Flashback: 20% Of Human Genome Already Patented By Corporations

May 17th, 2013
Updated 05/17/2013 at 3:58 am

With all of the discussion surrounding Angelina Jolie and her decision to remove her breasts due to a mutation of the patented BRCA-1 gene, we must remember the real issue here — a massive amount of human genetic coding is already owned by major corporations and universities. And it may get much worse.

corporations-patent-geneticsAt the base level, the fact that our genes can be ‘owned’ by mega firms and universities that are willing to ‘buy’ them is extremely concerning. The thought invokes several comparisons to the film Gattaca, where ‘designer’ children are created through genetic manipulation of humanity at large. But the fact of the matter is that over the past 30 years alone, over 40,000 gene patents have been generated and approved. Quite simply, the blueprint of humanity is being purchased like a commodity.

Even National Geographic News published a little-known piece back in 2005, entitled ‘One-Fifth of Human Genes Have Been Patented, Study Reveals’. And if the Supreme Court decides to let this go on, then we could see what I am calling ‘gene wars’ take place within the corrupt corporate sector of the United States. Gene wars that involve bidding wars over the essence of human development itself, with only the richest and most cunning corporations getting their hands on your genetic coding. That is unless the government decides to take the gene patents for itself.

Gene Wars: The Government Plays God

Beyond even the debate about what this means for humanity, consider the fact that for the corporations to be able to ‘buy’ the ownership of genes means that the entity granting the approval must therefore have the authority over the genes in the first place. This means that the government, legally, is ‘granting access’ to companies to patent the genetics only through proclaiming that it has the authority to do so. The government is therefore legally saying that they literally can rule over our genetic code — our bodies themselves.

And if the government rules over the essence of what we are and can let corporations buy up the blueprint of life, then we now have a government that has declared itself to be God. And we then have a population that is walking intellectual property.

By June we should see the answer from the Supreme Court on whether or not the government ‘should allow’ patents on genes. Again we see this concept that the government has the authority to do so, that they have the ability to grant out the ownership of humanity. A concept that the Supreme Court justices may likely uphold, if the past is any indication. Right now we even have Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court justice who was the former top lawyer for Monsanto — the biotechnology company that is centered around genetic manipulation and the patents associated with genetically modified seeds.

Monsanto’s good buddy Clarence always rules in favor of genetic modification, and the Supreme Court at large recently voted in favor of Monsanto’s patents on life in a blow against farmers. Sadly, if they decide to follow their similar and truly insane pattern and allow for corporations to patent life further, expect gene wars to become a reality.


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  1. David McElroy says:

    We the people are regarded as mere livestock by government, and awarding patents for our genetic makeup to private corporations only underscores that lack of respect for humanity. Just look at the power government has given Monsanto over patents for food crop seeds… including regulations for no reproduction and no independent research, as well as no liability for contamination and disregard of harmful effects! I can now see the day when us "normal" naturally conceived humans will treated as "weeds" to be removed in favor of corporate-owned sorts conceived by genetic engineering designed to create "super soldiers" and specialized trans-human hybrids wholly owned and controlled by big corporations, the corporations apparently commanding government. God help us!

  2. Silvermaven says:

    It was never our genes that was killing us. But infectious organisms they gave us in vaccines that share at least 40% of their genes with whatever they want to survive. They knew in 1985 what caused the real AIDS and ALL the syndromes, psych, and cancers. Their patents are worthless and show them to be the murderous criminals that they are because they KNEW spirochetes could not be cultured from their 30-60 morphological forms outside of a living body and they used multiple contaminated “IMMORTAL” cells lines just to kill us with. Because spirochetal prion proteins cannot be killed by any means known to man. But they could have let all the syndromes and lies of psych, HIV, and cancers keep their lives by killing the infections and their own stem cells to keep them out. Breast Cancer is caused by spirochetal disease, not our genes.

  3. Click Here says:

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  4. jasmini says:

    When we have mastered the technology of reprogenetics, we shall be creating our own genetic barriers, not in opposition to nature, but enabling the natural processes of human evolution to continue. Currently our best chance of self-improvement is working out, living healthy and maybe getting plastic surgery from Mena's Aesthetics, but in the future the possibilities will be endless.

  5. pain relief says:

    Corporate take over our lives with no intervention by the government! And all the corporation seek is money, money, money

  6. Why do we let corporations rule our life? They done care about anything but money. We need more goverment involvement nowadays.

  7. Why does it have to be that way? We should control our natural assets, not the corporations…

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  9. Laura Smith says:

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  10. he government is therefore legally saying that they literally can rule over our genetic code — our bodies themselves.

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  16. A concept that the Supreme Court justices may likely uphold, if the past is any indication.

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