Yes We Can: Obama Funding Syrian Rebels Beheading Christians, Using Child Soldiers

July 28th, 2013
Updated 07/28/2013 at 4:11 am

Remember when al-Qaeda members were the bad guys? Obama is now pushing massive funding for Syrian rebels who have not only been linked to al-Qaeda, but are gruesomely beheading innocent Christians and using 14-year-old child soldiers.

And virtually no one seems to even be questioning the Obama administration’s support of these chaotic troops who kill innocent citizens using US-funded arms in a bid to throw Syria’s current system into insanity. What’s perhaps even worse is that Obama has been pushing to continue this funding in a battle with reasonable lawmakers in a move that highlights his continued support of Syrian rebels who massacre innocents in public beheading sessions (that are met with applause and cheers).

It’s even hidden in the mainstream news, yet the media pieces on the subject somehow fail to generate any social media sharing or view counts for the most part. Just look at the August 2012 Reuters admission that Obama secretly went ahead and enabled support for Syrian rebels while bypassing any form of checks or balances. Flash forward to June 2013 with the headline ‘Syrians behead Christians for helping military, as CIA ships in arms’ in The Washington Times publication, and we’re still letting this happen.

Arming The Carnage On Record

From the report in The Washington Times:

“A priest and another Christian were beheaded before a cheering crowd by Syrian insurgents who say they aided and abetted the enemy… The reported beheading of the two Christians comes about the same time America has started sending arms to rebel fighters, the Wall Street Journal revealed this week.”

In other words the supposedly ‘Christian’ (a laughable declaration) Obama not only allows for these rebels to kill all Christians who do not convert and pay excessive taxes to the rebel army, but is the driving force behind it. How truly Christian of him. In fact, let’s look at the options innocent Christians are given by the Syrian rebels who wield CIA-given weaponry as according to the missionaries who have been to the Christian communities in Syria:

1. Renounce their Christian faith and convert immediately to Islam (to potentially have your life spared after swearing to the Syrian rebels and Islam).

2. Pay an extremely heavy tax to the Syrian rebels to potentially save your life and be able to secretly continue being a Christian (unless they decided to behead you anyway).

3. Immediately choose death, likely via beheading in the center of town to scare off your friends and family from challenging the Syrian rebel army.

4. Flee for your life and hope the Syrian rebels don’t find you or kill your family. All of your belongings left behind now belong to the Syrian rebels.

As you can see, these are the truly ‘humane’ options supported by the United States government. And they’re getting away with this thanks to the general public having no idea what’s going on. In two months, the funding officially runs out — at least for this fiscal year. Amazingly, however, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees both went ahead and approved the continued support of the Syrian rebels. Just like how our elected officials recently sided with the NSA in continuing the gargantuan funding that fuels the agency.

The media is doing a great job on covering a bogus debate (if they cover the subject at all) over whether or not they need more funding to take down Assad, and once again it’s up to independent news outlets to blast this information out.

If you ever had doubts as to the true nature of the sociopaths inside government and the lengths they will go to secure their agenda, you now have proof.

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  1. 882mis says:

    Great report.

  2. Maryanne Micillo says:

    Now lets place info in every mailbox, on every pole, in every store to alert the public how corruption lives and breathes in politics. Great idea…to all the media. we are on to you. You have purposefully misled the public by not telling the truth and doing your jobs which is breaking the news and telling us the real truth. You have sided with a corrupt government and therefore have contributed 50 percent to the U S downfall. For this, you should be tried for war crimes. Lets round em up, and do things the old fashioned way. Just like in Syria. Invite everyone to the public square and off with their heads.

    • john doe says:

      agreed, in islam,, its ok to deny your faith if it is life threatening,, funny how wishywashy this is,, but i say behead them in the public square

  3. Guest says:

    Is it not surprising that a christian is arming a group that beheads your fellow christian in public.

  4. El Cid says:

    No, don't behead muslims publicly. Instead, force them to convert to Christianity or be banished to Saudi Arabia, where I'm sure their fellow religionists will welcome them with open arms. You can take arms more than one way, btw.

  5. @oregonbob says:

    The "Washington Times" is NOT mainstream media. It is owned my Rev Sun Yun Moon and his groupies. You must be thinking of the Washington Post, which is a reliable source. What is wrong with you? The Washington Times is a tabloid designed for gullible, easily-fooled people. Are you?

  6. Christians who do nay commute plus compensation extravagant taxes to the heretic crowd, yet is the driving cram seat it. How certainly Christian of him. In truth, rent’s sight at the rights simple Christians are given by the Syrian renegades who handle CIA-given weaponry as business to the missionaries who bear been to the Christian communities in Syria.

  7. If you ever had doubts as to the true nature of the sociopaths inside government and the lengths they will go to secure their agenda, you now have proof.

  8. hemsiah says:

    Great writers, I discovered, were not to be bowed down before and worshipped, but embraced and befriended. Their names resounded through history not because they had massive brows and thought deep incomprehensible thoughts, but because they opened windows in the mind, they put their arms round you and showed you things you always knew but never dared to believe.
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