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David Attenborough: Stop Feeding Third World Nations to Reduce Population


Top globalist Sir David Attenborough, who last year described humans as a ‘plague on Earth’, has now gone on record in calling for nations of the world to stop sending food aid to starving nations in order to reduce the population of the world.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the highly decorated psychopath expanded upon his notion that the plague of humanity must be reduced throughout the world. Reduction that, according to him, really starts with starving poorer nations that have been decimated by first world global powers (and could be fed with about a week or so of military spending). The problem, Attenborough says, however, comes down to numerous “huge sensitivities” that continue to block the goal of massive population reduction.

And what are these ‘huge sensitivities’?

Well, it turns out that the ‘sensitivities’ blocking the decimation of the world’s human population include ‘the right to have children’. How truly horrible. Instead, it seems Attenborough thinks that we should revoke the right of citizens to even have children, let alone feed the existing humans in hungry nations. In the interview, Attenborough states:

“We say, get the United Nations to send them bags of flour. That’s barmy.”

Now perhaps the most alarming thing to note here is that this psychopath who justifies his genocide with faulty reasoning is considered a ‘national treasure’ in Britain. Better yet, Attenborough also has 31 honorary degrees from British universities, which is more than any other person. This is in addition to his numerous ‘royal’ titles.

Truly, Attenborough’s comments being met with mainstream media attention in a positive light shows just how far gone the mega media is. Ultimately, there is a war on our right to not only have a family and basic necessities, but life itself. If Attenborough wants to reduce the population and starve entire nations into death, then why does he not offer up his own life first?

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  1. I was curious when they would go here on this topic. Now, they are pulling their hoods and masks off for everybody to see. Everything revolves around this idea on everything!

    • All those commenters agreeing with Attenborough, let me point out a fact and a truth:

      If nation leaders would and could COMPLETELY deregulate marijuana overnight the overnight they would have a lumber, food, medicine, textile, tourism, etc… Economy that would make their GDP in the billions!

      But the in bars any nation doing so from being members, and leaders of nations are only puppets to global powers behind money, or else.

      So….enjoy being completely wrong. This is YOUR WRONG DAY for you.

      • As much as I agree marijuana should be regulated and used constructively, your claims are without merit and completely irrelevant to the population problem.

  2. The Smithsonian is honoring one of the 20th century's most notorious eugenics proponents, Margaret Sanger. American Life League exposes Sanger's racist plan to create a "master race."

    Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's Racist Founder


      • You should do that mirror pose Obama does when spouting out nonsense like you are. Facts are what I have. So, it appears somebody is spouting propaganda. Let me get this right, Killing is a choice? I thought killing is against the law. The Women in France even protested abortion on demand in their Socialist paradise!

      • You should do that mirror pose Obama does when spouting out nonsense like you are. Facts are what I have. So, you think killing is a choice, and you call me a moron! Nice!

      • Oh really, after all the things she stated of her own free will and mind you still support a person that advocates murdering children and entire groups of people? What kind of animal are you?

  3. Attenborough and the elites are the true "plague".

    The Ghouls realize they can no longer convince the masses to kill ourselves in the wars they create. In their greed and lust for total control they will do what ever they must to get what they want and are revealing the evil they are… to the world.

    They are so drunk on power and control they are oblivious to the transparency of their lies and corruption.

    People are finally waking up to see through the illusion we have been living in for centuries.

    • So…..what is the conclusion…



      Revelations 22:11 states:

      Jesus is Coming
      …10And he said to me, "Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. 11"Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong; and the one who is filthy, still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness; and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy." 12"Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.…

      Cross References
      Ezekiel 3:27
      But when I speak to you, I will open your mouth and you shall say to them, 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says.' Whoever will listen let them listen, and whoever will refuse let them refuse; for they are a rebellious people.

      Daniel 12:10
      Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

      Matthew 5:45
      that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

    • actually he is kinda right. Not everybody should have as many kids as they want and if you think about the future, there will have to be some regulation for that. People who want kids should match some regulations. They should have a job, a home, a steady income, they should be educated. We are not really free to do whatever we want, have as many children as we want without thinking about the consequences. It should be common sense. Why have kids when you are poor and cannot sustain yourself ? To burden the society with them ? You must understand that population growth is the biggest threat to humanity. And at some point, some rules will have to be set. When you are born and enter a society you must understand ho your actions affect it. Churning out kids that have no future because you as a parent cannot give them what is deemed acceptable by a society is not a good future for us. All over the world people are born in extreme poor conditions. They should not be. And it would benefit us all in the long term.

      • The world is large enough and rich enough in land and resources to sustain much more population. If we were allowed to develop and use other more sustainable ans earth friendly energy sources than the dirty oil that has made the ones who sell it the most powerful people in the world. Do you think they will step aside rather than keep us hooked up to our addiction to oil and the money flowing into their greedy evil hands? They care not for you, your children or the planet we all inherited.
        Think about this… You could give each of us on this planet 1/2 acre of land and we all could fit on a land mass smaller than Australia and there would still be about 1/6th of Australia uninhabited. That would leave the rest of the entire planet void of human life.
        The elites simply want a smaller more "manageable" population of slaves.

    • D A is correct saying a lot of what he says. You should not have children if you cannot afford to keep them alive. To have a load of children in the hope that 1 or 2 survive is wrong. It is selfish to have kids in that environment. Most of these countries are in a bad state because of primitive and religious beliefs and not just economic. We should still help these poor people with Food education and contraception. Any aid should be monitored and accounted for so that it does not got to the idiots that control these countries.

  4. In protest I'll burn his book: "Life on Earth – A Natural History"

  5. These evil animals are who we will be fighting in the near future. They believe their lives are more worthy than ours? Let's find out on the battlefield.

    • I don't think you live in the 3rd world… you have internet. He means those Africans who make 25 children and the world raises them because the "parents" leave them behind.

    • I get what you are saying… this is exactly what the Elite have planned for, a society with no compassion and no understanding of how everything is manipulated, programmed and engineered … the responses on this article clearly show that these people have no understanding of how things are the way they are, and who is behind it's making. But of course they are first to judge that those who do not serve some GREAT (and undefined) purpose should die. I'd like to ask each of these people what it is they do that makes them so important that they remain and use up precious resources.

  6. Some people are so deranged, they look the part. Every picture, the guy looks like some kind of closet sadomasochist. Apparently, he's coming out of the closet.

    • He might be a sadomasochist but you in the same time are stupid. You want to feed other people's children when their parents just "make" them and leave them??
      These animals just want to have a good time and make like 25 children during their lifetime but they do not raise them. You raise them!

  7. Ive oived with cockroaches most of my life,break out the bomb

  8. Attenborough should have the courage of his convictions, and lead by example by killing himself. The BBC still love him though and his genocidal fantasies.

  9. Did he not say that there are constant droughts in places like Ethiopia which are massively overpopulated and just giving them food to survive is not the answer these people are starving are they not? Not to kill them all and reduce the poulation but solve the problem, relocation, or irrigation or find another solution?
    I dont agree with Attenborough necessarily however do we as a planet need to look at population growth responsibly and try to slow the growth before we decimate the planets resources?

  10. Why doesn't anyone interviewing Attenborough or the Duke of Edinburgh ever THINK to ask them if they consider THEMSELVES to be part of this "plague"? We know the answer, of course, but they ought to be faced with the question. They should also be charged on grounds of racism, when they make it so abundantly clear that they are singling out Africans as undeserving of survival. Cassandra.

    • No that’s not it. We have been feeding the poor for decades while they have grown by billions and they still have their hands out. I am not an elite but I am disgusted with poor people having kids they cannot feed. You had them YOU FEED THEM. NOT OUR PROBLEM.

    • No that’s not it. We have been feeding the poor for decades while they have grown by billions and they still have their hands out. I am not an elite but I am disgusted with poor people having kids they cannot feed. You had them YOU FEED THEM. NOT OUR PROBLEM. He feeds his children why does he have to feed others?

  11. He is obviously senile

  12. Attenborough speaks with great rationality. Every region of earth has to find it own balance and not be artificially interfered with by well meaning, but short sighted people with erroneous and harmfull theory's.

  13. This man is a eugenic follower there are many of this think tanks that is why the world is unfair it is never their fault they want the poor of all colours put to sleep that is what war really is the culling of others, they are very narcissistic and have always felt they are better than others. The rise of the media especially the television were these people are made the golden ones as this man and his actor brothers is seen as the middle class white man the British Tarzan, never liked him as I have never like the BBC, They could start the ball rolling by practising what THEY PREACH .


    • Christinne, you could take all of the people on the earth, give them each a half acre and fit them all inside Austrailia. Makes the Earth seem pretty vast doesn’t it? Now bury your face back into one Rupert Murdoch’s publications.

    • Christinne, why don't you be the first imbecile, which you've made clear that you are indeed an Imbecile, to take your life! This planet surely can not sustain the likes of you, or your selfish egotistical, psychopathic mindset.

  15. David Attenborough has also claimed that humanity needs to depopulate as a species in order for other animals to repopulate. He does not mention that his brothers are heavily involved in politics and are probably paid very handsomely by the very companies that are causing untold damage to the planet. He also claims that we should all reduce our "carbon footprint" while it is obviously ok for him to fly from the Arctic to the Antarctic and everywhere else in between! This guy may be an "expert" on nature, but he does not love it. He is only using it to promote a politcal agenda and the non-existant "global warming". As for his pal the Duke of Edinburgh, he is the Patron Saint of the World Wide Fund for Nature and yet he loves nothing more than to shoot birds out of the sky and has been known to hunt tigers with the Maharajah too. This world needs more people not less. These two clowns know that fewer people in the world are easier to control for their political pals. If David Attenborough wants to make this world a better place then it is he and his closest pals that need to go. It makes me sick that he is held in such high esteem.

    • your an idiot, an absolute imbecile. The last thing our planet needs is more people, watch/read the actual speech before voicing an opinion about it

  16. I openly celebrate the natural death of many of these creatures that are foisted on the public. An organizing principle is required, along with a sustaining environment, to live out the life cycle. This coward is afraid to exist in the world the way it is and so in infantile thumb sucking, prays out loud for scapegoats. It is not odd that if your ancestors had a hunting preserve and were on top of the feudal heap, you daydream, of the great culling hunt.

  17. Sounds like David is a very logical person. but even though his ‘solution’ makes sense, it doesn’t take into account the ‘human’ factor of what we are.. as humans have always been at war with their logical selves. the problem is not with 3rd world countries, but with very ideologies that are practiced by those who are in power. the roots of those ideologies go deep into human history, all the way back to our sumerian origins and beyond. what’s happening now is simply a consequence of previous actions. humans are a plaque not because there is something inherently wrong with us, but because we’ve been genetically seeded with dubious intentions. and are still struggling to fully embrace that truth about ourselves. and until we do, we’ll keep our destructive attitudes. because the seed of our destruction lies in disconnect with our origins, which in turn are the gatekeepers to higher universal powers. humans must get connected to those higher powers in order to survive on this planet. but we all know that’s not going to happen on mass scale. solution? project genesis must be followed by operation armageddon, it’s ugly sister. read your sumerian bible, or pick up one of Sitchin’s books, it’s all there.. what happened before will likely happen again. happy awakenings, everyone. welcome to planet earth.

    • When I put our alien origins to the "man in the street", I don't get met with incredulity. Far from it, I get intense curiosity, as if I've hit a nerve that says, "Tell me more". Call me an optimist, but I truly believe people will wake up and soon. Especially when the scientific evidence of the alien DNA testing on the Starchild skull comes to light.

  18. To all the brainwashed goons above who criticise DA – 2 words WAKE UP

    DA is right and has the balls to say so.

    • well then. you be the first to go!

    • Agreed, why should people who are starving make babies?!?! And feeding these people won't solve anything but just keep them alive as a constant burden to everyone else. In nature when a species runs out of food nature auto-balances and with human interference we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

  19. I think calling him a psychopath is uncalled for.
    This guy has brought us generations of education to the public. He wouldnt give up his life first because his is a very rich man, who plays a big role, he would be found to important to be ‘killed off’ as with his money can make big differences if so wished; as a general opinion.

    Now as extreme as his words are, I agree with him on some level. in only my short life time have we expanded of another billion in population. There are many poor people who simply cant afford to live. every man for themself is really how people achieve success and wealth.

    You may agree with me, I am open to other peoples opinions. he mentions “huge sensitivities” blocking our path to bigger achievements. It is true if you look in the patterns of our nature, whenever we create something for the better, it complicates things further down the line, creating more problems for the generations ahead.

    All being should be blessed and loved, but having major break throughs in medicine, did they not realise the outcome that we would become to healthy, not enough people are dying to balance out the population control. every species on this planet has their place, some die off other live for centuries further.
    We however, have gone further than natural selection. We have become god. and there will be many complications to come.
    Good luck to the human race.
    and do not discriminate one mans words for truth.

  20. What a shitty way to get views on your page..

    A poorly written article rarely quotes it's sources..

    Here is the article David Attenborough wrote (witch is here greatly taken out of context):

    • Agreed… and it was a completely logical and moreover compassionate speech. Glad I took the time to read it rather than believe this shite.

      • The article that is mentioned in this shitty post here above is a news article ( not a speech) and quotes a documentary of his. I sent in a written article of his as a reference that this is taken out of context because it is harder to find the documentary. 🙂

        recommend that you take the time to read the speech.

    • witch was a typo, or a Freudian slip?

    • Sheeple watching MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and the other Soros owned subsidiary outlets never receive any FACTS, let alone resource info, to verify that what they are reporting is the truth. Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist reporting the truth, and you didn't see MSM outlets running the story on what he said about the Osama Bin Laden Lie or the fact that everything that government says is a lie, and journalists just report without questioning. Alternate Media is going to take over the news world within the next decade, and those Soros funded/owned MSM propaganda outlets are either going to lose money or stop lying. This story is not only reporting true facts, but he's reporting facts that MSM and NWO proponents refuse to allow sheeple like you to know about. The government can only take our rights if we allow ourselves to be duped. Those that chose to be duped, deserve to be a slave.

    • Thank you! I hope others read the actual piece.

  21. Attenbourough was clearly speaking from an outside perspective as if he was speaking about humans in one of his wildlife documentaries. he is right, humans are parasites and we are sucking the earth dry of its resources. People are so stupid, they don't realise why scientist are trying to grow food in labs and why we depend on GM foods….because the whole world will come to starvation at this current rate of population growth!! Dallas who commented in a post on this story, quoted, "our global population has surpassed the sustainability that our planet can provide??? why do you think wars happen?". How true is that!

  22. If you want to learn about some real nature and how to live in it watch some Ray Mears

  23. this is just another diversion, D.A. should be outing the establishment who controls these third world countries…we need to starve our governments, all of them….He knows who they are, all of them, crawl down the rabbit hole, dig deep, start with the bankers like Rothschilds, Bilderbergs and Rockefellers and you will soon learn that starving the third world countries has been a plan of long standing. When you get an inkling of what's going on you will soon awaken to what's going on in your own backyard, your neighbors are starving too. All part of the plan…Agenda 21…NWO….oh look a Panda.

  24. This is exagerated sensationalist garbage. Read the original article, this website is a joke. Anthony Gucciardi you are a disgrace.

  25. He is right, giving aid to the third world is comparable to trying to save someone with a severed artery by giving them a band aid. I am not surprised by this ignorant response I see here though. They could at least put a sterilising agent in the sacks of flour.

    • Best post. I’m disgusted with the third world popping out kids they can’t feed while they blame whites with their hands out.

  26. The truth can be very painful. But l would start with a major cull on royalty and work up and down from there.

  27. Attenborough is absolutely right, and you leftist twits simply don't want to acknowledge it. To think that this planet can absorb the needs and wants of an unlimited number of humans and all of the resource consumption that comes with them is absurd. More species are on the verge of extinction than are not. Natural habitat is being destroyed at record rates. Water supplies are poisoned. Yet you liberals just want to bash Attenborough because he's telling you the hard truth, like it is, as he's personally seen it through his years of visiting every continent on this planet. The reality is that even with a population of seven billion, over half the humans on this planet go hungry everyday and have NO hopes of ever entering into a first world lifestyle. You want to see how that's going to look with 12 billion humans?

    • LOL.. sure blame it on the liberals…. do you know for sure what the term liberal actual means and how it came about? Do you know WHO is poisoning the water supplies? Do YOU know who is destroying the natural habitats? Do you know who is responsible for die offs of millions of species? Hmmm, Should we be calling you a fascist? a Nazi perhaps? Why don't you go do some homework and learn something.. Like a true liberal does… Then come back and make your accusations… as of now you sound like an arrogant and very ignorrant and uneducated fool.

    • You're absolutely right. I think however it's no longer possible to stop the population expansion anymore. There's no way the whole world can agree on birth control. In Islamitic countries it's almost a felony not to have children. There's no way we can make them forget about that book full of horseshit they're reading. I always think by myself: just make the best of it, there's no way we can stop it anymore. Just don't have children, because that would be cruel. I know many people here will disagree with me, but please, just open your eyes and think of how many major problems would be solved (world poverty, enviromental issues,…) if our population was reduced to let's say 3 billion people.

      I actually don't give a * if we destroy ourselves. The sooner the better. Because only then the world will be able to recover itself from the virus called "humankind".

  28. Proud of Attenborough. Population control MUST happen or we will be overpopulated by 2050. Basic exponential growth math tells us this. Educate people and they WILL have less babies. It’s proven. I’m a proud non-breeder for this reason. All countries should have a “one child per family” law.

    • I agree, but why are third world countries the problem? They have trouble surviving because of us. The real problem is China. Population is booming over there.

      • Sterilizing formula in the food that we pay for and send to them. PERFECT!

      • Why blame China? They have a one child per family law and have had for years, to their unfair detriment. It’s the latinos, negroes, and people in India who breed like roaches then starve.

    • Actually, there is no evidence from population around the world, that reductions in babies, will make our population slow its growth enough or stop it or even make it shrink. What there is, is people seeing a bit of population decrease here and there, but the drops are insignificant, and all have occurred over decades, rather than years or months. Decades is far too long time frames to help the problems. They will never reduce our global 7.4 billion down, to really help the problem.

  29. Of course the planet can sustain the current world population. When the powers that be spend more on killing people than feeding them then you have a problem.

  30. Start with Attenborough and his extended family….one must lead by personal example after all….

  31. ok! we 'll start from you mr Attenborough…your family…and your friends!

  32. Melissa Ohden is a saline infusion abortion attempt survivor and international pro-life speaker. This video clip is a short digital story that tells of her survival of the abortion attempt, adoption, search for her biological family, and how her life has come full circle. Melissa ultimately gave birth to her first child at the very same hospital where her mother underwent the saline infusion abortion.

    This indicates that a baby feels sensations. If the baby can feel pleasurable sensations, the baby can feel pain

  33. Dorothy F Chambers

    I wonder if the writer can read or does he make it up Attenborough didn't say it.
    I shall decline your offer of this sort of stuff to my mail box. I'm glad Attenborough has declined to reply or sue you for implying he is a heartless character.

  34. This article is libellous, taken out of context and twisted to suit your needs as a 2nd rate blogger.

  35. Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty ImagesNew York Yankees v
    Boston Red SoxBOSTON, MA – AUGUST 18: Chris Stewart #19 of
    the New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez with a
    pitch. The verdict brought an end to a 10-week trial that capped an expensive,
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  36. The “3rd World” arrangement is by design. Reflecting the enthusiasms of a demented eugenicist bullshit Darwinian load is utter nonsense. We have long had the methods to provide healthy clean food, water, energy & living conditions in harmony with nature. Though the elitist authoritarian stranglehold & systemic educational & social propaganda makes this difficult for many to fully grasp or understand. Please do check out for example, Albert Puke, sorry, Pike & the Georgia Guidestones. There are a lot of nutty types, products of think tanks & fascists, robotically heralding destruction, insanely fed by erroneous worldviews, driven by mind control techniques. There have been purposeful set ups on every front, to poison, mislead & control the general populace on a massive scale. The genocidal & ecocidal activities can be clearly traced back to those that would stand in the way of healthy living & development in order to maintain supposed wealth, control & negative energy feedings. You are lied to regarding your nature & that of reality purposefully & are manipulated on every front. Can easily provide facts & data to demonstrate what is happening here. However would recommend that you do your own research. People who are “celebrities” are groomed handled & placed there, purposefully. They are there because someone has paid for them to be there. A lot of common propaganda that many suppose to be true without a second thought, are lies. Some so carefully constructed. It’s the way that elitist social engineers have developed this unsightly cult-ural monster, based on scientism, materialistic reductionism & selfish greed, that has lead to the disasters we see.

  37. All I ask is for people to watch the speech

  38. any body calling DA a physcopath must first pull their head out of their ASS and look around. human race is a plague, if not stopped will destroy every other species on this planet.

  39. It's not nice, but neither is nature. He's not suggesting that anyone takes away their right to have children, more that others shouldn't pick up after them.
    People who make babies knowing full well that they cannot feed those babies and will be bringing them into a world where they will suffer greatly, are irresponsible.
    Unfortunately, many people take the idea of human rights to a degree that their bleeding hearts get in the way of the bigger picture.
    In nature, most animals won't breed if they can't even feed themselves, and when they do, the babies will soon die, often to be eaten by the parents themselves.
    As a species, we are more unbalanced than any other. We are so "advanced" that we are actively working against such things as natural selection/survival of the fittest etc.
    It's horrible to think, but the best thing to do for the species as a whole, and the rest of the planet would be to let nature take its course, to focus on our own smaller communities. The people who live in areas where they cannot grow food or find clean water will suffer yes, but only for as long as it takes for them to die out.
    It's either that or we change the way we help them. Rather than sending them money and food which will just be used up, actively change the environment they live in. But if we do that, we'd be causing more harm to the natural environment than good, all for the sake of the humans that live there, one species over all the others. Attinborough is right. Humanity is a plague. We're out of control. on the whole, we don't care about anything but ourselves. The small army of individual eco-friendly people out there are only a tiny persentage of the greedy, self-serving cancer on Earth that is humanity.
    The right thing to do is not always the nice thing.

  40. Brad who gave poor

    What a heartless bastard DA is, how dare he say that, I have freinds there who beg for food all because there's no government system to help them. Instead of domolishing the world, how bout you fix it. I really despice this article very much, worse article ive ever read.

    • Why should you expect the government of whichever country you mean to support your friends? If the population were less, then the resources would go further and there would be ample food for the human race. Stop relying on hand-outs!

  41. Caling David Atenborough a psycopath? Only uneducated brain washed ignorant idiots would do that.. Why Italians are so brain washed? get out of your Vatikan

  42. I wonder how many times does nut job Attenborough mention MONSANTO?
    Or how many times does he mention those government weather controlling agencies?
    He is only covering for these companies who are in fact destroying the planet.
    A grovelling stooge will always suggest eugenics for his masters.
    His thoughts are the plague to me.

  43. Usual garbage from atheists. Usual eugenics too – just enough of 'us'. Way too many of 'them'.

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