9/11 Truth Crashes Super Bowl Post Game Interview

February 3rd, 2014
Updated 02/03/2014 at 2:41 am

An ESPN press conference with Seattle Seahawk Malcolm Smith was interrupted by a 9/11 activist following the Super Bowl Sunday evening, leaving media and attendees in shock.

The man, 30-year-old Matthew Mills, was arrested for trespassing.

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  1. Mr.Lincoln says:

    9/11 In A Nutshell

    Forty Years Since the Chilean Coup of September 11, 1973 By Bill Van Auken, September 11, 2013

  2. Mr.Lincoln says:

    911 Truth At The Super Bowl With Matt Mills on Press For Truth!

    Feb 3, 2014 Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Matt Mills, the man who took over the super bowl press conference with a message of 911 truth! When it comes to 911 truth the mainstream media has failed miserably and it is now up to citizen journalists like Matt Mills to bring 911 truth to the forefront of American culture. While the public is being dumbed down and distracted by the spectacle that is the super bowl Mills used the systems own propaganda tool to reach millions of people with his message of 911 truth!

    • Mr. Liberty says:

      An American Hero!!

      • Mr.Lincoln says:

        The others I guess we can call them 'Anti-truth Serfs'! Indeed, but we still have allot of programing to reverse. Heck, it has now been 13 years of fears.

        • Mr. Liberty says:

          I know what you mean. My boss asked me and a my co-worker (a fellow truther) about the move Mr. Mills did at the news conference. We were happy to share our "opinions" (have to do it this way in a corporate environment, HR issues lol), I think my boss' curiosity was alerted, hopefully she takes the necessary steps to educate herself.

  3. Mr. Liberty says:

    Some good listening material! Very imformative and accurate! Anti-globalist and anti-illuminati.


  4. again same name but different game. Gamers should be starter in selecting the right games. I think there should be a fact of age while buying.

  5. Asking questions are in fact nice thing if you are not understanding something completely, however this post gives good understanding

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  8. goldhoarder says:

    A lot of people watching and the media already calls anybody that suggests US elite cooperation in 9/11 a nut.

  9. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Yes, indeed WTE! That is the path I take because so many cannot comprehend it or want to when given the facts immediately.

  10. Mr.Lincoln says:

    The simple minded can even get this, and I wanted to add the Chilean Coup that our government perpetrated as well. So few even know of this precisely because of propaganda, and deflection.

  11. Mr. Liberty says:

    I slightly disagree with you guys.

    I think it can be beneficial for someone to do this. 10 million people were watching when this guy went onto the mic. I am sure that some, if not most, may have laughed and said what a nut. others laughed and said what a nut but what the heck was he talking about? I am going to go see what he means.

    I am sure that some people were awakened from their slumber because of this man.

  12. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Know this as well. NFL's A Nonprofit? Author Says It's Time For Football Reform by NPR STAFF September 24, 2013

  13. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Hi Mr. Liberty. Hope you had a good weekend.
    You may be right. I am just saying if this gets any MSM attention they will do everything in their power to discredit him.

  14. Mr. Liberty says:

    My weekend was good what about you?

    Yes they will discredit him, but that also makes them vulnerable since they are continuing to deny the truth. The truth is ever close to breaking and once it does the MSM will look like fools, and be recognized as the liars they are.

    Heck, their numbers and ratings are already collapsing.

  15. Mr. Liberty says:

    I do as well…and I applaud you Wee, being a rebel (good) dad and hanging with your kids on the weekend.

    Didn't you know that the kids belong to the community and you don't deserve to have them??

  16. WeeToddEdwards says:

    My entire weekends are focused on my kids. I work 2nd shift so I don't get to see them much during the week. Going to see the new Lego movie this weekend with them.

    One thng I can boast about is my community. We are very close knit community and help each other a lot. We even have block parties. Take turn mowing each others grass when we go on vacation in the summer.

  17. Mr. Liberty says:

    I was referring to community in the form of big government. I applaud your community. I wish our country would see that we do not need big government but a good solid community like yours, people would be amazed how much can get done if people would work together and put their minds to something that not only benefits themselves but their peers and neighbors too.

  18. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I know you were. Well said Mr. Liberty.

  19. Mr. Liberty says:

    Why would you support a population, a community, a country having separate languages?

    Impossible to unite, organize, work together, understand, and respect.

    If I went to a Navajo reservation and sang their ancient songs in English they would not get offended? If I went to Iran and started speaking in English when I ordered food or asked for directions would people not take offense?

    I am fine with people speaking their native languages in their own homes or to their countrymen but when it comes to formal communication there can be only one language and immigrants should have to learn English immediately upon setting foot in the country.

  20. Mr. Liberty says:

    I have provided my position. See my first comment or my second comment LOL. I do not know how to make it more clear to you? Asking questions is how I debate, I do this because I am trying to see your side of the story or your opinion. I am sorry if that is not understandable, I do not mean to make it seem like I am questioning your Intel or something.

    Have you ever tried communicating with someone who does not speak your language? It is very frustrating and difficult. It is something we refer to in business as a language barrier. I am from a farming community and we have a lot of legal and illegal immigrants in my town. I cannot tell you how many times when working my college retail jobs I have had to resort to hand gestures and broken Spanish to communicate with customers. Just imagine if we had to construct a road with that barrier. NOTHING would get done, in a reasonable time at least.

  21. Mr. Liberty says:

    I will use a statement instead of a question. Give me a example of a better way to debate other than being polite and asking questions so I can understand my opponents point of view. How am I supposed to learn anything without asking questions? I admit sometimes I will frame an opinion by asking simple questions like you answered so aptly above, I will try to refrain from providing points like that in the future. I suggest that you refrain from personal attacks (like calling me stupid), I find that to be more distracting than asking my opponent questions.

    "Part of being in a country open for everybody."
    That is what is wrong. People are free to come here, I welcome them. But refusing to assimilate to our culture, way of life, our traditions and values, is not right. I want people to come to America because they want to be an American. Not because they want to recreate their country here or to send their untaxed monies home (PS that’s exactly what big business does with offshore accounts).

  22. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I told you my point of view.

    I liked the commercial.

    This led you to ask me an off base question…:Why would you support a population, a community, a country having separate languages?"

    A loaded question. A leading question. And in the guise of politeness.

    State your position honestly, without false modesty, and then you can better understand my position.

    I never called you stupid. I called Lincoln stupid, and he is. But I was really making a joke by calling him stupid in Navajo in order to make a point.

    Although I reserve the right to call anybody stupid, or disingenuous.

    The country's culture, way of life, and traditions and values, are always open for change.

    And they only become stronger when they are mixed with other cultures, ways of life,traditions and values,

    If they work hard, they can send there money anywhere they want. And not be some lazy CEO with tax shelters in the Cayman Islands just because they were born here.

  23. Mr. Liberty says:

    My mistake, I thought you were referring to me with the stupid comment.

    I found the commercial offensive because it promotes globalism and amnesty. That is why I asked why would you want separate languages.

    "The country's culture, way of life, and traditions and values, are always open for change."

    Yes, until that change violates the constitution. Mexicans will vote to take away guns after they are granted amnesty. Their country has seen more violence than America can even imagine, as a result of our BS drug war. Most Mexicans are very patriotic, I am sure many of them would rather be home in Mexico. They are forced to flee because of the drug war and their corrupt government. Why not help them empower themselves to take their country back? We can help end the drug war and end NAFTA. Seems more plausible than just saying hey come on in and vote this way so we can protect you.

  24. Mr. Liberty says:

    "If they work hard, they can send there money anywhere they want"

    Bad for the economy. Money generated here needs to stay here to stimulate the economy. Untaxed money especially. I agree that people should be allowed to spend and save their money as they see fit, I just feel like our economy and our country is getting robbed if someone just wants to be in America to make a buck.

  25. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Fine. Then you should have just said that then. Yes, I do support globalism and amnesty.

    Actually, it was me that made the mistake. I thought the first comment was by Lincoln. So you are correct. I was calling you stupid in Navajo.

    That constitution is also changeable. Blacks that stood up against slavery and then for civil rights violated our constitution in a good way.

    I hope Mexicans do vote to take away guns after they are granted amnesty. I will vote with them.

    Their country is less violent then ours. As you said, they have problems with crime because of our old drug laws and corporations using Mexicans for slave labor.

    I welcome as many Mexicans that want to come here. It;'s good for our country.

  26. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Good for the economy. Guess what, they don't send all the money. And they work hard.

    What is bad for the economy is this Alaska pipe line that we are running through Canada and then shipping all the oil to other counties.

    Don't worry, you are not being robbed n\by Mexicans. You are being robbed by American corporations.

  27. Mr. Liberty says:

    "That constitution is also changeable. Blacks that stood up against slavery and then for civil rights violated our constitution in a good way."

    I agree, the abolishment of slavery is an important step.

    "Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 hotly debated the issue of slavery. George Mason of Virginia argued eloquently against slavery, warning his fellow delegates: "Every master of slaves is born a petty tyrant. They bring the judgment of heaven on a country. As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, providence punishes national sins by national calamities.""

    I am not going to pretend that the US is perfect, we are not. I am just trying to note that there were people trying to abolish slavery at the time the constitution was drafted. I have not found any founders advocating taking guns in my studies.

  28. Mr. Liberty says:

    "Their country is less violent then ours. As you said, they have problems with crime because of our old drug laws and corporations using Mexicans for slave labor."

    That is inaccurate.

    Compare the numbers. Further support can be found here.

  29. Mr. Liberty says:

    I fell like I am being robbed by both.

    I think oil could be key to an economic turnaround. That Alaskan pipeline you talk about hasn’t even been tapped yet. But I do see the benefits of oil production where I live and in the Dakotas. Just think if the US completely abandoned our foreign oil imports and strictly exported oil. We would make bank and our gas prices would be down around a dollar. Our reserves are huge. Enough to last us another 75 years.

  30. Mr. Liberty says:

    First of all, I never said I felt like I was being robbed by Mexicans. I said illegal immigrants. Mexicans were brought into the debate because of guns. Please do not put words into my mouth.

    Second, I double checked your numbers on our oil consumption. That is accurate and sad, that being said you are forgetting about all of the untapped oil shale, the Green River formation for example. That formation alone has the potential to produce trillions of barrels. Yes, I know it is difficult to reach but fracking is proving to be a viable option. Think if we ended our wars in the middle east, used all of that money on oil exploration and refining. That would create a lot of new jobs and allow us to be oil independent.

  31. Mr. Liberty says:

    I did not say I felt like I was being robbed by Mexicans. I said illegal immigrants. Mexicans were brought into the conversation because of guns. Please don't put words into my mouth. That being said it sucks that half our debate was deleted. I wonder why, it was civil and informative.

    I did not know that we use so much oil a day, that is sad and unacceptable. There has got to be a way to become more efficient with it. I do think you are underestimating how much oil the US really has however. You probably are not including shale oil, which can be found for example in the Green River formation. That area alone has the capability of producing trillions of barrels of oil. Yes it may be harder to reach and refine but fracking is proving to be a viable option and think of the jobs it would create.

  32. Mr. Liberty says:

    Agreed. And their government disarmed their citizens as well.

    Have you ever heard of the southern Mexican civilian militias fighting the cartels? Badasses, doing what the government can't and won't do!

  33. Mr. Liberty says:

    That is a racist comment Wee. Just kidding.

  34. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I know. I am very bad.

    I don't care if they have signs in Spanish, but to remove all the English signs? That's BS.

  35. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I have a buddy that went out there and worked in the oil fields. Did it for a few months and made a ton of money

  36. whoknowsU says:

    The WEE stalker is back. Help him find his ship.

  37. whoknowsU says:

    The WEE stalker is here. Let's find his ship.

  38. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I refuse to reply to him on here. Not going to let him wreck this site. This will be my last comment even talking about him on here.

  39. whoknowsU says:

    Just stick with it. This is the only way to shut him up.
    His last 2 comments have been removed.

  40. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well I didn't remove them.

  41. Capitalist says:

    That is nonsense.
    Sheer and utter nonsense.

  42. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    So ci al ist here.

    And it's no nonsense. It life outside your bubble.

  43. Capitalist says:

    It is nonsense.

    Only you clowns bent on Collectivism believe otherwise.

    You were an asshole at Breitbart, an asshole at Navy Gents, and you are an asshole here.

    Yet, you remain consistent.

  44. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Roger keeps deleting my comments.

    Mexicans aren't robbing you.l Only the corporations are.

  45. Mr. Liberty says:


  46. Mr. Liberty says:

    Yes it is rather quite annoying. It is either Alinsky or Roger today.

  47. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Not me. It's either Roger or Liberty.

  48. whoknowsU says:

    ROGER needs to be reported.

  49. Mr. Liberty says:

    Alinsky my son, I have to ask you a question. I know you hate it but I have to. How is it possible that Mexico has much less guns per capita (their gov took the guns) but higher rates of gun homicide than the US?

    I think it is because the criminals and corrupt government have all the guns. What is your opinion?

  50. Capitalist says:

    I used to think it was only Roger. But now I am not sure. My direct comments to Alinskey are also removed.

  51. Mr. Liberty says:

    I have never reported a comment once here or on any other site, I am not scared of debate. You know that Alinsky.

  52. Mr. Liberty says:

    Mine too. Whoever is deleting comments is either a left wing loon or a right wing nut. Only those types would try to censor and control. Alinsky is left wing, Roger is right. Hmmm.

  53. Capitalist says:

    But to be sure, they are both loons.

  54. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Yes, I think you do. My posse is just me and my girlfriend.

  55. UncleAdolph says:

    With that cute little mustache, you belong over at that Jew website that you've been trolling at.

  56. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Right? I agree

  57. Capitalist says:

    Wee, it could be Alinsky. He delights in destroying forums. He and Roger are the tag team of the internet.

  58. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Can't argue that. Our government should quit arming them in Mexico

  59. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Actually it's the gun makers, not the government.

  60. Mr. Liberty says:


    Fast and Furious scandal proves that our government is sending weapons.

  61. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    BS. American' gun makers are the cause.

  62. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It's not

  63. Roger says:

    You don't know how to actually debate, it's not a big leap.

  64. WeeToddEdwards says:

    So you admit when somoene pulls one of your comments, you have one of mine pulled.

    Very immature for you and the other coward

  65. Roger says:

    Sure, I'm just so convinced.

  66. WeeToddEdwards says:

    So that means you have comments pulled.

  67. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You can quit lying about me as well.

    I work nights,yet you sit here day in an day out and claim I work during the day.

    No wonder no one likes you. You lie all the time.

  68. Mr. Liberty says:

    I will send another email to the admin. You do the same Wee?

  69. RogerDodger says:

    Roger is a child. A small, petulant, foot stomping child. He is nothing but the white version of Barack Obama.

  70. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You got that right

  71. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He's the white version of all conservatives.

  72. WeeToddEdwards says:

    They were rescued

  73. Gilligan says:

    Praise Allah!

  74. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He lives .4 miles from the University of Nebraska in Kearney.

    A 42 second drive.

    Did you know that Roger means "famous spearman" in German?

  75. Mr. Liberty says:

    That is racist Alinsky.

  76. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Yes it is. But I said it to mock RogerDoger's racist comment.

    You seemed to have ignored his racism. Why?

  77. Mr. Liberty says:

    You are correct. Sucks when you get a double standard huh? Kind of like you implying I am racist yesterday.

  78. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Did I imply it? I meant to come right out and say it.

    Your racist attitude disturbed me.

  79. Mr. Liberty says:

    Haha I never said anyhting racist. What did I say that makes you think that?

  80. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Not funny….

    "This crap about singing "America the Beautiful" in different language including Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew etc is anti-American"

  81. Mr. Liberty says:

    It is anti American… Language has nothing to do with race. I never mentioned the people or cultures, just the languages. You are reaching my friend.

    Quite frankly I find it racist that you and other liberals want amnesty for an increased voting bloc. You all could care less about those people, just care about power and being a part of the “winning” team.

  82. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Language has EVERYTHING to do with race.
    Departmentalising is a common racist tactic.

    And what is anti'American about singing a song about America???

    English speakers own that song? It's in the public domain!!!!

    I want amnesty because that was the principle that America was founded on. Then racists changed the law.

    If they vote liberal, then good! That's why you racists want them gone unless they are working as your slaves.

    Conservatives and Libertarians just gutted the Civil Rights Amendment. You must love that. Now all you racists can keep redistricting your states to keep the House like you did in 2012.

    And yes, we are on the winning team. So suck it.

  83. WeeToddEdwards says:

    The racism card is played by the left alot. IMO it makes them look racist. It breeds more racism

  84. Mr. Liberty says:

    Our language is English, why sing a song in different languages? Oh that’s right they need to promote globalization and amnesty (which means pardoning illegal activity) and that is anti-American.

    What do you tell immigrants that become citizens without amnesty. These people are automatic you have to wait 10 plus years. I do think we need reform on immigration laws don’t get me wrong. But this talk of suddenly granting citizenship to 30 million people is insane. It used to be that people wanted to come to America because they wanted to be AMERICANS, they wanted to adapt to our culture and embrace liberty. Now, it seems much more politically motivated.

    You accuse the R’s of gerrymandering? What about the D’s? Gerrymandering is a tool of the globalist to ensure power and that their candidates get elected, regardless of party.

  85. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    That's a "I know you are but what am I?" defense.

    Conservatives are racists. And it needs to be reminded everyday.

  86. Mr. Liberty says:

    Agreed, the establishment left does do this. The establishment right tries to rile up whites.

  87. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Our language is a mix of languages from all over the planet.

    Your " globalization and amnesty" BS is a racist tactic to use a BS principle to promote a deep seated racism.

    You don't own that song!

    People come to America for all kinds of reasons. Not just your patriotic BS.

    Gerrymandering is a tool of the conservative racists.

  88. Mr. Liberty says:


  89. Mr. Liberty says:

    "You don't own that song!"

    Neither does Coke lol. What gives them the right to reinvent it?

    I am not scared of being called a racist, because I know that I am not. I don’t play that “white” guilt game. Just like when you proceeded to call me a fg a long time ago, it doesn’t bother me. Your crap talking is pointless Alinsky, all it does is prove your hypocrisy.

    You have got to look at the bigger picture my friend. Globalists run the show, they are playing us off of each other. You are a thinker Alinsky, I respect that, but you have to get over the left right paradigm. Both parties are scum. They are looking out for themselves and no one else.

  90. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Coke has every right to reinvent it, because NOBODY OWNS IT!!!!

    I never called you a fg. But you are a racist. I'm not just name calling.

    Your globilist BS has run it's course on the Alex Jones show. Now you just use it to rationalize your racist views.

    Both parties are scum. the Republican sand Libertairans.

    Democrats have saved this country.

  91. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    BS. You get called on your racism and then cry and pretend it's not true.

  92. Mr. Liberty says:

    Coke has every right to reinvent it, because NOBODY OWNS IT!!!!

    True, therefore I get to critique it.
    Un American garbage.

  93. Mr. Liberty says:

    As far as Jones goes. He uses history and facts to support his conclusions. I agree with about 85% of what he says. He is def not racist either.

  94. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Therefore you get to be racist.

    And I get to call you out on your racist rant.

  95. Mr. Liberty says:

    Pot calling the kettle black?? Lol your type is too funny, just because your liberal (democrat) does not automatically make you not racist. I was wrong, you are not a thinker.

  96. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Nope. A liberal calling you what you are, a racist.

    I was on to your BS from the beginning, pretending to be above it all, yet really just a common a racist conservative.

    I never thought you were much of a thinker.

  97. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I knew that is where you were getting your kooky ideas.

  98. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Great video about racist Alex Jones

  99. Mr. Liberty says:

    Jones debunking your racist tactics.

  100. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    More evidence of Alex Jones racism.


  101. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He reconfirmed his racists tactics in that link you sent. What an idiot.

  102. Mr. Liberty says:

    Please elborate?

  103. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Same old "I know you are, but what am I?" BS

    He has no ther way to defend against his racist ideas.

  104. Mr. Liberty says:

    Good song. Sorry for getting testy earlier my dude.

  105. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I have no problem with testy. Good fight.

    Your song was good too. I never heard those guys before, I already put it on my tablet.

  106. Mr. Liberty says:

    Good fight indeed. Now its time for beer and ganj. Have a good weekend Alinsky.

  107. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    You report every comment on the Jewish site, and then pull all the comments here. Then pretend to be the victim.

    The truth is, you lose in debate and pull all the comments including your own.

  108. rogre says:

    Have you thought about not behaving like a jackazz?

  109. Roger says:

    Why don't you just ask Alinsky and then see what he says?

    I'm not a loon, just someone that disagrees with the posse here to distract and stop real debate.

  110. PetroLeux says:

    He has been over at Navy's site this morning, schmoozing the sheeple. I wonder whatever happened to his posseman HPD? Maybe his old prostate blew up.

  111. Roger says:

    His site has made a difference. And Seattle is better off for the exposure this site put it under.

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