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9-Year-Old Suspended Indefinitely For Toy That ‘Looked Like A Gun’

A 9-year-old boy was suspended from the Creative Montessori Academy in Southgate, Detroit Thursday, after a teacher accused him of pretending his toy was a gun.
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According to a teacher, Gage allegedly pointed his toy, a spinning top machine, at a fellow classmate before school hours and said “bang, bang.” Two of Gage’s friends who were present during the incident deny the teacher’s claim saying Gage never even used the word “bang.” Gage explained that he had simply tapped his friend on the shoulder with the toy to get his attention so he could also play.

“He asked if he could see the toy and then he started talking when I was about to give it to him and I went like this,” Gage said as he tapped the toy on his father’s shoulder.

Gage’s father was taken by surprise after learning about his son’s suspension and the school’s telephone call to his wife, also pointing out the over-the-top reaction to the incident.

“They’re kids… they have imaginations and I don’t see any reason like…it doesn’t even look like a gun,” said Gage’s father to My Fox Detroit.

Gage’s parents say he has always been a good student and has never been in trouble before Thursday’s incident. His parents are now worried that he will miss out on classes that are important to his learning, especially given Gage’s epilepsy.

Unfortunately for Gage and young children across the country, actions that were once considered simple childhood fun are slowly become punishable crimes.

Despite a 70 percent drop in gun crime since 1993 according to U.S. Justice Department statistics, a media-induced hysteria has led to a near ban on normal childhood behavior.

Just last March, a 6-year-old student from Washington state was temporarily suspended for talking about a Nerf gun he had at home because others reportedly found the conversation “threatening.”

A 7-year-old student in Maryland was suspended after chewing his “Pop Tart” breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun last March as well.

Two 6-year-old students in Maryland were suspended last January for making gun gestures with their hands while playing “cops and robbers.” The school claimed the boys’ game was a threat to other students.

That same month a 5-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was suspended for simply talking about her “Hello Kitty” toy bubble gun during the bus ride home. According to the school, her actions constituted a “terroristic threat.”

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  1. This is the madness that happens after a shooting

  2. Rather blatant isn't it?
    1). This simply promotes and encourages fear among the populace.
    2). It denies the accused student's and etc from accessing self-defense. Such as in some areas an arrest a misdemeanor domestic violence and others are used to deny approval for purchases even without a conviction.
    3). It also promotes and encourages or simply conditions the public to submit and obey to authority.

  3. Willing to bet that what he said was "Beyblade," which is the name of the toy line.

    • Didn't mean to dislike. And it won't let me change it back. But yes he said he didn't say anything at all but maybe another kid said beyblade and she just heard that. The teacher is known as the mean teacher in the school. I don't even like to look at her walking in the halls.

  4. Good. He doesn't need to be in that school anyway. Public school is the scourge of society.
    They don't teach you how to think; they only teach you what to think. Slaves training slaves.
    So what if it WAS a toy gun. Whoo Hoo! So what if he said, "Bang bang"? OMG, I think I'm gonna die!

    • That's the thing. It's not a public school. Its a charter and Montessori school which is supposed to promote children's imaginations.

  5. OK, I am publicly promoting peace. I am the most peaceful person you could imagine. I often say to people that war doesn't solve anything; it just brutalises fathers and sons – and now women are also being brutalised in the same way. It traumatises decent men for the rest of their lives, and Govt. takes no notice.

    I hate all kinds of violence – both verbal bullying and physical bullying. I am now a woman of nearly 82 years old, yet when I was seven and with my friends (girls) we played cowboys and indians in the school playground, fashioning, from twigs, our 'pistols'. We shouted 'bang bang' and the ones who were supposed to be dead played dead on the ground, eyes closed, arms and legs splayed. This was just before WW2 when my own father was brutalised by having to participate in the mass killing of other humans. Governments don't care for families, even in peacetime. The military and large corporation demand overtime and pay slave wages. Yes, govts today execute punishment for breaking the law, but do they teach peaceableness? NO! Definitely not in schools. In my experience, the teachers encouraged us to hate every German person in WW2. The important question when I was twenty-one (during the cold war when industries made huge profits from building atomic missiles, tanks, warships, newly designed aircraft.) was WHY SHOULD I BE TOLD TO HATE AND BE PREPARED TO KILL RUSSIAN FATHERS, MOTHERS, SISTERS, BROTHERS – PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW – BECAUSE OUR RESPECTIVE GOVERNMENTS TELL US TO? MERELY BECAUSE THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT POLITICAL SYSTEM. GOVERNMENTS MAKE WAR, NOT THE GENERAL POPULATIONS. And yet, through taxes, the populations PAY THROUGH THE NOSE FOR THE WARS

    Madness, sheer madness.

  6. some people have just got to get a grip!!! on reality…..public school or guys are becoming paranoid……give these kids a CHANCE! yep there will be the odd skirmish but if you've done parenting well, the whole idea s to have them function w/out you having to hover…..they will survive!!!!!!

  7. you guys are becoming paranoid……give these kids a CHANCE! yep there will be the odd skirmish but if you've done parenting well. thanks

  8. i love Bones and David Boreanaz, he is good looking and i can say that he is talented-

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