Assault Knife Ban? 14 Victims in Lone Star ‘Mass Stabbing’ Spree

April 9th, 2013
Updated 04/10/2013 at 2:39 am

A mass stabbing has left 14 injured or dead near Houston, Texas at the Lone Star College, highlighting how virtually any weapon can be used to inflict multiple casualties.

Using a knife that is reportedly very similar if not the exact same as the exacto-style knives used in the school for animal dissection labs, police say that an unidentified student went on a rampage with the small knife — ultimately taking down 14 students in the process. A figure that rivals and in some cases even defeats the victim toll of many mass shootings.

mass stabbing lone starOne of the witnesses at the scene told ABC 13 that he tackled the knife-wielding suspect after he was seen feeling from the bloody scene in which individuals suffered from serious wounds. Like most criminals who simply cannot handle any form of pain inflicted upon themselves, the suspect then pleaded with the student to stop, yelling “I give up” twice in a row. This is the exact same behavior we see with criminals who break into various stores yet immediately flee at the first sign of retaliation — whether from a law-abiding citizen with a gun or otherwise.

Knife or Sharp Weapon Used in Lone Star Stabbings

According to the local Sheriff, Adrian Garcia, it may not have even been a lab knife at all. Instead, it could have really been anything with a sharp point. From a steak knife to even a filed off nail clipper, it’s clear that anything could really be used as a weapon when unknowing and unarmed citizens are the target. The Sherrif explained:

“We do not know exactly what type of weapon was used, other than to say at this point that it was some type of instrument… We don’t know whether a knife or some other type instrument.”

The student suspected in the stabbings has been taken into custody by police and they are not yet releasing any further information outside of the fact that the suspect is white and 21 years of age. As the story develops it will likely turn out that the student was using some type of antidepressant/psychotropic drug as we have seen in the past with virtually 90% of all mass shooting suspects. Most recently, this was confirmed to be the case with James Holmes as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ban all forks and knives!

  2. Everyone living in the society should start war against criminal activities to eliminate this bad factors from our lives and try to teach ethics to those people. Most of these are the unemployed people who start crime when not getting any proper job for their future.

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