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Anthony Gucciardi Biography


Anthony Gucciardi is a natural health and self-development speaker, writer, and author whose writings and work have been featured in #1 USA Today and Wall Street Journal best selling books and top 100 websites. 

Since his original ‘call to arms’ through fighting Lyme Disease at an early age, Anthony started his first website after researching into the origin of disease and the possible effectiveness of natural medicine. After trying natural alternatives for himself, he received relief to his Lyme Disease that had been ‘pushing him to the biological edge’ amid a high dose of steroids and antibiotics prescribed by his medical doctor. Anthony ultimately went on to create NaturalSociety.com, one of the largest natural health websites in the world, following his experience.

Speaking in California on his health transformation and more of his passion, Anthony’s talk below details his journey into the world of independent media:


Radio, Internet and Television Features

Anthony’s work has been featured throughout a wide variety of radio, television, and internet media outlets. Some of Anthony’s recent features include:

  • Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells (link)
  • Drudge Report
  • Simple Reminders
  • Daily Mail
  • Michael Savage’s Savage Nation
  • The Thom Hartmann Show
  • RT’s The Truth Seeker Television Program (multiple appearances)
  • The Alex Jones Show (multiple appearances)
  • The Power Hour
  • The Robert Scott Bell Show
  • The Corbett Report with James Corbett (multiple appearances)
  • Dr. Stan Monteith’s Radio Liberty

Anthony is thankful to the brave and intelligent producers and hosts who dedicate their time to spreading the word far and wide.

Health Transformation

After coming down with a serious and late-stage case of Lyme Disease more than seven years ago, Anthony was given powerful steroids that only led to the rapid deterioration of his health on a whole new level. While fighting both Lyme Disease and this new course of ‘treatment’, Anthony felt he had hit a physical rock bottom. Anthony says it was after he took what he thought to be a ‘short nap’ that was actually a 24 hour sleep session, he took his health and his future into his own hands.

Speaking with doctors in order to create a new plan, it ultimately came down to Anthony creating his own lifestyle regiment and overcoming not only the Lyme Disease but the physical burden left from the prolonged use of steroidal drugs. After a short period of enhanced nutrition and the alteration of other lifestyle factors, Anthony had alleviated himself of virtually all pain and symptoms that he had been suffering from. It was at this point he crafted the concept that, even beyond health, it’s always essential to seek information for yourself and produce your own research.

It was this life concept that led Anthony to become involved in the alternative news scene, contributing articles to major alternative websites and running a few amateur blogs before launching his flagship websites that exist today. After two years of contributions and running ‘bare bones’ websites, Anthony decided to hire a team of writers and embark on a larger prospect than the amateur projects he had been experimenting with. It was then that Anthony created NaturalSociety.com along with Mike Barrett, which is now one of the largest natural health sites in the world with millions of users per month.

With NaturalSociety, Anthony had the great privilege of sharing information with the world in a whole new way. His articles on the website have been shared hundreds of thousands of times through social media alone.


With a passion for music, Anthony enjoys playing the electric and acoustic guitar as well as experimenting with various diets, nutraceuticals, exercise programs, cryotherapy, float tanks, and a wide array of various programs designed to enhance and de-stress the human body. Struggling with ‘overcoming the negativity of the news cycle’ and ‘fighting past the negativity’, Anthony recently detailed his quest to ‘achieve happiness’ and fight periods of depression that many of us face:

Anthony is an avid researcher into the field of self-development and biochemicsty, and enjoys listening to the Tim Ferriss Show podcast as well as the Joe Rogan Experience.

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