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Fight Back: Anthony Gucciardi Gives $1,000 to Church Targeted By Govt for Feeding Homeless

In what amounts to a concerning attack on basic human rights, we have told you about the church groups and other organizations that have been targeted and harassed by various government entities simply for feeding the homeless. And in the case of the Acts 2 Worship Center, which Storyleak’s Anthony Gucciardi has directly supported to feed even more homeless individuals in the face of opposition, the group was told that they could not even offer free meals to those in need on Thanksgiving day.


Quite simply, this is beyond what many would consider ‘insanity’ and very much so into the dimension of Orwellian. It is for this reason that it is essential we draw attention to these matters, as we have achieved recently thanks to the support of Storyleak readers who have spread the word surrounding not only the attack on Acts 2 Worship Center’s ability to feed the homeless, but street groups like ‘Crazy Faith’ as well — a grassroots family-based group that was halted from delivering 5,000 meals a month to those in need.

In an effort to encourage others to feed those in need and support real charities that actually offer the powerful fruit of benevolence to those who need it, Storyleak’s Anthony Gucciardi has provided Acts 2 Worship Center $1,000 for the sole purpose of feeding even more homeless in the face of tyrannical attack by bureaucratic control freaks. When in doubt as to how you can support the homeless, however, always be aware that the best way to support the needy directly is to offer food, clothing, and other items (not cash) directly to them.

Here is a recent report by Anthony Gucciardi regarding the attack on church groups and others who have attempted to feed the homeless among government crackdown:

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  1. thank you anthony

  2. 13 Problems Only Libertarians Will Understand — in GIFs By Robert Taylor

    • Agree with almost all of those and still can't bring myself to trust RP.

      • What scares you about freedom? He is the only one that speaks the truth in the government. Here are just two examples I have.

        September 6, 1984: Ron Paul Warns of Surveillance State – Don't Ever Say We Weren't Warned.

        Ron Paul: A History – For Those Who Want To Learn More About This True American Hero!

        • I am very concerned about the growing disparity of wealth, a byproduct of the systemic pillaging of our economy. Politically, there are few attractive options – the two major parties are complicit and Paul's libertarian views on regulation would effectively amount to putting the foxes in charge of the hen house. Free markets may by self-regulating over time but it doesn't take long to raid a cookie jar.

          • The disparity is brought on my the marxists and their crony capitalist friends.

            We need more capitalist ideals to let people be rewarded by individual effort and less by who they know.

          • In his book “Capitalism and Freedom” (1962) Milton Friedman (1912-2006) advocated minimizing the role of government in a free market as a means of creating political and social freedom.

            An excerpt from an interview with Phil Donahue in 1979.


            Milton Friedman’s Brilliant Response To Phil Donahue’s Question About Greed


          • Friedman paints with rather a broad brush here and doesn't say anything I disagree with (yay, capitalism). Notice, however, that he does not advocate for no regulation whatsovever. All of government is an abridgement of freedom, the billion dollar questions are where to draw the lines.

            I think we need far less government intervention across the board; I don't believe allowing markets to be entirely self-policing would benefit the majority of the population.

          • Can you explain where Friedman diverged from the limited government model the founding father's laid out?

            And the brilliance of Friedman is that he understood the quicker more rapidly reacting private markets would always thrive more than state controlled ones. How much success do you think this country deserves?

          • Your comment has nothing to do with the self-aggrandizing topic of this article. Why are you here to derail and disturb this website> You and your posse of trolls should refrain from spewing your affluent effluent from under the bridge, Stick to growling from your funded work terminals.

            Mmm k?

          • Do you have so little to say that you now want to do it in a less noticeable story?

          • "Anthony, I applaud your generosity."

            You are hilarious!
            A disingenuous fraud.
            Anything to ingratiate yourself with the Site Admins, eh?

            I remember exactly how you work, and I know your sociopathic MO.

          • Still can't remember anything? I said much the same thing the last time he covered that charity.

            I remember exactly how the trolls work, and if you were just sociopathic in natre then you'd be a much better person IMO.

  3. That's a ridiculous comment. Many of the people I work with at the soup kitchen, volunteer working with Boy Scouts and teach Sunday school with would consider themselves liberals. Open your mind and shut your mouth.

  4. Looks like government deregulation is leading to job creation and profit. Maybe Capitalism DOES work.

  5. R-oger , has a form of turrets syndrome where he can't help but type stupid things.(130,000+) Most pity him. Have you ever wondered if there is a good form of Turrets? "He is a simple mind in search of simple people to exchange simple ideas with." Simple Roger "? He is what happens when you go Full Retard. And as one can see you should never go full retard.Put down the Tea Roger!

  6. It's not a ridiculous comment.
    Some of the most powerful liberals donate far less than some of the more powerful conservatives.

    Clinton donated his boxers. VP Biden has donated a very, very small part of his income to charity.
    Open your mind and deal with reality why don't you?

    No wonder you admit to being a nitwit.

  7. Can't you go back and insult Ray?
    You are here with nothing to offer (other than boring insults). Ray may put up with it, but this site likes actual debate and discussion.

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  9. heh. The nickname is an homage to a commenter from Nebraska who can't see the forest for the trees. Where are you from?

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    And where in Nebraska do they have very many forests or trees? Another empty analogy from another empty troll.

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  12. You are the Nitwit.
    Looks like you live in the forest and can't see the trees.
    What do you do besides trolling the internet?
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    Poor soul.

  13. https://www.google.com/search?q=nebraska+forests&…

    Making you look dumb is sooooo easy

  14. And how many profiles and guest names did it take for you to say that?

  15. It's funny that someone such as yourself thinks they're smart enough to mock anyone.

    Wee, you small little man. He didn't have a clue if he thinks Nebraska has a lot of trees or forests. Did you not quite grasp that he's not in touch with reality?

  16. I mock you daily just like everyone else. You just think your smart. You just think you keep up. You just pretend everything

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  31. I hear Nebraska wants to make weed legal as well.

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    You don't get to decide what is lame and comming from someone who only posts lame uneducated comments you only made your self look like a fool.

  33. You just don't like the truth.

    I love western values. You not so much
    Roger 165p • 6 minutes ago
    No, you know I'm not for the things that made this country great.

  34. Can't wait for Colorado to lead the nation

  35. Okay by me. Enforcing pot laws is a waste of tax dollars and primarily benefits the liquor lobby.

  36. Agreed!. The rest of the country will watch and see all the revenue Colorado brings in and I am willing to bet drug crimes drop as well

  37. No he is funny

  38. and truthful

  39. This act of charity harmed no one, and the city is trying to put up artificial road blocks to stop a long standing charity.

    If this was an islamic charity they would be screaming about freedom of religion and islamophobia.

  40. No one should need a permit to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. However the government has done everything they can the last few years to stop anyone from helping out except for the government. It's so much easier to shut everything down and control everyone that way. Have seen hundreds of similar instances since Mein Fuhrer Obozo seized control.

  41. This is Christian propaganda.

    If they really cared about giving these folks food, then they could have just gone there and do it with no fuss.

    But instead they had to wave their flag, promote their Church, by using these hungry people as political ponds.

    Repulsive, vain, self righitious propaganda. with help from a news channel that needs to create a story and sell those commercials.

    Large groups can not give out food there. This is not an attack from governemnt on religion.

  42. You're showing you make wild claims, just to stop any actual debate.

  43. Still threatened by the site enough to work hard at stopping serious debate?

  44. Most of those are not vast forests.
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  45. Not if your muslim friendly values made the country great.

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  46. You can bet they need to charge sales tax on munchies if they want to bring in revenue.

  47. You never said "vast forest" in your orginal comment, you said "And where in Nebraska do they have very many forests or trees?"

    I showed you where. I just figured someone such as yourself who thinks he knows everything would know Nebraska has a forest

  48. See I don't have "muslim friendly values" that is just a lie you made up. I will say one thing you are great at making things up

  49. Huh? The pot will bring in revenue. Why would they need to charge sales tax on "munchies" to bring in revenue? Can you show what food "munchies" is?

    Do you even stop and read your comments before you hit the reply the button?

  50. If this were an islamic charity you would not be complaining. The church has to follow the same rules everyone else does

  51. Wee, I advocate limited government and equality under the law.
    If you think otherwise why not prove it or provide a quote?

  52. Are u fricken serious. This is a SMALL group of people who decided to do something very kind and hand out food to people who didnt have any. You DON'T need a permit to walk down the street. You DON'T need a permit to walk around in a public park. You DON'T need a permit to have a picnic with a group of people. There are NO "channels" to go through to walk through a public park and feed people. They are not "above the law", there was NO law that they were breaking. If you read the article they said that only AFTER this incident took place did the city council try to vote in an ordinance to stop this and this is AFTER they have already been doing this for years WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE FROM ANYONE OR ANY GROUP.

    If this were an islamic church the city would probably have helped them along. Gave them a police escort and blocked off all roads and paths leading to the park to "control" traffic. Give me a break. This is just blatant government overreach and everyone knows it.

  53. It's been a while since you showed that applied to you.

  54. Wee, take a look at the scrawny trees you linked to.
    Do you call that forest?

  55. Wee, the obvious just keeps coming back to haunt you.

    24 minutes ago @ Breitbart.tv – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO

  56. lead it into what?
    Dude, how many munchies would an entire state need?

  57. if pot was illegal and nobody paid attention to the previous law why do you think they will pay attention to legalities now?

  58. Until one of these people gets sick and dies from the food not cooked properly and the church gets sued and then people complain they did not get the proper permits. Food safety is a big concern, trust me

  59. Is that the new talking point?

    Church people that have been feeding folks all this time are suddenly going to give them food poisoning?

  60. Not what I said. Food safety is an important issue. Undecokked food will make you sick. These permits ensure you know proper food handling

  61. And the church may value safety too.
    Unchecked government makes us slaves .

    The permits demanded due to political reasons over any other consideration won't help the homeless that are hungry.

  62. These permits were put in place to keep people safe.

    Deal with it or do something about it. I understand you don't care about people's health and safety

  63. I'm sure all the homeless will sleep better knowing that they won't get sick again.

    Oh, they haven't gotten sick. The church has been careful! Wee, you just don't care if the homeless go hungry, in fact you would seem to prefer they go hungry than to let a Christian organization do what Christians do, find a need and work to fill it.

  64. No, I just want the church to follow the same rules everyone else has too

  65. And the hungry that the church has been feeding all this time, are you going to get permits that the city has suddenly decided is necessary and are you going to feed them?

    Nope. This is just about your agenda. Attacking Christianity is an important part of that for you.

  66. Then go do something about it.

  67. My church does.

    Wee, you are a small little man. You can't imagine Christians as they actually are. And feeding these homeless without any complaints of the issues you pretend are an issue, it' shows who small you are.

  68. Does it? Your church breeds intolerant POS's like you.

    christians as they actually are? You don't fit in that. Sleeping in a garage does not make you a car. You give christians a bad name

  69. Wee, there you go again. You just can't control your hate. And you just proved my point. You don't care about the hungry, you just want to attack the church.

  70. They have been. This is not a new program for the church.

  71. Well said Alinsky

  72. It is you who don't care.

  73. For the "church"

    You are talking about the Acts 2 Worship Center?

    Or do you mean "the church" in general?

  74. Is that his church?

  75. I don't discuss personal information with the guy who wants to chop my head off.

  76. Wee, the hate controls you.
    And the hungry only know they are need food.

  77. The hate controls you.
    Propaganda keeps them from getting hungry? Of course not. Caring, love for fellow man does.

  78. Wee, he brags about knowing so much personal information.
    Don't you have confidence is his information sources?

  79. More projecting rog?

    "they are need food"

    All they had to to do was get the premits and this would not be an issue and would ensure people were eating properly cooked food.

    I know you don't care if they sick and die. Most people like you don't

  80. Please clarify. Do you mean the Acts 2 Worship Center,, or "the church" in general?

  81. Well you don't have love or do you care for your fellow man.

    You stalk and attack people all day

  82. Caring love that is secular. We don't need the bible to teach us how to be a good person. We have innate qualities that want us to be good to each other. It's already programmed in our nature to help one other be respectful, caring, love one another etc.

    If anything christianity, the bible etc. hinders that love.

  83. No I just think your handler needs notified about they way you treat others online and maybe he/she can have a talk with you

  84. The city could have maintained previous standards and this wouldn't have been an issue.

    And why do you think I have the same uncaring standards that you have been presenting here?

  85. Wee, unlike the troll posse you seem seem to attract… I don't need a handler. My values and positions are my own.

  86. Most churches have a mechanism for helping the poor and in need.

    Mine is active in that area as well. Please clarify, why do you think following the teachings of christ and His instructions for the church is just propaganda? Do you think islamists following the surah 9 demands is just propaganda too?

  87. Wee, this from the guy who declares jihad and wanted to burn an entire town to death in their church?

    Your agenda isn't about the poor and hungry.

  88. There was a time when the city government with work with the people solving problems.

    It seems that time is long gone.

  89. They should have followed the rules like everyone else

  90. I just ststed why it was propaganda, Read my comment above.

    the Acts 2 Worship Center may have never given out food before, and that is why they made such a "look at me giving food" drama for all to see.

    They just want everyobe to know about their little church. It looks like they packed about 7 meals.

    Cheap advertising for them.

  91. But they did go there and feed the homeless without any fuss.

    The city tried to shut them down and make the issue out of this situation. You don't know anything about this Acts 2 church other than they have no history of food poisoning or any other illness due to bad food preparation. You only know they were doing a good thing and some paper pusher decided to throw his weight around without offering any solution to the problem being solved.

    You just want to attack any church.

  92. All christians have a handler.

  93. Well that town should have never beat a lady and burned her house down for being Pagan. People with that much hate do not deserve life if they are willing to try and murder people over religious beliefs

  94. Wee, you never established that the incident actually happened. You push for sharia style justice over western style justice and you refuse to admit you have an agenda as if other readers won't figure it out after such a 'in your face' admission in that comment.

  95. So the church should be above the law? That i snot how this country works. If you had American values you would understand that.

    You don't care or it would not bother you that this church needs to go through the proper channels to ensure safety like everyone else.

  96. Thank you. I wil let them know

  97. Without any fuss? They called a news station. You are lying again.

    This church just wanted to get on T.V. to promote their snake oil.

    They may have poised many in the past, you don't know.

  98. Should the church be prohibited from doing it's job? The city if it wanted to help the homeless could have issued the permits and this issue wouldn't be ongoing.

  99. You have neve established it didn't happen and my friends do not lie.

  100. God. But I thought you pretended to be an atheist and not believe in God?

  101. It's job? That is not their job they are just trying to be nice. What they did was a good thing, they just need to follow the rules

  102. Thank you. I saved the link

  103. You don't understand Christianity enough to tell us what our job is.

  104. Why is that a bad thing to call for help when the city acts against the interests of the people they are supposed to work for?

  105. The city should remember who they work for.

  106. Yes, there was a thread that showed it was a hindu family that was run out of a town by the islamists in a village in India.

    You ignored it, and never ever substantiated the rumor. And then you went off in sharia justice standards and refused to admit that's the source of your position.

    Why are you and the trolls so focused on this site? Is it that threatening to your agenda?

  107. The city was working under the law.

    The church packed up 7 meals, of crap food, and used the hungry people to get on T.V. to promote their failed church.

  108. Do you realize the city is supposed to be there to make things possible in the city? That they are there to solve problems? That they are public servants?

    This city acts contrary to that.
    And your solution offers nothing to the poor hungry folks.

  109. They gave out 7 crappy meals just to get on T.v.

    the city did a good job.

  110. Yeah well your right wing talking points will lead to people starving. All great achievements in the last 100 years were a result of guidance by government.

  111. And those meals, did they help the homeless? Did the homeless have to eat it, if it was of poor quality?

    The city stopped a solution without offering one of their own.

  112. Oh no, are the troll patrols goons getting frustrated that they face resistance to the agenda to diminish the site?

  113. Wee, if you're not the small little man, are you the wet little man?

  114. STFU!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Roger,


  116. Roger,
    Those folks at Breitbart are eternally glad that you are .

  117. That was a different story.

    This site? I came here to get away from you. Of course you stalked me here and have managed to single handly bring the level of discussion down

  118. here……….

  119. Don't you prefer to pretend to be edjulis?

    Really all the confusing names. Can't you just focus on content and actually discussing the material the site provides?

    Or is the agenda of the troll patrol more important….

  120. Which troll are you this time?
    Can't be yourself? That says something about who you are, doesn't it?

  121. He brings it down wherever he goes. He is a rather feminized version of Guy Feiri.

  122. Wee, five comments, all without me interrupting and you discussed what?

    Nothing. You just aren't here to actually discuss anything. Why blame that on me, it's not my fault you have your agenda.

  123. I know, it's getting old. can't even get on here to have a discussion with anyone without him trolling and stalking

  124. We could go on all day, about the sites he has ruined, or been evicted from.

  125. That is where he fits in best

  126. Yep, pretty pathetic. He does not have a life evidentally

  127. Really? The people of my church, my family included, operate a food pantry every Saturday in our church. We sponsor a church soup kitchen in a depressed area in town by providing food and labor several days a week. Our family serves there several times a year and do house-to-house deliveries on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Perhaps we would do the same without the Church but the fact is, within our church we have a community of like minded individuals and the structure to do good works.

    Condemnations of faith (whether that be Christianity, Islam, Judaism or otherwise) ring rather hollow with me.

  128. Patriot, what's wrong, are you not driving people away from the temple/ web site fast enough to keep your handlers happy?

  129. As you sit at your work terminal trying to make your quota.

    It's ironic that you complain about the very things you do.

  130. Like the secular atheist Lenin did?

  131. Where is your work terminal, somewhere in a basement?
    Do you ever work? What do you do besides hitting the keys?
    You need to go into rehab.

  132. What are you discussing? Nothing.

  133. I don't have a 'work terminal'.
    And alinsky, it's none of your business.

  134. Here is what he fails to understand. HE is the one here 24/7 365. So we have three options
    1. He either gets paid to do this
    2. He has no job
    3. He is doing this on his employers time which means he is doing this on comapny time which is pretty much stealing

  135. So, you two just didn't get much done to diminish the site today.
    Isn't that a shame.

  136. He is dicussing how much we don't discuss anything because he stops our discussion with his trolling. What he fails to realize if he just quit stalking debate/discussion could happen. But he come back with a reply that I need to have my views challenged (which he never does) but if I said the sky was blue he wouold argue that with me. That is what trolls do

  137. Why are you so scared of people knowing your church? Don't you want them to spread the good news?

  138. alinsky. What is it you think this is for?
    Adult talk?
    Personal information?

    Its' about the stories the site posts. You just can't quite get around to doing the one thing this place is for.

  139. We are talking about churches giving to the poor, and yet you are afraid of your church even being mentioned?

    Why are you so scared?

  140. This may confuse you, but where I do or don't attend is personal information not part of the story.

  141. Well he is a coward

  142. You always talk about where Wee works, yet have a meltdown if we mention where you go to church during a talk about churches?

  143. You want me to quote all the times you talk about Wee being at his work terminal?
    You do it thousands of times…

    Roger 172p · · 4 hours ago
    As you sit at your work terminal trying to make your quota.

    So mentioning your church in a talk about churches isn't off base.

    Maybe you are scared they would be shocked at your stalking.

  144. Great, so I say he has work.
    And if you are doing the same you'll just admit I may attend a church.

    Maybe you're just a stalker that does't know or understand boundaries.

  145. Yes, you talk about his personal work area, and I mentioned your church. This is a topic about churches. So I broke no boundaries.

    You must be terrified that the "soldiers" at your church would be shocked at your stalking of Wee for three years.

  146. I mention that he has one you just don't have any healthy boundaries do you?

    You don't mention I have a church, you try to stalk me.

    Unwanted personal invasion of space.

    You know this isn't a personal site, it's a political and current events site.

    Why do you ignore that?

  147. Honest question. Would you invite a muslium into your home?

  148. He is always claiming I am at a "work terminal" what ever that means. It jjust shows he really has no grasp on reality

  149. HAHHAHAHAH!!!!

    They finally have an excuse to excommunicate roger.

  150. He has probably called every "work terminal" in Iowa, looking for you.,

  151. Honest answer – sure. It wouldn't be the first time.

  152. Wee, are you just bored sitting at that work terminal, trying to figure out a way to make your daily quota?

    And if you want to say I steal, just man up and say so.

  153. We will see if they sit down and have a heart to heart with him. I sent them a link to his profile

  154. Cool. I am glad to hear that. Any true Christian would.

  155. I'm a coward? Says the guy hiding behind what you claim is a rotating ISP at work, but hasn't hesitated to describe my house and neighborhood?

    That's classic. Wee, it's called projection.

  156. LOL, probably.

    Well good luck to him

  157. Roger 160p • 1 hour ago
    And I wouldn't stalk you if you weren't such a hack.

  158. He would change churches and flat out reject Christ before admitting he has a problem.

  159. A person that stalks Wee for three years doesn't get to talk about boundaries.

  160. This is an open forum for debate. Using the system as it's designed is within boundaries.

    If you, or he don't like the way the system is set up, there are other forums.

  161. This system is designed with certain features. If you don't like those features then you have other options available.

  162. And you just had a long chat about me and my personal life (which may fit the legal discretion of stalking) and didn't get into the site material or topic at all. And since I didn't interrupt you can't blame it on me this time.

    It was the two of you doing what you're here for. To diminish the site.

  163. And how would any true active muslim act?

    9:5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

  164. We are talking about churches. We are on topic.

  165. The church in the story, that's on topic. The actions of churches, that's on topic.

    What you're trying to do with the personal information you want to post for what ever reason is not on topic. It's also not what this system is set up for.

    You've been banned dozens of times for that kind of activity, so it's not news to you.

  166. Can't wait to hear back from them. I am done responding to him. This way everyone can see he is a stalker troll craving attention. I mean 3 years that is pathetic. Most people would have moved on by now. Pretty sure you and I had a big argument and things were said but in the end when it was over it was over and you did not chase me around replying to every single comment you made or vice versa. Only a pathetic loser does that

  167. Roger.

  168. Do you stone Muslims and other nonbelievers, as commanded in Deuteronomy? Or do you, like most modern adherents to faith, choose to ignore doctrinal calls to violence?

  169. How would any true active jew act?

    "kill the best gentiles" – “KILL THE BEST GENTILES!”
    “Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!”
    (THE TALMUD: Sanhedrin 59)

  170. Are you trolls getting frustrated?

  171. He ignores the OT and it's call to violence and uses the excuse that the OT is no longer valid

  172. Do I stone them? Why, they're the ones that currently stone rape victims.

    And you assume I haven't interacted with muslims, that's not accurate. I prefer the marginal ones that have the dignity and none of the radical beliefs.

    And yes, I've dealt with ones that followed the hadith about when negotiating with an unbeliever to demand the best half of the road.

    And as I explained to wee, what doctrinal calls to violence did Christ teach exactly?

    Are you trying to use that socratic method again?

  173. Wee, you have tried that one dozens of times.

    I'm not a Jew, I'm a Christian. And I follow Christ. Yes, Jesus didn't come to do away with the law (Ten Commandments) but He did explain the two most important ones as being love for God, and love for fellow man. Not the archaic judaic law you want to impose on Christians. You simply don't understand my religion enough to discuss it intelligently.

  174. This is the #1 doctrine for the Salvation Army Church

    What does it mean that they "ONLY constitute the Divine rule of Christian faith and practice.?"

    1. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New testaments were given by inspiration of God, and that they only constitute the Divine rule of Christian faith and practice.

  175. He also said this:
    "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place." (Matthew 5:17 NAB)

  176. So let me get this straight. I supplied you with a link from 2008 from another country and went ape s hit on me.

    Here you are posting a link from another country from 2008.


  177. Christ never existed so he taught nothing. Paul wrote all these things. Most of christianity was plagiarized from other cultures anyway.

  178. Wee, He did fulfill the law.
    He paid the price so the law would be satisfied, He died so we don't have to eternally.
    And Jesus also explained the law.
    Matt 22:36. I am a Christian so I take His word for what the law is.

    Not yours. You don't get to tell me that you know the law better than Jesus.

  179. Wee, there is one small problem with you comment. You didn't show the link was wrong or that current beliefs would be different.

    Or that islam follows a different koran for Somalia….

    Wee, you just aren't up to this. I understand where your apparent loyalties lie, and that you want to defend those values. But can.t you at least pretend you feel sorry for that rape victim?

  180. So you are saying the earth has passed away? You are NO christian

  181. rog,

    there is one small problem with you comment. You didn't show the link I supplied was wrong

  182. Nope, I'm saying that you don't know the law as Christ taught it.

    And you are NO Christian scholar.

    Wee, you don't get to decide if I'm a Christian. It's not your call.

  183. Wee, I can't account for your links.
    And you still didn't address a single issue I just brought up.

    Should you at least pretend to read the comment you are responding to?

  184. But you get to decide what faiths other people are?

    I don't have to be a scholar. It i splain and simple what the buy-bull demands you do

  185. Because your issues are lame and old.

  186. islam has set that standard. If you are born into a muslim family you are muslim.

    There are a few other tests, but they decide them, I don't pretend to.

    But by the same token you're trying to impose your tests on me, and you don't have that authority. You don't explain it, you don't understand it and you frankly can't second guess Jesus. I follow Him, not you.

  187. Ask them. You have their web site and link.

  188. Why don't you tell me. You are a soldier.

  189. It's off topic. You don't get to make demands on this forum of that nature.

    If you want information of that kind then go to a forum that is set up for it.

  190. Not if people are still dying. And you still just can't bring yourself as an 'atheist' to rip on any religious violence done by the religion you don't claim any loyalties towards.

    I think you are being a little too transparent. At least if you deny being 'muslium'.

  191. You make demands all the time. Like when you demanded I build a coal power plant

  192. You are talking about muslims on this thread, is that not off topic?

  193. Well you should quit trying to think. IT really has not gotten you anywhere in life.

    People are still being killed by your christian brothers and you ignore that and complain about muzzies. Double standard

  194. Wee, you're starting to sound a little bit 'straw man'.

    And why do you think even the two of you can keep up with me on this thread? It isn't working so well for you. did you get together off line and decide to pounce all at once?

  195. Not trying to keep up with you. I want you to leave me alone and quit stalking me. Keeping up with you is too easy. Not even a challenge.

    I like how you think you can demands.

  196. Wee, if I ever get to the point where I depend on your opinion for my life then I will be beyond thinking.

    And you still haven't said anything about the violence that killed that poor rape victim begging for mercy. That is a rather 'muslim friendly' position.

  197. and you still have not said anything about the 15,000 babies butchered by your brothers in Africa.

    It was not an opinion rog, that was a fact

  198. In the same thread you attack my religion you want me to quit replying to your poison?

    You know how well that will work for you.

  199. About as off topic as attacking Christians and lying about doctrinal beliefs that they use violence.

  200. It's ok if he goes off topic and makes demands

  201. It don't matter what I comment on you will stalk me like the creep you are. You don't like the facts I put out about your religion then don't read them and continue to live in fantasy land.

  202. I have, every single time you bring it up.

    Those horrible people need to be tried for their crimes, and they need to find out what Christ taught and follow it if they want to use the name Christian.

  203. It's all in your buy-bull. But hey you just made a step in admitting your religion is full of lies

  204. You should be able to talk about the beliefs of the Salvation Army if you are talking about Muslims on this thread.

  205. Finally, and those muzzies need to be stoned to death just like the rape victim.

  206. Wee, this is a debate forum.
    That means more than one person talking, and it means back and forth.

    If you can't take the heat in the kitchen….

    it is a voluntary forum as well.

  207. Like you just did on crimes in Africa?

    Wee, you aren't in any position to lecture about going of topic.

  208. here you go again. YOu feel like the only person I shoudl be talking to is you. If I get engaged in another conversation you get all butt hurt and butt in and stop the discussion. Like a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend who talks to other people. You don't do debate you do stalk and attack

  209. Niether are you. YOU brought up religion though……………..not me

  210. Wee, you small little man. I never admit to something, particularly that kind of lie.

    Did you just admit to being a troll sent here with your posse to diminish and attack the site?

  211. You pretend atheists sure are a cold lot.

    I'd rather they just stood trial for their crimes.

  212. Wee, you small little man.

    You know that's not true. I just don't think I should sit silently by when you spout your lies and hate about my religion.

  213. Wee, quote me. And remember it is a story on a Christian church practicing philanthropy.

    it is about a person freely supporting that act of charity that the church was performing.

    Now, you go ahead and quote the first time I brought up religion in a way to derail the thread. And then I'll quote the comment right above it to show why.

  214. You also think you should be able to discuss all sorts of things here.

    You aren't a good judge for what should be discussed. And if you want to know, the information is available.

  215. Good for you

  216. This act of charity harmed no one, and the city is trying to put up artificial road blocks to stop a long standing charity.

    If this was an islamic charity they would be screaming about freedom of religion and islamophobia.

    Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/anthony-gucciardi-donate

  217. You must be so frustrated. You and your posse have been focused on this site for weeks, and it's still up, functioning and still has other people posting.

    That's longer than some you've targeted. No wonder you're so cranky.

  218. Of course what I said was true. Any discussiotn I have with anyone you get all upset and butt in like a jealous creep

  219. I love this site and it has great articles. I am not cranky, just tired of getting stalked by you

  220. Wee, I'm not sure you know how to tell any truth.

    And actually, compared to my comments, you're the one that sounds a bit 'upset'.

  221. That's an interesting claim.

    So, have any muslin mosques had this problem?

    I don't recall reading about them.
    Or were you just trolling and trying to get in a garbage comment with no content?

  222. And it seems you really enjoy those great article when you can use them to attack Christianity.

    Wee, you aren't very subtle.

  223. Why don't you just tell me?

  224. How do you know mosques aren't charitable? They practice the same customs and values as jesus so who are you to judge them?

  225. That was your comment that derailed the thread

  226. Atheism is not a religion. It's a rejection of YOUR religions.

  227. Roger what's wrong? You sit in your lonely troll hole wondering where all the greatness went? Wishing for the good 'ol days? Trying to escape the fact that you are a 50 year old loser with no friends, no life and no prospects?

    Sucks to be you!

  228. I would rather not discuss religion unless the thread calls for it.

  229. roger, your game is make others sound upset while you pretend to be nice. When you stalk someone like you do of course my comments seem upset. I bet if someone was stalking you, yours would be the same

  230. Patriot, what's wrong? Are your handlers growing impatient because you haven't driven them from the temple/site fast enough here?

  231. The BBC says it is. Are you smarter than all the experts at the BBC?

  232. Wee, you don't know me. You don't have a clue what motivates me. You try to put your template on my actions, and frankly it isn't close.

  233. Why don't you just find out at the web site?

  234. Then you won't have a problem telling about all the homeless in the US fed by the mosques, and who they bravely fight for permits to do so.

  235. Wee, is that the best you can do? One feeble attempt and then the rest of your posse to try and keep me busy?


  236. But you seem willing enough to attack Christianity at the drop of a hat.

    The hate seems to control you.

  237. Yet you think it's fine and universally accepted to have a goat bride.

    Your view of religious events is curious at best.

  238. And since I'm not a Jew that really doesn't apply.

    You really need better handlers.

  239. You asked and I answered. I see you failed to do what you claimed

  240. But you seem willing enough to attack islam at the drop of a hat.

    The hate seems to control you.

  241. Says the paid hack troll.

    How much did they pay you to post that one?

  242. It's spot on. Everyone sees it but you.

  243. The US is not predominately Muslim. Now if you wanted to talk about pakistan or indonesia or turkey, that's another story

  244. You think goats are sexy:
    Roger replied to your comment on Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future / Frontpage Magazine :

    No, just more of your sexy goats?

  245. Does the word of god have to be reformed?

  246. They don't explain it on he web site.

    You are finally asked to teach about a church and you won't.

    Why are you here?

  247. Same God though.

  248. The BBC is not an expert on religion

  249. The BBC does NOT say it is. An opinion writer MAY have said it, but that doesn't make it true.

  250. Pretty sure they do and ensuring the food prepared for these needy people is cooked properly is what they are doing.

    They don't work for the church if that is what you are implying

  251. He needs a shrink.

  252. Wee, you just can't get past the agenda.

    I don't fit into your little boxes. You should know that by now.

  253. When decent people want to feed the hungry, and no one has complained or is forced to eat it, it's not public service to pretend there are problems.

  254. They are experts on everything, just ask them.

  255. You and your posse?

    Wee, you aren't exactly a shining beacon of normal.

  256. I'm on the web. Life sucks when you want, doesn't it?

  257. How nice for the dallas area.

    Now, if you want to pretend all religion is bad, where does that leave you after finding that story? Hmmm?

  258. Wee, you really are sounding pretty lame. Can't you round up more trolls to come help you out?

    (I'm mocking you)

  259. Radical islamists have some serious issues.

    Christianity went throughthe reformation, until islam does the same it is going to face the same kinds of struggles.

  260. Wee, do you want me to quote your reply?

    I can. Do you always go to the police when people use yours for just milk?

  261. You think so? I don't.
    Who says this rabbi knows more than Jesus?

  262. You're the troll.

  263. No they don't. You can't just blurt out the first thing that comes to your ugly mind and think it's fact.

    This is you. "tigers hate cinnamon"

  264. Why not teach the hungry how to feed themselves?

  265. Roger what's wrong? You sit in your lonely troll hole wondering where all the greatness went? Wishing for the good 'ol days? Trying to escape the fact that you are a 50 year old loser with no friends, no life and no prospects?

    Sucks to be you!

    Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/anthony-gucciardi-donate

  266. See, you are a troll

  267. Is it 1 2 or 3?

  268. And if you are born into a jewish family you are jewish.

  269. You're the one that think cops are only in Egypt. Cops are are everywhere you fool

  270. That is ideal. But even in Iran there are people that have bad times and need help until they get on their feet.

    We try to leave them their dignity in our culture.

  271. jesus was preaching from the torah and the talmud. The christ character was invented by the jew Saul of tarsus. There is no escaping judaism through christianity. The only way to escape judaism is to denounce all abrahamic faiths.

  272. I would think that it sucks to be a paid hack, a 'rented mouth' of sorts.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

    Patriot, I don't know if you were assigned this profile to post under and didn't have a chance to read the previous troll's comments. But don't expect any credibility off a profile that already admitted to being a paid troll.

  273. Nope. Just someone that understands the BBC has a long heritage of quality journalism

    And they consider atheism a belief system.

  274. Patriot, your handlers need to read more outside of iranian controlled media.

  275. Read my comment and you'll know.

    You at least pretend to respond to the comment when you hit that rely button.

  276. islam isn't a race, it's a forced style of life.

  277. Next time, could you pretend to make sense? Your handlers are getting stale.

  278. No, I think the Copts live in Egypt. You are the one that thought I said cops, because for any number of reasons it was just too hard to understand I actually said what I meant.

  279. Does the agenda of you driving people out of the temple/site have to be reformed?

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

  280. So, you can't prove your point and your handlers want to you respond anyhow.

    How pathetic.

  281. And how does that make Milton Freidman a quack?

    You sure need better handlers.

  282. Jesus taught from the Torah.
    Can you give an example of His teaching from the talmud?

    And Jesus of Nazereth was a real person, a Greek Physician Luke investigated, spoke to witnesses and left his findings in written form. Even Roman historian Josephus was able to find the same, and wrote that in the vicinity of Galilee his wooden plows were sought after. Jesus was real.

    And unllike sharia, it's not so hard to just chose a less religious life style in western thinking cultures.

  283. Roger what's wrong? You sit in your lonely troll hole wondering where all the greatness went? Wishing for the good 'ol days? Trying to escape the fact that you are a 50 year old loser with no friends, no life and no prospects?

    Sucks to be you!

    Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/anthony-gucciardi-donate

  284. You are a troll. Atheism is not a religion and the BBC did not prove that Atheism is a religion. Atheism is not a belief system and they never said it was.

  285. Atheism is not a religion. Saying Atheism is a religion is like saying not collecting stamps is a hobby.

  286. I'm gonna go with 2 with a bonus of you live with your mom in her basement.

  287. If you are born into a jewish family you are jewish

  288. If you can't keep up go to bed.

  289. Cops are in all countries. The fact that you have a problem with law and order explains a lot.

  290. Saul invented jesus in his head. There are no writings of his and nobody has ever substantiated his existence.

  291. So none of those people actually saw jesus?

  292. I'd call you by name, but the trolls paid to post on your profile don't give out names. I guess when they don't last very long it makes sense.

    Anyhow I hope your handlers pay you well to be a 'rented mouth'.

  293. Go back, actually use the link.

  294. Why don't you actually use the link then pretend to say something.

    You rented mouths, talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, but they aren't paid to be boring.

  295. Did your handler approve that comment? I bet you enjoy being a rented mouth, don't you?

  296. Being jew is a racial thing.

    Being muslim is a religious thing.

    The two don't equate. Your handlers really should know that.

  297. Why, is that someothing your handlers suggest?

  298. Yes perhaps, but Copts? That's another matter entirely. Being a rented mouth must be humiliating when your handlers make you sounds so lame.

  299. Then you enjoy the car bombs, the rape victims stoned, and the boys in Afghanistan dancing?

    Christians had the Spanish inquisition and demanded better. Too bad islamists don't.

  300. Your handlers may think so, but then again they pretended to push the nuclear program in Iran to help the sick cancer patients. So, they lack any credibility.

  301. Just because you blurt the first thing that comes into your head does not make it true.

  302. Religious people think this. All of them. Muslims just happen to be the most pious.

  303. I don't know why you feel the need to denigrate law and order. If it wasn't for the police the world would slip into anarchy. I bet you would like that wouldn't you?

  304. You can't keep up. That's your problem.

  305. I don't see why you have to be so hostile towards jews. jews are born into jewish families just like muslims are born into muslim families.

  306. If you live in your moms basement that doesn't really concern me. I don't see why you hate your mom so much

  307. Use my link. I'm right. You hate atheists. That's your problem

  308. Atheism is not a religion.


  309. You had a choice. You made bad choices in your life. Now you have to live with those choices.

  310. If you live in Iran just say so

  311. So you concede. Finally.

  312. How does that make your handlers any less selfish ?

  313. You still can't prove your point.

    It must 'suck' to be a rented mouth for your cowardly handlers.

  314. How does that make the rented mouth any more credible?

    Milton Freidman wasn't a quack and unlike the supreme leaders in Iran understood economic principals that lead to growth.

  315. If you work for Trista Parsi just say so.

  316. Western lifestyles, instead of forced sharia. That works for me.

  317. Such a cranky rented mouth.

    You don't care about my link, why would I use yours?

    Oh, that's right. Your handler wants me to.

    Not good enough.

  318. Do you live in the back of your mom's tent?
    I see why you admire goat brides so much.

  319. I don't see why your handlers think I"m hostile to Jews.

    Do you not translate for them very well?

  320. I don't see why your handlers want you to ignore the native people of egypt. Is it that 'throw out the muslim brotherhood, and their iranian supporters' kind of thing?

  321. The most pious? How about among the most violent?

    At least that would be more honest.

    9:29 Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.

  322. You don't have any examples backing your claim. You can't show Jesus taught from the talmud and I can show that what Jesus taught didn't agree with it.

    So, your handlers will once again realize that having you as a rented mouth isn't working.

  323. There is no good reason for you to think the Jews and Christians have a different God.

  324. I have shown billions

  325. yes i do. the burden of proof is on you

  326. I was showing you were wrong

  327. Well you suck at mockery, that's for sure

  328. You don't act like a Christian, so don't call yourself one.

  329. And it didn't work. Why? I'm not wrong. Wee, you really are struggling.

  330. And you, hte wee little man suck at mockery and a whole l ot more. IS this where you call somebody or some group names?

  331. And what is your expertise on that issue? What training or belief system do you hold that makes you an expert?

  332. John saw Jesus.
    Matthew saw Jesus.
    Pontius Pilate judged Jesus and went on to help found the Coptic Egyptian Church.

    There were witnesses that wrote accounts and acted on that life changing experience.

    Wee, were you there and do you know as a first hand witness that Jesus never lived?

  333. See. I told you you have no good reason to believe Jews and christians have different Gods.

    If you did, you would tell everybody, instead of keeping it secret.

  334. See, I Told you, you don't know what you're talking about and haven't a clue about what Christians believe.

  335. I am great at mocking you and do it daily

  336. You don't know enough about it to make that call.

    And what I call myself is really none of your concern.

  337. Trolls do what they do. And I supposed I shouldn't expect anything better from you.

  338. Prove it. I know what your response will be. You will say prove they didn't. Well I can't. Yoheses things called you see I like these things called facts and use them before I blindly go believe something

  339. John did not see jesus. You can't just say whatever you want and not expect people to check you on it. matthew did not see jesus. Saul of tarsus invented jesus in his head.

    All the accounts in john and luke and matthew were written hundreds of years after jesus supposedly lived.

  340. The people that saw and heard and walked with Jesus said so.

    1 John 1:1-3.

    Do you have proof Jesus didn't live or that Matthew and John lied?

  341. You are worthless in debate.

    You are not here to debate, then why are you here?

    The Jews and Christians have the same God.


  342. You have 0 proof. The bible is not proof

  343. Matthew and john never saw jesus because he never existed. Matthew and john are not proof of jesus' existence. Try again troll

  344. You want to think that the God that Jesus portrayed is the nature of God as Christians see Him, then you're wrong.

    And why would I worry about the approve of you, when you admit your hero is Jane Fonda? You're not the kind of person I would want to copy, and your approval would frighten me and make me wonder where I went wrong.

  345. It is better proof than your limited opinion when you admit you can't prove anything you just claimed.

    Wee, eye witness accounts are great evidence. If you have eye witness accounts of there not being an historical Jesus then offer it.

  346. The burden of proof is on you to prove your claim that jesus exists.

  347. There are no eye witness accounts of jesus. Prove it.

    Saul of Tarsus invented the jesus chracter in his head based off of other middle eastern deities that existed at that time.

  348. You can't prove it and niether can I. I like proof before I believe something

  349. The most pious. You may think jews are the devil but Muslims are pious.

  350. You're talking about the law like it is to be laughed at. It is not to be laughed at. Everybody likes to whine about the cops but when you're in trouble, you need them.

  351. If you are born into a muslim family you are muslim

  352. If jews are a race than so are more Muslims

  353. You hate atheists which says a lot

  354. Except you're wrong and it's not

  355. I don't see why you have to disrespect your mother so much.

  356. Now that you have conceded perhaps you can move out of your moms house and start living your life again ?

  357. I don't know what Milton Friedman did to you but it doesn't give you cause to denigrate him like you do.

  358. U mad that the west and Iran are gonna be at peace? U mad.

  359. Obama started listening to our generals and our military for once who said war with Iran was off the table. u mad? U mad.

    peace is a good thing. Obama realized we were very close to war so that's why we are negotiating now.

  360. and written in third person

  361. Sure they did. And all the cut and paste repeats only back up that you are a troll here to drive folks away.

    The talking points are lame, as lame as you are.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

  362. You may consider trista parsi a mother, I don't.

  363. I have presented far more eye witness evidence than you have.

    You can't show I'm wrong, you can't show John and Matthew lied.

    You are simply a bigot that can't even imagine the other side is right.

    Even if we have the historical evidence on our side.

    You just hate Christians and lie about what is proof and what isn't.

  364. Not really, he made the assumption Jesus never existed, let him back it up.

  365. Yes, and I listed two of them.

    You really need better handlers.

  366. You can have that opinion. That doesn't make it fact.

    And history outside of your iranian centric circles has an entirely different history than you do. One based on evidence instead of what the supreme leader says.

  367. Eye witnesses told their story.

    And you have shown no contemporaries that said anything else.

  368. Now that you lie and pretend. I haven't conceded. Not to a lie.
    And you ignore what I did say. You can't prove anything and your handlers keep pushing you to post comments anyhow. It goes with your agenda of attacking, diminishing the site and driving people away.

  369. As a rented mouth you really need better handlers.

  370. Iran is only at peace until they are ready to attack.
    And they are busy in Syria and Yemen and other places right now, making an arsenal for Hezbullah. That's not a country at peace.

    That's Obama siding with his muslim heritage over our interests in the west.

  371. Only because Obama sold us out.
    And Iran only needed a hudna while they finish their bomb.

  372. I'll trust the BBC, it's a mainstream organization.

  373. I'm not muslim. In our culture we can disagree and not declare a jihad.

  374. Which is why it's a forced system of life.

    The children have no choice.

  375. You are talking like the real natives of Eygpt, the Copts are to be laughed at.

  376. I don't think it's the Jews that behave badly.

    And piety isn't worth a lot to a rape victim being stoned.

  377. Do you know what third person is? Why do you disrespect christiantiy so much?

  378. you just blurt stuff out like a mental patient

  379. You can have that opinion but it doesn't make it fact.

    The fact is that nobody can substantiate jesus' existence.

    This just in… Michael Jackson is dead.

  380. no you haven't .john is not an eye witness

  381. john and matthew wrote down hearsay from 100 years in the past.

  382. The author of matthew had obviously gotten his information from mark's gospel and used them for his own needs. He fashioned his narrative to appeal to Jewish tradition and scripture. He improved the grammar of mark's gospel, corrected what he felt theologically important, and heightened the miracles and magic.

    John, the last appearing gospel, presents us with long theological discourses from jesus and could not possibly have come as literal words from a historical jesus. The gospel of john disagrees with events described in mark, matthew, and luke. Moreover the unknown author(s) of this gospel wrote it in Greek near the end of the first century

  383. They are not eye witnesses. Just because you say it does not make it true

  384. Yes really. If you say jesus is real you have to prove that he is real. I don't believe I need proof.

  385. yet you think that jews are racists and Muslims are pious

  386. The law is the law and those that in violation of the law are punished. Like it or not the law is the law

  387. you troll. That's your problem

  388. Yet if you are born into a jewish family you are jewish.

    I bet your parents were jewish

  389. if you are muslim just admit it

  390. just admit it

  391. I'll trust god, who told me that Atheism is not a religion.

  392. I think you're stupid

  393. You can honestly say with a straight face that you are happy with your life?

    LOL!! Happy people don't waste their lives on insignificant forums like you do. You have to live with the choices you made. You made some pretty bad choices in your life. I don't feel sorry for you.

  394. What did your mother ever do to you ?

  395. you don't need to denigrate friedman

  396. Our interests are peace. Like Iran. Iran wants peace too

  397. Yeah u mad. you hate peace

  398. you hate peace

  399. By calling him a quack like you did?

  400. Any sharia country has one interest.

    World wide caliphate. Even if that means hiring someone such as yourself to try diminishing western thinking web sites.

  401. I'm not mad. I don't don't see any time in history that a Neville Chamberlain style agreement caused peace.

  402. Pieces of what?
    Speaking to a rented mouth that is hired to spew islamic iranian centric talking points I better clarify what you mean exactly.

  403. Trista Parsi may call a lot of shots where you are involved, but not for me.

  404. Can you honestly say that you can have a nice beer, sit in theatre in the center of your town without the cleric marking you for an honor killing?

  405. allah says a lot of things.

    I don't believe that allah is the real god. I think the Almighty is.

    And He doesn't seem to care much what people think. He simply is. The "I am".

  406. Like yourself? Nope. I just enjoy a nice ham sandwich too much.

    Want some pork rinds?

  407. There are two aspects of being a Jew. Being a Jew by race, and observing Judaism. Those are different, and a huge significant portion of Jews are not orthodox, but agnostic.

  408. Keep up with whom?

    The site is providing topics to discuss and debate. Your handlers don't even grasp that.

  409. And Copts are the native Egyptians that were there from antiquity, even before the islamic invasion of the 8th century.

  410. Why do you think that the brand of piety shown by sharia is a good thing?

  411. You've shown you parrot the talking points your handler provide.

  412. Nope, not really.

    History has shown Jesus lived and died. If he makes the claim there was no Jesus then he should provide something other than his opinion.

    Same with you. Want to actually debate or discuss? Or do your handlers allow that?

  413. They said it. And they know what they saw and what they heard.

    You don't know what they saw and heard. So, their claim they were witnesses carries more weight then the handlers that control you.

    Rented mouths just don't have a lot of credibility.

  414. He says otherwise. Do you have a source that lived at the time that claims he wasn't there?

  415. You may think that, but do you have any sources?

    John and Matthew say otherwise so you would need a source that lived at the time that would dispute them.

  416. Sure two eye witnesses do.
    Matthew and John.

  417. Yes, and you haven't shown that their culture didn't use it for telling a tale.

    They wanted to keep the focus the story of Jesus, not their lives. Third person allowed that.

  418. That would put me in your league.

    Only I blame your handlers.

  419. wee, Matthew and John got their information from their own lives and experiences. Mark was later, and Biblical experts feel that Mark simply transcribed for Peter, another witness that was less educated but a witness all the same.

    WEe, is that really the best you can do?

    You don't know Christianity enough to intelligently discuss it.

  420. rog, is that the best you can do? Pretty lame and sounds uneducated.

    You don't know christianity enough to intelligently discuss it.

  421. Its more than you offer. Why would I need to do any better. Common wisdom is that you are sitting at a work terminal spewing propganda. Why wee?

  422. Common wisdow? well you just showed you have none of that since I am home.

    I offer things you can't explain or provide any evidence whatsoever on religion. Without evidence it's all bullshit

  423. You have not shown they have

  424. I just did.

    Wee, you small little man, why do you hate Christianity so much?

  425. Wee, the people that know the Bible best are the ones that live it. Not htose that hate it. You dont' like it, fine. So go on to other topics. But you can't. Why? And it's not me dripping bull.Wee, My common knowldege on the Bible is just as credibile as yorus. Een more since it o

  426. you live it? Just by looking over your constant attacks to people online shows that's a lie.

    I do go on other topics yet you continue to stalk and harrass me. But hey if youare willing to stop that would be great, it would also show how much of a chiratian you really are, Matthew 5:39

  427. yorus

  428. htose

  429. Any unbiased sources? You must understand you have no creidtability and I will not take your word for it

  430. The Bible is the best source for things on the Bible. Those people say they were witnesses. Do you have any contemporary sources saying they weren't? Wee, the hate blinds you.

  431. You don't get to make that call. What you call attacks I call push bak. On a forum for debate that's a normal thing. Yoru calls for advocating violence isn't normal debate. So, pot meet kettle.

  432. Well it's not push back. It's called attacks and while your attacks are weak and lame the only purpose they serve to ruin the thread. Maybe you should try civil discussion with those who disagree with you.
    Roger 168p • 49 minutes ago
    Attacking you for just about anything is the only decent thing to do.

  433. No orginal copies exist. "Back when the Bible was written, then edited, then rewritten, then rewritten, then re-edited, then translated from dead languages, then re-translated, then edited, then rewritten, then given to kings for them to take their favorite parts, then rewritten, then re-rewritten, then translated again, then given to the pope for him to approve, then rewritten, then edited again, the re-re-re-re-rewritten again…all based on stories that were told orally 30 to 90 years AFTER they happened.. to people who didn't know how to write… so you have to understand why it is not believable to free thinkers

  434. One more thing I want to pint out since call people so many names then attack them for doing the same.
    From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” 24 He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys.

    I mean if your god is willing to have children brutally mauled to death by bears think what he will have done to you

  435. SSo, you have more free speach than I do. Wow, so much for the pretense of actual debte here. Your attacks are just free speach, by push back is an attack? I guess you think your free speech is more free than mine. So much for eea

  436. That is a lto of words for you have nothing to show the Bible isn't reporting things accurately.

  437. YOu have not shown it is

  438. Wee, I'm a Christian, not an ancient jes. So what does that have to do with me> You just dont' understand Christianity enough to intelligently discuss it.

  439. You missed the point. Your god is willing to have children eaten by bears for name calling. can you show where he is loving and peacful in that verse?

  440. Wee, you have had dozens of people offer you all osrts of evidence. And you rufuse to admit it and you go on the nest story as if none of that evidence was provided. Like Pilate helping to foundthe Coptic Egyptian church. Yoru agenda blindsyou.

  441. You missed that your point is flawed, I'm not an ancient Jews, I'm a Christian. Can you show any teaching of Christ about bears eating anyone?

  442. Never said thatYOu have all th

  443. Speach

  444. Wee, you are floundering. How many more comments do you have today before you make your quota?

  445. osrts

  446. Anyone can found a church. So If I start a church does that mena I menat jesus? Don't think so.

    No evidence whatsoever

  447. Diod wee need help already?

  448. Your posse sure does stick together. Almost as ifyou all work together and organize your line of attack.

  449. Is this where wee went crying for help?

  450. Poor little fella, he wasn't doing so well on his own this morning, was he?

  451. Pssh..

    You don't even know what you're talking about

  452. No matter how many times you say it, it will not make it true.

  453. I know there are no eye witnesses of jesus' existence.

  454. You hate christians. That doesn't concern me.

  455. If you choose to use blasphemy that is your problem.

    You're just a paid hack troll anyway.

  456. Cops are needed in every country.

  457. The actions of the church? Care to tell us the actions of the Church?

  458. So your mothers name is trixie parsons ?

  459. You hate peace. Why else would you be trying to spread lies that will lead to people being killed. Your lies are not harmless. They will lead to deaths

  460. You concede again! Yes!

    Victory is so very very sweet!

  461. I didn't call him a quack. You did!

  462. Iran wants peace. israel wants war. Deal with it. http://www.intelligence.senate.gov/130312/clapper

  463. Appeasing israel will cause war. Negotiating with Iran will bring peace.

  464. Still pretending? It's all you have.
    I haven't conceded anything, other than you're a paid hack troll.

  465. Actually, eleven comments back you did.

    Facts are not your friend.

  466. Iran wants pieces. And they want those pieces removed from the maps.

  467. How would you know, you haven't tried it.

    And we do know what Iran wants, they want Hezbullah in every part of the world, and that's not piece.

  468. Your version of peace isn't your version.

    And I think Neville Chamberlain didn't bring peace any more than Iran wants peace now.

  469. Like yours is trista parsi?

  470. Just as spelling, punctuation and cohesive thought refuse to hang out with you.

  471. no you did

  472. That assumes you think.

    Do your handlers allow you to think?

  473. That you're a paid hack here to drive people away?

  474. They tried feeding the hungry and homeless.

  475. Of course not. It's a forced style of life.

    You really were serious? I know you come across as lame, but that's really lame.

  476. Yes even for the native Copts in Egypt.

  477. Why is anything I just said blasphemy?

  478. Can't you make up anything better than that? Everyone knows you're wrong, don't you even pretend to be serious?

  479. Do you even pretend to make sense and add to the debate?

  480. If you have nothing why are you here arguing?

  481. See, that didn't even make sense. Not even a little.

  482. It's true whether I say so or not.

  483. Wow, that really proves I'm wrong… not.

  484. Really? Did your handlers have you say that?

  485. Do you ever come here to actually discuss and debate?

    Or does your socratic method allow for it?

  486. Sure, but you have shown yourself to be incapable of productive conversation. You really ought to return to CVN, where a nitwit is welcome as long as he parrots the right things.

  487. Coming from you I should be glad you managed big words.

  488. indubitably

  489. Roger,


  490. I have seen what appeasing israel leads to. It leads to war

  491. Peace is what Iran wants

  492. You don't think. appeasing israel will only lead to war. Case in point Iraq. We will not have another Iraq

  493. TMI roger

  494. Patriot can't you count?

    Let me quote you then.

    "I'm a paid hack here to drive everyone away"…. oh, that's not the right quote.
    How about this one? "I support the universal acceptance of goat brides." Oh, no, not another one quoted at the wrong time!

    Oh, here we go!

    "friedman is a quack."

    Did you say that because his name sounds Jewish?

  495. Not judging by their actions.

  496. When has that been tried?

  497. When has appeasing Israel been tried?

  498. You made bad choices, now you have to deal with them

  499. Just be nice to Trista Parsi working with you bunch would be stressful for anyone that has a handful of rocks to throw.

  500. god told me you are not living to your full potential

  501. god told me to tell you that you should live your life

  502. Admit that you are 50+and a loser

  503. on public property ? why would they torment the hungry and homeless like that ?

  504. We have had this conversation before. Haven't you learned anything I taught you ?

  505. jews are not a race then

  506. you just can't keep up

  507. cops are native in every country

  508. if you can't keep up go to bed

  509. I'm never wrong

  510. history shows jesus was invented by saul

  511. nope. it's false and you know it.

  512. I know it's true.

    So do you.
    Can't the handlers give you more reasonable talking points?

  513. If I get sleepy it's waiting for your next talking points.

    Can't you pretend to be here for debate?

  514. You are entitled to your own flawed opinion. Strange it is just like the iranian centric propaganda points.

  515. And do you stand behind the universal goat bride comment?

  516. Do your handlers realize how bad you're doing?

  517. And some Egptian Copts have immigrated but a large group are still being terrorized in Egypt.

  518. I'm trying really hard not to laugh at you.

    Can't you pretend to be here for the story?

  519. They are.
    And your handlers really need to find a better grade of paid troll.

  520. How to laugh, how to mock, how to ignore the personal insults.

    But facts? You don't know what they are.

  521. It's the property that the citizens own.
    it's their city.

  522. And put myself in your league?

    I'd call you by name but the profile you post under has had so many fools trolling for it they don't allow you give it out.

  523. I don't care what the pretender allah has to say.

    I have the Almighty.

  524. Your pretend allah can't do the most basic of things, why would I listen to that pretender?

    I have the Almighty.

  525. They are my choices. not a clerics.

  526. Victory. It's something you know nothing about

  527. that was a quote of yours idiot

  528. Yes judging by their actions. Iran didn't invade lebanon. Iran didn't sucker America into Iraq

  529. See if you can't keep up go to bed

  530. TMI. I don't wanna know about that stuff roger. Keep it to yourself

  531. God wants you to listen. Let him in your heart and live your life

  532. God had high hopes for you. You're his child

  533. you must be

  534. not church affiliated.

  535. I am trying to teach you.

  536. Then Muslims are a race.

  537. That's not how it works. Cops in China don't come over to America to police American citizens.

  538. go to bed if you cant keep up

  539. Historical facts show no jesus. Saul invented him in his head

  540. go to bed then

  541. not even once

  542. You tell that to Tirista. Maybe he'll give you better talking points.

  543. God I'll listen to, but not allah, He's just not much of anything to consider.

  544. SAd, and here you are. The Almighty is storonger, so I'll take my chances with Him.And here you are Sad isn't it. Well, the Almighty is stronger, so I have ba better hca

  545. Strapped to a suicide belt? Nope, II want the God who loves life.

  546. You really are floundering, like wee, but int he off hours when he's not on duty.

  547. People aren't excluded from citizenship in the US just because their Christians. If they pay taxes and vote they own that land just as much as non Christians. And the people eating need the food.

  548. You are hoping to indoctrinate me. It's not going to happen. You are a islamist, you worship a 8th century forced style of life that is barbaric to most clear minded thinkers. Just because you support Iran doesn't mean they are worthy of that.

  549. Why, what common ancestor did they have? Jews had Abraham and Sarah.

  550. Why don't you think that Coptic Egyptians deserve to be acknowledged?

  551. Why don't you go to the barn and visit your girlfriend if you're too cranky?

  552. Yes they do, in spite of the supreme leaders spin on things. Jesus lived and left a trail of people that talked to hHim and about Him later.

  553. Why are you trying to talk me into bed? I'm not interested.

  554. Your handlers have you say troll? Wow, I would think that's a bad thing, but in your line of work it may be a plus. So, what is is like being a rented mouth?

  555. Did you get paid for that comment? I would hope you get something, even if it's not the full pay for reposting the talking points you handlers give you.

  556. Is that so? Then why is the US living so well, and iran is a bunch of dirt farmers driving old Peugeots?

  557. Nope, just follow the thread up a ways, and you said it.

  558. And is Hezbullah arming up for a period of peace? Nope ,those old surah 9 mandates keep iran cranking out the weapons,

  559. If you're trying to coax me into bed, I'm not interested.

  560. Prove it

  561. How is having children brutally mauled to deah by a bear loving and caring?

  562. So is it 1,2, or 3?

  563. Tell that to the 42 children he had brutally mauled be bears

  564. You have not shown he is stronger

  565. Right on time, a little early even. Settled in at the work terminal today?

  566. I'm not a jew, I'm a Christian. Tell me where Christ taught anything like this.

  567. Wee, even a troll sitting at a work terminal should be able to consider that you don't define me, don't understand me and can't put me into your neat little categories.

    You're just simply not up to it. So, what is your quota today?

  568. Why, you never prove anything. Is this where you start rambling and insulting to make your daily quota?Why, you never prove anything. Is this where you start insulting and name calling since you have to makeyour daily uuo

  569. So you admit he founded the church. That's nice you are stooping so low as to admit history happened.

  570. First, you just admitted hat the Almighty is more powerful than allah, mohammed didn't call bears out of any woods. Adn second I'm not a Jew I follow Chirst's teachings. You aven't shown Christ taught anything like this.

  571. I proved KFC have drive thrus, McDonalds offer a dollar menu, Hitler was a christian, and you're a liar

  572. Those are the only three options. I know your too much of a coward to answer

  573. Re-Frame. So can you show he is stronger?

  574. Reframe, can you prove heHe isn't?

  575. wee, you small little man. you don't give me options.

    I don't even think you wrote those three on your own, did the entire posse help you put that list together?

    Where is alinsky, as horrible and lame as he is, at least he has comic value.

  576. I figured you would take the cowards way out. Nothing new

  577. Focus wee, that's for a different story. ARe you not feelign well today?You're even more lame than normal.

  578. Wee, I figured you would stick to empty insults and try to lower debate here. Nothing new.

  579. Coward, I see you are doing everything you can to stop the discssion on the pot story. I am going to show everyone how much of an attaention seeking POS stalker you are today and not respond to you on there. Keep replying you stalking creep,

  580. Coward, I see you can't stand any opposing views. Whats' wrong, does debate not fit your style well?

  581. You are not here for debate coward. You are only here to stalk me. When I am not on here you go back to "Communist Victory"

  582. Poor little wee, youre entitled to your opinions of coures. But debate is about back and forth, and you dont' like that. So, why are you here?

  583. I know what debate is. Something you don't do. YOu don't even asnwer questions. You reframe and stalk. GFY

  584. Wee, since when didyou get to decide what debate is?

  585. I stand by everything Isay.

  586. It wasn't church affiliated. Here in America we have separation of church and state. Unlike your native Iran.

  587. Only an Iranian paid hack like you would think that.

  588. I don't see Iran at war with Anybody. I see only America appeasing israel.

  589. Yes. Just check yourself if you don't believe me.

  590. You concede again. Victory is mine! You live in Iran you tell me.

  591. You idea of concession and mine are entirely different. And the last time you had a victory it was probably escaping from a slum outside Tehran.

  592. I did. This is just too much for you, isn't it?

  593. It's at war in Syria, in Lebanon and in Yemen to mention a few.

  594. The problem with that is that you're the Iranian centric paid person here.

    And I'm still not interested.

  595. Oh isn't that cute. You're trying to actually use talking points with a sense of humor.

    It's not working. But at least your handers realized they had to do something you were so lame.

  596. And your handlers are so proud of you for doing so.

    How does that work with this quote then?

    How ever was working the profile you're posting on now said it, so I guess you stand behind it – that is what you just said.

    6 minutes ago @ Breitbart.com – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
    "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

  597. ibrahim

  598. is that your handlers want you to say?

  599. you're not. let god in your heart

  600. is it? Really?
    And after all the proofs I've offered to you it comes down to one thing.

    You're a paid hack troll that ignores anything you handlers tell you to ignore.
    You're not worth the effort. You simply aren't here to debate anyhow so why bother?

  601. muslims are part of a sort of religion that has a forced style of life. And American converts, Nigerian converts, they don't have a common ancestor.

  602. Like yours? Nope, I don't have handlers. Unlike you I think on my own.

    You might try it, but wait until you're sitting down.

  603. Some folks, (anyone but you most likely) doesn't need or have a hander. the rest of your posse, or wee's posse or who ever if call gin the shots is probably an exception too.

    But normal folks don't need one.

  604. Your god isn't something I want near my heart. 8th century barbarism doesn't appeal to me.

  605. you live in Iran not me.

  606. You are a buzzing fly. Nothing more and if I lived in any sharia territory I would flee.

  607. No you wouldn't. You would fall in love with the Sharia

  608. Syria and Iran are 2 different countries. Syria is in a civil war. Was France at war with America during Americas civil war?

    Lebanon is a sovereign nation. You just don't want Iran to have any friends. Israel is at war with Syria and lebanon

  609. Syria is in a civil war and the fighting is spilling over into Iraq and Lebanon.

  610. Is it the goats or the scared women that would win me over?

  611. Syria is a iranian proxy facing other proxies and the civilians are merely caught in the middle.

  612. Iran doesn't deserve friends considering how they treat people.

  613. Still around vomiting nonsense?

  614. You really shouldn't project like that.

    So why do you hide behind so many profiles? Is it that the lack of self respect holds you to it?

  615. This is a great site. Without you it has a great potential for debates. You are the one that derails threads and place traps for stupid arguments. Stop stalking wee and others and go into rehab.

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