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Actor Terry Crews Angered By Mention Of Obama Corruption

WeAreChange founder Luke Rudkowski caught up with actor Terry Crews this week, asking the former NFL player’s opinion on President Obama’s State of the Union address. Despite Crews clearly being excited to praise Obama, the actor soon became offended by political questions when the president’s criminal behavior was mentioned.

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  1. great job Luke, its obvious this guy is not a deep thinker but its nevertheless a good insight into how little peoples opinions are based on thoughtful consideration but rather on groupthink. bilderberg 2013!

  2. Haha like Terry said, he is just an actor. What would he know? He lives in a dream world like most of Hollywood. Loser.

  3. If the labels are going to have any legitimacy they need to be complete, that includes GMO information.

  4. They hit a nerve. The comment must have hit close to home.

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