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Founded with the key principals of seeking truth in news and allowing you to decide for yourself, Storyleak is a brand new independent news platform that brings together insiders, investigative reporters, and even everyday individuals to report on vital topics that many news outlets simply ignore or choose not to cover.

Whether it’s corruption within government or private industry, we’re here to bring it to your attention.

We believe that it is absolutely crucial that you be made aware of everything that affects you on a daily basis in order to make informed decisions regarding the life of you and your family. Because of this, we like to focus on topics that are actionable, clear, and may serve to better enhance your decision making processes. Whether it has to do with actionable finance topics like the reality behind the physical commodities market or internet freedom legislation that threatens your very ability to access free information, we want to keep you informed.

An Entirely New Platform 

Created by veteran journalist Anthony Gucciardi first as a private insider news platform in 2011, Storyleak has been resurrected for the new year (2013) and has seen a large number of explosive enhancements that serve to empower you through information. Free of distractions and annoyances like pop-up ads, spammy sound ads, paid for article advertising, or anything of the sort, all of the articles and pages are (and always will be) 100% free forever.

From an entirely new design that features the latest stories and ‘leaks’, which are stories from insiders or otherwise that blow the lid on many essential news stories, we seek to place it all online for you to decide. Some of the major topics we cover both in current news and beyond include:

  • Actionable money and finance information in our troubled economy
  • Second amendment rights and gun control facts
  • Internet freedom and net neutrality (SOPA, CISPA, and beyond)
  • Spy drones and their implications
  • Privacy on an individual and international level

Our mission statement reads: “Storyleak is driven by an inexorable mission that is centered around seeking truth in news and delivering actionable information to an ever-increasing audience of readers who are actively looking to improve the world through the spread of vital information. We believe that a free and independent news organization run by honest individuals is integral in keeping both government and corporations alike in check through the act of investigative reporting. As an organization, we promise to remain a watchdog for both the individual and general public at large.”

About Anthony Gucciardi, Founder of Storyleak

Anthony Gucciardi in the film DISARMED: A History of Gun Control

Anthony Gucciardi in the film DISARMED: A History of Gun Control

Starting out as a featured writer and contributor for several of the largest alternative news juggernauts on the web, Anthony has worked with the biggest names in the industry in forcing the mainstream media to cover many controversial news pieces that they would otherwise have not touched. With written pieces being featured on top sites like Drudge Report, Alternet, NaturalNews, and Infowars, Anthony has also been a regular guest on numerous television and radio shows such as Russia Today, The Alex Jones Show, Dr. Stan Monteith’s Radio Liberty, The Power Hour, Coast to Coast AM, and many more.

Anthony is also the author of one of the most widely shared articles in the past decade, receiving over 230,000 Facebook shares alone in 2011.*

After years of working for and with alternative news organizations, Anthony decided to focus the bulk of his work into his own beacon of information. From this, Anthony co-created what is now the third largest alternative health news website in the world, NaturalSociety.com. Currently reaching millions of users per year, NaturalSociety stands as a major resource for the latest news on what affects you and your family when it comes to health and wellness.

Now, in 2013, Anthony has officially launched Storyleak.com as his major platform. With a new focus and a fresh business model that focuses only on the user and not paid for articles or spammy advertisements, Storyleak challenges the dwindling mainstream media and encourages readers to seek truth in news.

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My Mission

I believe that once empowered through information that is not routinely discussed on the nightly news or daily headlines, even a small group of people can change the world for better using the amazing avenues that have been made available through technological advances concerning the widespread availability of the internet (even in remote areas), the ability to start intellectual wildfire through social media, and en ever-changing news model that is leaving the mainstream media in the dust.

I think it is essential that we utilize these new mediums as a means to spread information faster than ever before possible in order to fight against unjust legislation and actions that threatens our God-given rights on a daily basis. Never before have we been able to share information so rapidly and efficiently to promote activism. A platform like Storyleak can help to present the actionable information in one concentrated area that can then be shared within seconds of breaking information to millions worldwide with the anti-climactic click of a mouse.

This is the future of news and the future of information sharing.

What I Stand For

Overall I stand for many things, at the core of which is the idea that everything we do has meaning beyond what we may immediately perceive. I believe in living by a strong moral code and standing up for our God-given rights to liberty, free speech, and many others. While everyone makes mistakes, myself included, I believe that we have a duty to fight against real corruption and nefarious acts on a daily basis and expose these deeds for what they are.

Originally an atheist and so-called ‘skeptic’, extensive research spanning several years had led me to the reality that all matters point to the validity of the Bible and of Jesus Christ. I do not subscribe to a denomination, and I believe that the mainstream media portrays the Bible in a disturbingly inaccurate light and instead glorifies self-worship and a severe lack of morality. On Storyleak, we cover the major persecution of Christians in the modern age that is utterly ignored in the media.

I encourage everyone to perform their own research.

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