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Video: Open Carry Activists Shocked To Encounter Constitutional Sheriff

Open carry activists in Orion Township, Michigan were pleasantly surprised this week, after being approached by a local sheriff during their regular “For Liberty Friday” protest.

While protesting the Syrian intervention and open carrying three AR-15 rifles, members of the group noticed a law enforcement officer headed towards them.

“We saw the OC Sheriff car pull up so we all took out our camera-phones right away, anticipating trouble,” the video description reads. “This officer gets out of his car, waves to us, and walks right over.”

“Are you guys out here scaring the general public again?” Deputy Paul Buell jokes as he approaches the group. “This is what I call dedication to the cause, out here in the rain.”

Deputy Buell calmly and casually strikes up a conversation with the group, asking about their Ron Paul sign, Rand Paul’s shot at the presidency and even the NRA, immediately setting a positive tone for the encounter.

“I’m out to catch bad guys, not people that are exercising their constitutional rights,” Buell says as cars honk in support of the group.

Buell goes on to inform the group as to why he came out, explaining that some of the public is uneducated on the issue of guns and gun rights due to the media.

“You guys don’t intend on scaring anybody, you intend on educating people,” Buell says.

Deputy Buell even goes on to share the reason behind his career in law enforcement, citing a sheriff’s constitutional backing, information he learned as a young constitutional enthusiast.

“When I got into this line of work because I was a young constitutionalist like yourselves, I said ‘I wanna work for the sheriff’… to me it’s very personal. I hold it in my heart because it’s constitutional.”

Following a negative police encounter with one of the group’s members earlier that week which saw open carry activist Nicholas Somberg illegally detained and disarmed, the group was more than happy to meet a public servant who not only understood the law, but upheld it.

“He never asked us to disarm, never threatened us, never asked for our names or identification. I think I can speak for everyone in the group that it was an honor to meet this man. This is what we need to see from police officers everywhere! THIS MAN IS A HERO,” the video description said in closing.

Deputy Buell’s¬†professional, respectful and lawful encounter exemplifies the attitude all law enforcement officers across the country should strive to emulate.

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  1. Finally, we need more police like this

  2. He's wonderful, love him! We need more policemen like him!! Finally a nice story….Yay!!!!!

  3. Best Open carry Stop Ever We meet up with Warren from Markedguardian and decide to take a stroll. The purpose of this video was to test the police atmosphere around firearms for not only legal, but personal views. This police officer shows both, and we later thanked him and the station.

    How To Survive A Traffic Stop "I Don't Answer Questions"

  4. "You can use them for recreation, hunting, and whatever you want to do."

    I would love to see a chainsaw used for hunting, it'd be absolutely hilarious and ridiculous.

  5. That was great.
    Deputy Buell IS a hero.
    Thanks to your group for your courage.
    Thanks to Deputy Buell for making my day.

  6. I applaud the people here, especially the sheriff. he didn't even bat an eye at the camera!

  7. Awesome Cop right there

  8. we need a whole lot like him instead of the Brown shirts they're turning out today

  9. This is great! A copy of this video should be sent to police departments everywhere.

  10. oh no a good cop they cant have him on the force anymore only evil and bad cops allowed

  11. Now his department will do anything to ruin his career/life. Can’t have constitutionalists on the force ya know

  12. This video made me cry. With joy. I am so proud of this Sheriff. the sad part he is the exception and not the rule.

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  14. What a great cop. We need more like him

  15. I bet the group was a bit surprised at his response when he first approached them.

    @Colin I would love to see that too.

    Steve Eilers

  16. Never having blogged before, I feel compelled to comment. I live in Orion, Mi, where this occurred. I have personally dealt with officer Buell. His professionalism, attitude and the way he handled the issue I was facing was exemplary. If all officers where more like Officer Buell, we would all be safer and much better off. Thank you officer Buell. As a veteran, I salute you.

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  18. Great feel-good story that shows not all is lost.
    But people, for f*** sakes, learn how to shoot landscape, seriously. How hard can that be?

  19. This "feel good" story is a testament to the sad times we live in. When a man or woman is considered a "hero" for doing nothing more than preforming the acts of common courtesy and respect, you know you are living in the real nightmare scenario.

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