planning is limited and intens questioning would result in a wwealth of information.

    See also Operation Northwoods, an American planned False Flag operation that was planned in the 60s. How far have they come since then????

    • Not to put a damper on all your enthusiasm "Hey" , But all of the attempts STOPPED thus far were by men with dogs and other equipment , PROBABLY TELLING EVERYONE THAT IT WAS JUST A DRILL! It seems to me that they would not want to scare Americans into running for their lives nor even let them know that they had just found and disarmed a bomb or two. That would just feed into the whole lets scare the population idea that drives terrorism in the first place. I think it would be a wise thing therefore if one sees a "drill" going on to assume the worst and GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE BEFORE YOU HAVE TO FIND OUT IF THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL OR NOT! OF COURSE THERE WERE DOGS AND OPERATIVES THERE YOU DUFE! How else would they be able to find and disarm it in time?

      • "would not want to scare Americans into running for their lives" how about we ask the people missing legs and arms if they wanted warning… i'd rather miss an event than be crippled.

      • Well then if that is true then our govt sure does suck at security because they didn't see it and didn't stop it….correct? So either way it is a testament to the administrations ineffectiveness at doing its job. And that is the reason that we hear no collective outrage from the general public or the media as to how this was able to happen in the first place. If it was a different administration they would be marching up to the White House with pitchforks.

        • If a panic ensued it could potentially be more dangerous than a bomb… people getting trampled, killed etc.

          • Instead of a panic, how about not holding such densely populated public events??? And everyone there was running, I don't see trampling happening…

  8. Check out this evidence of video tampering in the mainstream news.

  9. You wrote for Reuters? Impossible with this poor level of writing and fact checking.

  10. I have handled pre-security checks for events like this and you don't alarm people by stating we are hunting for bombs. You go abt your business and if people ask it is a drill.

    there you go.

  11. Ok, but why would their be so many cop's out before the bombs, and the dogs, and all those pitchers that show three men driest in black with a skull on their hat which is some sort of seal team military. all the media is not bringing any of this up? they only say "We found the person and have them in custody, o wait never mine we don't have him, we are still searching. here is the link to the men in black

  12. Seems to me there were bomb dogs and spotters there because they had prior knowledge and either took a calculated risk that nothing would happen, which obviously blew up in their face, no pun intended…or they knew something was going to happen and let it happen, knowing that they could later use it to their advantage. Almost like getting the benefit of a false flag without actually having to do one themselves. I saw a comment saying of course there would be all this security and they wouldn't tell the public because they don't want them to panic, but if that is true, then why are they denying it now? Why are they saying there never were any dogs or spotters or any drill? No, it makes no sense. It al comes down to one of two answers no matter how you slice it. Either this administration can't protect us or they won't protect us. Either incompetence or maliciousness. Take your pick.

    • I agree 100% with this I beleive they also knew about this beforehand that is why you see so many police there and this supposed drill, taking place was them actually looking for the atatck they knew was going to happen. There was to much security and the FBI, ATF etc were there in minutes like they were waiting around corner go look at the pictures and see how fast they were at the scene>

      That was not a drill it was reality and they failed to stop it, they didn't want to alarm/alert the citizens and stop the marathon, no not a drill they were there to stop the real thing from going down and they didn't do it.

  13. This would have more credence if there were more than one witness to the fact.

  14. Getta F.N. Brane

    Why was this guy the only one to hear the announcement about a "drill"? You guys are clowns.

    • victoria poupko

      Yeah, its a very important question. There are very many people running and no one appeared to hear the call about drill. Only Ali Stevenson. And it is likely he disappeared. Where and why?

  15. Was Tamarlan Tsarnaev Alive n unarmed(no explosives tied to his body) when police arrested him? Did the police brutalise him n then murder him to keep him from telling the truth?

  16. Conspiracy misinformation doesn’t help, and it doesn’t wash. Here’s the most plausible scenario: the FBI/ATF/HS or PD intercept intel of a bomb threat. It’s too late to stop the Marathon, so they rally bomb squads & emergency corps to search for IEDs under the guise of a ‘drill’. Undercover agents are deployed. They find some bombs, but miss the 3 that exploded. They do their best, but can’t stop this tragedy.

    It’s a tough call. Alerting the crowds or stopping the Marathon can cause mass panic & chaos, hamper their bomb search & cause massive casualties. Without alerts, the perps are easier to apprehend at the scene. Maybe investigators have good intel about the perps, so managing the crisis & appearing baffled buys some time to track them down. Using security cams & intel, they find the bombers within 5 days. The false leads & captures only show how convoluted our present security/intel structure has become: too many agencies, too many cooks.

    In a more perfect & open society, minus a Homeland Security mega- bureaucracy, an FBI/ATF spokesman would be free to state these facts, explaining the bombing as ‘nearly prevented’ with few casualties, and more bombs were found & secured. But security/intel forces are constrained to official ‘denial’ mode re any attack or crisis. So of course they deny, lie, even cover up details. If they admitted they had advance warning, yet failed to intercept perps or find all the bombs, what message does that send to the terrorist community? What would you say, if you can only ‘almost’ prevent a bombing?

    To blame the ‘current administration’ for this tragedy is disingenuous. They’re a hell of a lot more competent than Bush & his henchmen. Where was Bush & Cheney’s massive security forces on 9/11, with full intel about a planned terrorist attack? The worst attack on our nation, and they let it happen on purpose. Just one detail: it’s SOP for NORAD & our Air Force since the 1950s to have USAF fighter jets deployed immediately to intercept ANY aircraft (even private planes) that are in flight over a major city without radio contact or response. USAF had hours to intercept or shoot down the planes that hit the WTC & Pentagon, yet NO F-15s were scrambled. Launching F-15s is the USAf’s default response to a 9/11 threat; no orders are given, it’s AUTOMATIC. These F-15s cannot be recalled on mission – they can only be ordered to stand down in advance of deployment (long before the passenger planes entered NY airspace or cut off radio contact). USAF Command can’t give the ‘stand down’ order, neither can the Pentagon or Joint Chiefs. The ONLY office that can command the F-15s to stand down is the White House: President Bush or VP Cheney. And the order must given far in advance of deployment. Besides the legitimate mystery of WTC Building 7 (etc.), if 9/11 was really a surprise attack, who ordered these F-15 fighter jets to stay grounded on 9/11? Who had the power?

    • Randy, yu dreaming to blame Bush, you really believe this admin is doing more to protect you, you have to be kidding. As for stand down order, who gave that order in Benghazi that had four Americans killed. And the cover up afterwards, give me a break. You may want to follow your beloved Obama like a zombie but please spare the Bush bashing, that is getting old. Where you privy to all of the info that you blamed Bush for.

      • Hey Rocko, 911 was too big for the Bushies not to have known. Besides their son Marvin was head of WTC security, with another relative. I drank the Bushies cool ade until I was drunk, then I woke up. Secret energy weapons were used, and nano-thermite. Energy weapons pulverized steel beams in air, molten steel ran out from one of the sides of the buildings and under the rubble for about 2 months. Office and jet fuel fires can’t do that. Where do you think there weapons were procured in Uncle Hank’s general store? Also, the Pentagon and Shanksville were not struck by jets, there was nothing left. You need to do research at Rethink911 dot com. I urge you to stop buying the lie, watch videos on Rethink911 dot com and make a knowledgeable conclusion. I did!

  17. I was a runner, and I can't corroborate the announcement, but there was definitely an increased security presence in athletes' village. I remember being a little alarmed by it. Sniffing dogs, police – and I definitely remember some of the police being rather well equipped – i.e. not just on patrol – more intense defensive gear. I also remember giving a wave/salute to them as I walked by to be nice and thankful, and there was next to no response. I can only guess that they had something serious to attend to.

  18. Terror 'drills' occuring at same time? Check
    Suspect already known to FBI? Check (see mother's statements)
    Warning from foreign governments? Check (Russia)
    Media hysteria follows? Check
    Suspect unable to tell story? Check (Dead or shot 'in throat')
    Suspect does not claim attack of give reason for it? Check
    Suspect tied to organized crime? Check (Chechen mafia)
    Suspect tied to NATO/CIA-sponsored terrorist group? Check (Chechen 'Al-quedai')
    Ties of that terrorist group go up to highest level of US govt.? Check
    [Just seach for "Chechnya" and Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle or Brzezinski]

    So this was your standard "terrorist attack" on America soil.

  19. you spelled brane rong!

  20. More false flag conspiracy lunacy. No one with any credentials believes this nonsense and you can see they do not even bother to comment here to rebut this garbage.

  21. I have googled the coach every day but he hasn't shown up in any interviews since April 16. This is strange. No TV interviews, no radio interviews. What gives?

  22. I think all this is a set up by FBI . I did se in one video where tsarnaev was captured bye police and they put hem in the car . He was not even injured . They killd him after they catch him . This must be invastigatid . By many things i did see this is a set up . Explosiv was not so big so 183 ore more have been injured . I have seen explosivs and i know what they can do as a former navy marin and a bodyguard i have inough experiance .

  23. The informatio non conspiracy doesnt really help… But at least some light is being shead on this!

  24. "Accomplished writer"?????????

    This guy writes like he never made it through grade school.

  25. ou know, that just concerned me that that’s the only race that I’ve seen in my life where they had dogs sniffing for explosions, and that’s the only place where there had been explosions.”

  26. At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start.

  27. EXCLUSIVE: Boston Marathon Eyewitness Confirms Bomb Squad Drill

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  29. EXCLUSIVE: Boston Marathon Eyewitness Confirms Bomb Squad Drill

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