Hunger: Anthony Gucciardi Donates to Help Feed 525,000


Despite a supreme abundance of food within the United States, where waste is at all time highs, there are still many individuals who suffer from hunger. More specifically, many families cannot nearly afford to eat high quality nutritious food. That’s why Anthony Gucciardi, in an act meant to encourage others ...

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Video: The Untold Dangers of Fukushima Exposed


Are you familiar with the reality behind Fukushima? One of, if not the most, catastrophic nuclear disasters in human history, is still leaking its deadly radiation in massive numbers. The reality is that the Fukushima disaster is NOT over.

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New ‘Artificial Intelligence Software’ Capable of ‘Near Human-Level’ Image-Recognition


Censorship concerns raised over Google and Stanford programs that translate complex images into written text.

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Hackers Target NRA Leader Ahead of Wash. State Gun Control Vote


The head of the NRA's push against Initiative 594, Washington state's restrictive gun control measure, says her phone and Facebook account were targeted by hackers only days before the election.

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Photos: Concert Venues Now Search Inside Your Pants


Even at the lowest levels within the bureaucracy-based establishment system, we are all systematically targeted as terrorists -- and the reach is growing further.

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